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Dive Boats off Island, South Water Caye, Stann Creek, Belize
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Belize, Ranguana Caye, Palm Trees and Beach
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Beautiful Belize is Calling You by Omar Reyes
Come experience Belize by the sea and take a trip that you will remember for a lifetime....
Costa Rica Vacation Guide   by Jim Kesel
If you are embarking on a Central or South American journey and Costa Rica is one of your stopovers, then you certainly need to find a reliable Costa Rica vacation guide to make the most out of your stay...
Costa Rica : The Vacation That Will Change You by Danna Schneider
My recent vacation in Costa Rica was the first time I had ever traveled internationally, so naturally I was a little nervous about all of the "unknown" factors, like visiting a foreign country whose primary language was Spanish...
El Salvador, Part 1: The Trip   by Alex
Out of the way, with nothing extraordinary for the camera, and with a marred reputation, El Salvador remains one of the least travelled Latin American destinations. A perfect place to go off the beaten track?
El Salvador, Part 2: The Thoughts  by Alex
Nothing changes a country like a war. That which is history books for many nations, is a yesterday’s memory for this one. I realised that all of the things that struck me as unusual about El Salvador have to do with those 12 years..
Learning Spanish in Xela, Guatemala  by Alex
Learning Spanish in Guatemala is popular and some places are well-known for it. But if you want to remain fairly off-the-trail, Xela is the place to go.   A large chunk of Guatemala’s tourism revenue comes from teaching Spanish to travellers. It’s not like it’s the only Spanish-speaking country on the continent, but a number of factors make it a number one choice...
Tikal - Alternative Visits to The Famous Mayan Ruins in Guatemala
Anyone visiting the Classic Mayan ruins of Tikal will be impressed. Rising out of the dense jungle, the looming temples demonstrate the might of the ancient Mayans and demand respect from visitors, even thousands of years after their construction....
The Original Banana Republic - Honduras Travel Information
The multiculturalism, biodiversity, lengthy beaches and natural wonders of Central America make it difficult to decide on a particular travel destination within the region. Among the seven tropical countries, Honduras offers both urban and wildly rural adventures as well as a massive stretch of Caribbean coastline on its northern border....
Travel to Medellin House for rent in Medellin Colombia
Nicaragua Emerging as Tourism Hot Spot
Nicaragua has had a troubled history. It seems that every time that the country attempts to get back on its feet, it is hit by political unrest or natural disasters....
Surfing in Nicaragua
Nicaragua is known for its great surfing. Tourists come to Nicaragua to enjoy the beach along with the wonderful surfing conditions. Those who love a challenge are able to ride the waves in some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world...
Panama Punta Chame: a memory to cherish all your life
Panama Punta Chame is small but very beautiful place. It is a finger shaped peninsula, which is only 35km long, located on the Pacific Coast of Panama...
Panama Tour Packages For Travel Agents
The safest and most effective way to find Panama tour packages is through a travel agent. Many people are under the false assumption that the best travel deals are online. For those seeking bed & breakfast accommodation bedandbreakfastcoach made a real revolution in the industry..
Young Boys Dive Off Marina at Bay of Belize with City in Background, Belize City, Belize
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Wooden Pier with Broken Planks, Ambergris Caye, Belize
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