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The Statue of Liberty and the New York Skyline
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New York Taxi No 1
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Bridal Veil Falls, Keystone Canyon, Alaska, USA
Bridal Veil Falls, Keystone Canyon, Alaska, USA Photographic Print
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Antelope Canyon
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Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
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The Wave, Navajo Sandstone Formation, Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona, USA
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Coolest Places To Visit In The United States
Ten Things You Should Remember When Visiting The United States Of America

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Ten Things You Should Remember When Visiting The United States Of America   by Jonathan Williams

Covering the midsection of the Northern American Continent, United States of America offers a wide range of options of tourist sites to make you enjoy your stay in The Land of Opportunities. Pack your bags, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for one great American adventure. Here's a list of where you could go in US.

1.) Statue of Liberty

France gave US more than just a gift of American Independence. The Statue of Liberty has now become a monumental sight that inspires not only US citizens but those tourists who happen to glance at this magnificent piece of art. Sadly, now you can't go inside the Statue anymore because of concerns that stems from 9/11 hijacking.

The Statue of Liberty and the New York Skyline
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2.) The Grand Canyon

Head for Arizona and be intimidated by the sheer depth and heft of The Grand Canyon. Be humbled by its size, timelessness and tranquil atmosphere. Take on the Grand Canyon Challenge and explore the roads, trails and turbulent waters in this side of Colorado.

3.) Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the first wilderness parks developed in the United States. Located in Sierra Nevada in California, this park is recognized for its scenic waterfalls, crystal streams, majestic sequoias, granite cliff, and ecological diversity. Find your way past the 3.5 million tourists that visit the site every year.

4.) Glacier National Park

Traverse pristine wilderness and be amazed by the sheer force of nature by visiting Glacier National Park located at the northwest corner of Montana along the Rocky Mountains. With a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from, both in water and in land, boredom only sets in when you're ready to go home... continued

Enjoy camping, swimming, boating, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding while you enjoy the sun, the ice and water that helped much develop the park we know today.

5.) Central Park

This 843-acre patch of green in the midst of towering edifices of Manhattan is a sanctuary from the busy streets of New York. Visit Central Park and discover the Strawberry Fields, Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir, daily performance in Delacorte Theatre, Concerts in the Great lawn, and more. Rent a carriage and discover the park on horse-drawn wheels.

6.) Mount Rushmore National Park

On the side of the Black Hills lies a majestic site that attracts some three million people a day. Bearing the faces of Presidents Washington Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt and measuring some 18-m in length, Mount Rushmore National Park is a site worthy of a visit. Come here and be struck with awe with the sheer expertise of the team that carved these faces from the walls of the mountain.

7.) Las Vegas

Live the life of a hotshot gambler for a night, and walk around the city not only to gamble but to admire the sheer beauty of this place. Feast your eyes out with high stakes, great atmosphere and beautiful people. Imposing casinos like the Excalibur Palace not only speaks of high rollers but of great architecture as well.

8.) Hawaii

Plunge right down Hawaii and be greeted with flower garlands and alohas. Be captivated by Hawaii's hospitality and innate beauty. Enjoy the sun while sitting down and relaxing in this worldly paradise.

9.) Arizona Meteor Crater

The sheer size of the crater commands awe from people who see it. Find guides to help you down the crater and tell you stories about space, meteors and intergalactic probabilities. Shops are also available nearby, selling pieces of the meteors, t-shirts, photographs, and other gift items.

10.) Niagara Falls

Be mesmerized by the thundering waters and mist sprays of Niagara Falls. Right in the border of Canada and New York, Niagara Falls remains a site for lovers, poets and adventurers to visit. Learn how this waterfall evolves from a military post, a trade center and into the top tourist destination by visiting its thunderous waters.


About the Author - Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV - the place to share travel videos. Visit to view or share USA travel videos.

Coolest Places To Visit In The United States   by Dave Text


When you are in this cool places of the United States, there is the never-ending list of different places to visit and it all depends on your welfare, the time you want to spend plus how much distant you desire to travel. In state of Arizona, you will also find Grand Canyon. That is created by the Colorado River more than 6 million years; it is the spectacular gorge extending 277 miles with the widths of among 4 to 18 miles depths of over a mile.

California boast really very interesting places to go that includes the well-known Alcatraz Prison, the Death Valley National Park, that is the hottest, driest plus lowest desert on earth, The Hearst Castle, the J.Paul Getty Museum as well as Griffith Observatory, which are in L.A. It depends on which time of year you are planning to visit, this Yosemite National Park will present you something very different and the visit to California will not be completed without a visit of the Warner Brothers Studio located in the Burbank. Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum as well as the USS Nautilus Marine Museum makes it Connecticut a very good stop for one who are interested in sea and vessels that traverse beneath and above the waves.

One of the very cool place in US in Massachusetts that offers the smorgasbord of different places to visit includes Historic Salem, well-known for Witch Trials, The Plymouth Plantation and Pilgrim Hall Museum at the Plymouth, also the Paul Revere House, and John F Kennedy Presidential Library, with the Museum of Fine Arts, and The freedom Trail all at the Boston. Never forget Harvard University as well as Historic Deerfield and National Heritage Museum at the Lexington along with Battleship Cove at the Fall River.

Cool places to visit in US is the New York with the Empire State Building, world Famous Statue of Liberty, the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, US Military Academy and American Museum of the Natural History.

The home of Vanderbilt's, Baltimore Estate as well as the historic Latta Plantation are situated in the North Carolina and the South Carolina is the home to the Fort Sumter.

United States Air Force Museum is at Dayton, Ohio also in the Oregon you can also visit Lewi, Clark National plus the State Historical Parks.

Steeped in the history, is the Pennsylvania the home of Gettysburg Battlefield, the National Civil War Museum, National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, as well as the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania are some cool places in United States. The Mount Rushmore Park in the South Dakota is also known as the world over along with you are in the region, there is the Badlands National Park as well as the Black hills National forest also. Here in Tennessee there is also the National Civil Rights Museum plus the Texas is a home of The Alamo plus NASA's Space Center.

One of the cool place of US is Virginia the Home of the Thomas Jefferson, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Home of George Washington as well as the Stratford Hall Plantation it was a birthplace of the Robert E. Lee. And of course for the young and young at heart, there is one coolest place to visit in US of course, The Disneyland.


About the Author - Find more information on Coolest Places to Visit in the United States at our site!

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