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Opera House and City Skyline at Dusk, Sydney, Australia
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Top 10 Most Iconic Landmarks in Australia

The U.S. summer is beginning to get into full swing, and if it isn't already hot or muggy where you are, it will be soon. If you're looking for a great way to beat the heat and don't mind traveling a bit, why don't you check out what Australia has to offer? Australia is a nature lover's paradise and has several interesting landmarks to visit. And because Australia's in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia's going through their cool months right now. With that being said, here are the 10 most iconic landmarks in Australia.

Sydney Opera House

Probably the most iconic out of all Australian landmarks, the Sydney Opera House also happens to be one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Roughly seven million people visit the Sydney Opera House every year, and that's not counting the 1.2 million people who attend performances there.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

For many years, the Sydney Harbor Bridge was the tallest structure in the city of Sydney. It is still the tallest arch bridge that is made out of steel in the world, and it is the fifth-longest steel arch bridge in the world behind a few bridges in China and in the U.S. 

Sydney, Opera House at Dusk, Australia
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One of the more interesting things you can do while visiting the bridge is climb it. Guided bridge climbing tours that last nearly four hours are available as long as the weather permits it.


Many people forget that Aboriginal tribes lived in Australia for thousands and thousands of years. Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a site that is sacred to one of the original Aboriginal tribes known as the Anangu. Although you may climb to the top of Uluru, the Anangu request that visitors do not climb the rock because it holds such spiritual significance to the tribe.
  Great Barrier Reef
Australia's Great Barrier Reef
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One of the most beautiful reefs on the planet is the Great Barrier Reef. Popular with scuba divers, snorkelers and fishers, nearly two million visitors enjoy the Great Barrier Reef each year. Because the quality of the water is so good, tours with glass-bottomed boats, helicopter flights and underwater observatories are quite popular.

Great Ocean Road

Originally built as a war memorial to the fallen soldiers of World War I, the Great Ocean Road has become very popular in recent years because it provides easy access to several landmarks. Called the top tourist experience by the Royal Automotive Club of Victoria, the road crosses through rainforests and limestone rock formations.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Open every day of the year, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney are a familiar sight to the city's residents. Featuring several smaller gardens, including the Rare and Threatened Species Garden, the Oriental Garden and the Rose Garden, there's something for the whole family to enjoy here.

The Three Sisters

A natural rock formation that was created by erosion, The Three Sisters landmark was believed for a long time to have ties to Aboriginal legends. 

Black Mountain Tower

Visitors to Australia's capital Canberra should check out the Black Mountain Tower. The tower provides visitors with panoramic views of the city, a revolving restaurant and a couple of outdoor viewing platforms.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

This is the largest stadium in Australia and the 10th-largest stadium in the entire world. Sports fans will definitely want to catch this one, especially if there's an event going on at the time!

The Q1 Tower

The Q1 Tower is the tallest tower in Australia. Up until recently it was also the world's tallest residential tower.

As you can see, Australia has much more to offer than Outback steakhouses, Crocodile Dundee and Foster's beer. The next time you're looking to visit or do something interesting in Australia, be sure to check out these landmarks.

10 Things To Do & See In Australia by James Burrows

You can find all sorts of beauties and great things in Australia. Certainly, the island continent is a unique land of natural wonders, wide open spaces, deserts, woodlands, grasslands, mountains, beaches, and oceans. It is the marvelous country of numerous action packed wonderful outdoors sites, and fantastic cities, such as cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Canberra.

Australia is a vast country comprised of the continental mainland and the major island of Tasmania and a number of other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the southern hemisphere. Surely, you can find a one C of things to see & do in Australia, but here are top 10 things that that you just can’t ignore.

Opera House and Harbour Bridge at Sunset, from Macquaries Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Located on the south-east coast of Australia, the Harbor City certainly is globally influential in the fields of culture, art, fashion, cuisine and design. 

The city is home to the Australia’s two most iconic structures Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can enjoy the vibrant life of the dynamic city.

