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What A Lovely Place Is Nebraska State

Many native Indians used to live here thousands of years ago. They grew crops and hunted the buffalo to meet their daily necessities. The first white men got here around 1700 and started exploring the state and traveled Westwards. More white men followed and started trading with the Indians.

An early trading group established a permanent post for their company in 1812. They also built the forts in order to protect them from British encroachments and America's western frontiers, Bellevue was founded in 1823, the first white permanent settlement.

Many immigrants followed, creating many cities along River Missouri. The statehood was later granted to Nebraska on 1 March, 1867. More people were invited from Europe, as the rail-roads had started functioning.

Until the farm depression in 1890, it continued to develop. By 1900 most of Nebraska's land was being used and more was needed. A Kincaid Act was passed increasing the landholdings from 160 to 640 acres.

If you leave the depression of 1920s and 1930s and the World War II economic growth in Nebraska has always showed an upward trend. Chimney Rock National Historic Site signaled the beginning of trails and passages to the high mountains. As many immigrants had moved upwards on to its tower that rises 500 ft above the North Platte River.

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There they engraved their names on the tower which is a good camping spot. Walk or drive the 800ft summit at Scotts Bluff National Monument to see a fascinating view of North Platte River Valley and Laramie Peak. This monument offers lots of hiking trails.

Situated some miles north of Mitchell on Nebraska highway 29, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument has bones of prehistoric animals. Most Native American artifacts are also displayed here.

In southeastern Nebraska Homestead National Monument of America features an old two room school and restored log cabin. It tells the historic land grab story. Stroll in the vast grasslands and view some artifacts. Gain knowledge about how the ancient people landed and took to land grabs from across the world.

At Cabela's visitors have access to a big and huge aquarium displaying the fish found at Nebraska? It also has 500 mounted wildlife specimens. It also offers everything from fishing, hunting to backpacking in its world renowned sporting goods mega store.

Established near Ashland, Strategic Air Command Museum exhibits every thing concerning the American Air-Force. It is a multi-million complex displaying many planes, missiles and artifacts. As you enter the museum SR-71 Blackbird air craft is on display. It travels three times faster than the speed of sound.



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