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People at a University Campus, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, USA
People at a University Campus, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, USA
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View of a Clock in a Park, Indiana University, Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, USA
View of a Clock in a Park, Indiana University, Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, USA
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Enjoy Nature's Bounty At Indiana's Wineries
Indiana - How You Can Have a Recession Proof Vacation

The State of Indiana is a U.S. state, the 19th admitted to the Union. It is located in the Great Lakes Region, and with approximately 6.3 million residents, is ranked 16th in population  and 17th in population density.  Indiana is ranked 38th in land area, and is the smallest state in the continental US  west of the Appalachian Mountains. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis, the largest of any state capital east of the Mississippi River.

Indiana has several metropolitan areas with populations greater than 100,000 as well as a number of smaller industrial cities and small towns. It is home to several major sports teams and athletic events including the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, the NBA's Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis 500 motorsports race (which is the largest single-day sporting event in the world).

Residents of Indiana are known as Hoosiers, but the origin of the term is unknown. Many explanations are given, including the humorous ones of James Whitcomb Riley stating that Indiana pioneers would yell out "Who's There" in the wilderness or "Who's Ear?" after a brawl. The state's name means "Land of the Indians", or simply "Indian Land". This name dates back to at least the 1768 and was first used by Congress when the Indiana Territory was incorporated in 1800, before which it had been part of the Northwest Territory.

Prior to this, Indiana had been inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous peoples and historic Native Americans for thousands of years. Angel Mounds State Historic Site, one of the best preserved ancient earthwork mounds sites in the United States, can be found in Southwestern Indiana near Evansville.

Indiana - How You Can Have a Recession Proof Vacation  by Penelope San Mateo

Indiana: how it's possible for You Can Have a downturn Proof Vacation

A lot of folk think that going on holiday today is a needless cost. With the present industrial situation the country would think carefully before you too would think carefully before you go on a vacation. But, you'll see that there are ways on how you'll be able to make your vacation recession proof. If you plan on going to the state of Indiana, you may find plenty of methods on how you'll be able to economize but still have a unusual and fun filled vacation.

Indiana is a place full of fun things to do. It is also a place with countless places to see that you are going to certainly love. Whatever your interests are, you can be sure that you're going to be ready to find something entertaining to do in Indiana.

If you love the great outside, then you will surely love this state. Here, there are numerous streams and streams that you'll be ready to visit. You can go cruising, fishing, or even go swimming.

If you need to go camping, then you may need to try the Spring Mill State Park. There are campgrounds here and there are also masses of great activities here for each kind of person. If you adore hiking, then you'll be capable of finding many hiking trails across the woods in Indiana. Here, you'll be ready to actually appreciate the fantastic thing about nature.

If you would like to go canoeing, then you may definitely love the Blue's Canoe Livery. Located just 45 miles south of Indianapolis, you'll see that this particular location is an example of the most popular destinations for kayaking in Indiana. Here, you may be ready to go on kayaking or canoeing trips on the Driftwood River.

The great thing about the canoeing or kayaking here is that you don't have to bring your own equipments as there are equipments available here that you can hire. And, the smartest thing about it is that it's comparatively cheap. You may also go camping here if you want.

If fishing is your eagerness, then you may find plenty of action in Indiana. Here, you'll be ready to fish in few of the masses of fishing locations. And, each fishing location offers a novel fishing experience that you're going to certainly love. Here, you are going to be sure that you're going to be able one large one large one after the next.

These are the things that you need to remember if you go to Indiana to pass your vacation. As you can imagine, you don't have to spend plenty of money in order for you to have a lot of fun in your vacation. If you go to Indiana, you'll be capable of fun things to do and also go to a lot of places that you're going to certainly love.

Check out the Indiana Travel Guide, Indiana is indeed a magical place. And, if you want to save cash during your holiday here, you want to remember that all it takes is planning. One tip that will permit you to save cash and really make your vacation downturn evidence is to avoid staying in pricey hostels in the big city. Instead, try some of the bed and breakfast, hotels, and cabins as well as the holiday home rentals.


About the Author - Penelope San Mateo is a travel writer, check out her articles on the Indiana Travel Guide.
Enjoy Nature's Bounty At Indiana's Wineries   by By Iris Dean

Spring is a magical time of the year. The trees and flowers awake from their winter slumber and slowly lift their heads from under their earthly blanket. Drive along Indiana's highway and back roads and you'll catch the farmers plowing and tending the fields. In the vineyards across Indiana new life is starting to bud and before we know the winemakers will be ready to harvest the season's grapes.

Indiana's Winemaking History

It may be surprising to know that Indiana has a long winemaking history. Travel to Switzerland County in Southeast Indiana and you'll find yourself in the birthplace of the American wine industry. It was here that the first successful winery was established in America.

Dufour's winery, founded by Swiss immigrant Jean Jacques Dufour, known as John James, harvested their first grapes sometime around 1806 or 1807. In those days the town of Vevay, New Switzerland where the Dufour Winery was located was known as the Indiana Territory. Other wineries in the area were not as successful because they used imported European varieties of grapes. Dufour's success came from his research into the art of viticulture (wine growing agriculture) and the use of a native grape, the Vevay Alexander, which he nurtured.

In the early 19th-century, the wine industry in the Ohio River Valley grew by leaps and bounds, and became the largest wine-producing region in North America. By mid-century the art of winemaking became a victim to the Civil War when many of the wine growers and winemakers left their fields to fight in the War. Left unattended the vineyards were later devastated by mildew and degenerative crop disease, and then came Prohibition. Not until the emergence of many family-owned wineries in the 1960s did the Ohio River Valley reclaimed its reputation as a top wine-producing region. Today, with a total 16 million acres encompassing four states, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, the Ohio River Valley is recognized as the largest designated wine area in the U.S.

The Lanthier Winery

As we travel along Indiana's Wine Trail we come upon the Lanthier Winery located at 123 Mill Street in Madison, Indiana. Lanthier Winery's history in Indiana dates back to the uncertain times of the Indian Territory in the mid 1700's when early trappers and settlers built the original 24 inch thick stone walls of the old 18th century building as a haven from the then wild west. Ask about the Lanthier Winery's intriguing history and you'll learn that the Cellar Tasting Room is believed to be an old fort or outpost created by the settlers. There are many tales to be told, yet it is the Lanthier Winery's award winning, hand-crafted wines which draw thousands of guests to their doors today.

Along with Lanthier Winery's selection of fine wines, they also hold exciting events throughout the year like the 3rd Annual Summer Artist Showcase held from June 1st-30th. Meander Lanthier Winery's "Loft Gallery" and enjoy the "Dimensions In Art" exhibition, a grand showcase of fine art & craft. Each year Lanthier Winery supports enhancement of the arts by sponsoring the premier exhibition of an "up and coming" young artist. Call 1-800-41-WINES or 812-273-2409 to request an invitation to the grand opening! Or view this exhibit at The Loft Gallery, located at 123 Mill Street 11am to 5pm Wed- Sun. Free Admission.

Great Friends and Great Wine

Our next stop along Indiana's Wine Trail is Wilson Wines in Modoc, Indiana, located 30 minutes from Richmond, Muncie and New Castle, where we meet the Wilson brothers, one a wine maker, and the other a visionary. John and Jim Wilson's Winery's humble beginning started in 1996 when with the help of their father, Richard (Dick) Wilson, they planted grape vines in their mother Ella's old garden patch. To their father's surprise what blossomed under the nurturing care of the Wilson Family became known as some of areas finest wines.

The family lost Richard in October 1999, yet his memory lives on today at Wilson Winery. The Wilson brothers named a sweet red wine in memory of their father. Today, Richard Red is one of their best selling and award winning sweet red wines. As children John and Jim remember their father playing a great game of croquet which is why they are creating a croquet court to be named The Richard Wilson Croquet Field. What makes Wilson Wines one of our favorite wineries? Perhaps, it is the welcome we received, which made us feel like we're joining old friends we have not seen in years. My husband says the Wilson brothers are "Good, down-to-earth people!" This is the heart of Wilson Wines, and what keeps guests returning year after year to sample from their award-winning wines and enjoy good times in a family-friendly environment. Among the annual events held at the Wilson Winery, rain or shine, are the BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) Theme Nights, July 14 starting at 6:00pm, and concerts featuring Indiana artists like Jennie DeVoe and Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio.

Wilson Wines is located on 10137 S. Indian Trail Road, the first road east of Modoc, Indiana on State Road 36. Turn south on Indian Trail Road and go 2.1 miles - the farm is the first place on the east side. (look for the big sign.) To leave Wilson Wines a message or hear information on upcoming events call (765) 853-5100 or visit Join the Wilson family for the weekend and enjoy the festivities at Wilson Wines by camping out at Kamp Modoc. For details on Kamp Modoc call (765) 853-5290.

To find out more about Indiana's Wine Trails which include Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana visit:

About the Author - Iris Dean is a Journalist Writer for USA Travel Magazine. Discover places to dine, shop, and vacation destinations, check local weather, play Sudoku, read tidbits of News, book and travel product reviews, and order a Free State Vacation Guides at

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