Sydney Opera House, designed by Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect, is one of the wonders of the modern world. Situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, the opera house is the most iconic building of Australia. It is the most famous performing arts venues in the world. You can enjoy the world famous theatrical, musical, and dance performances at this World Heritage Site.
Brighton Beach Boatsheds with City in Background, Melbourne, Australia
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Australian Museum, originally known as the Colonial Museum or Sydney Museum, is located in College Street, Sydney. Famous in the fields of natural history and anthropology, it is one of the oldest museums in Australia. You can enjoy witnessing wondrous collections of vertebrate & invertebrate zoology, mineralogy, palaeontology, and anthropology, and exhibitions at the museum.

Melbourne is undoubtedly the culinary, sporting and cultural capital of Australia. Often dubbed as one of the most cultured cities of Australia, Melbourne is widely known for its Victorian-era architecture, many cultural institutions such as museums, galleries and theaters, and large parks and gardens. You can enjoy every bit of Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens, located near the centre of Melbourne, Victoria, are the finest in Australia and the best in the world. On the south bank of the Yarra River, the Royal Botanic Gardens are 354,000 square metres (35 hectares or 87 acres) of beautifully landscaped gardens. You can see a wide range of flora and enjoy the refreshing scenic beauty of the gardens.

Great Barrier Reef, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia, is a “must visit” site in Australia. It is often dubbed as one of natural wonders of the world. It was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1981. It is very popular tourist destination. You can enjoy scuba diving and boating in the warm clear waters of the reef.

Gold Coast is a wonderful coastal city in the southeast corner of the state of Queensland. It is often dubbed as Surfers Paradise. The city is famous for its sunny subtropical climate, popular surfing beaches, grand waterway & canal systems, beautiful skyline & skyscrapers, active nightlife, and countless tourist attractions. You can enjoy the beaches, lovely airs, and vibrant nightlife of the city.
Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a very popular destination. You can enjoy shopping at Queen Street Mall in central business district (CBD); enjoy eating & walking at restaurants, cafes, & boardwalks in South Bank; enjoy vibrant nightlife in Fortitude Valley; enjoy shopping & eating at artsy shops and cafes in West End; enjoy dinning at trendy dining places in New Farm; and cruising on the Brisbane River at Brett's Wharf.

Belair National Park is located 13 km south of Adelaide in South Australia. The park is known for many of its areas of interest, which include Old Government House, the park Nursery, Playford Lake, and the Adventure Playground. You can enjoy playing tennis, walking, biking, or horse riding at numerous tennis courts, ovals, and walking, bike and horse-riding trails in the park.

The Storey Bridge and City Skyline Across the Brisbane River, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Daintree National Park, in Far North Queensland, is a popular tourist destination. Founded in 1988, the park consists of two sections, with a settled agricultural area that includes the towns of Daintree Village and Mossman. Home to numerous with tropical birds, butterflies, reptiles and countless species of wildlife, Daintree Village is a nature-lover’s paradise.

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Australian Capital Territory - New South Wales - Northern Territory - Queensland - South Australia - Tasmania - Victoria - Western Australia

Holidays in Australia - The Natural Marvel

A beautiful island continent, Australia is a breathtaking land of natural marvels, damp woodlands, rich grasslands, deserts and mountains, deep blue beaches and oceans. Australia is a country with a continental mainland in the southern hemisphere of Indian and Pacific Oceans, with a number of islands and Tasmania as its major island and a number of other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the southern hemisphere.

Mentioned below are some of its main attractions which no visitor can afford to miss when on a vacation to Australia.


Sydney is a harbor city situated in the south-east shore of Australia and is one of the major tourist destinations in Australia. Tourist and visitors from across the world, on a holiday in Australia, make sure they visit this beautiful city. This city is the ideal way to enjoy your trip to Australia and has lot to offer, like world famous opera house, the harbor bridge, the Rocks, amazing buildings, fashion, art and rich cuisine. Since the city is situated on the right of the Pacific Ocean, it also has fun filled sunny beaches to offer for a great family vacation or relaxation time. The city is known to have tourists flowing in from different parts of the world for a memorable vacation.

Sydney Opera House

Designed by a Danish architecture, Jorn Utzon, this tourist attraction is amongst one of the wonders of the world and is home to art, dance, music and the theatre world.  The place is a cultural and art paradise of Australia and is one of the world heritage sites. You must not miss this tourist attraction, for it has a magnificent structure worth capturing. The opera house has more than 1000 rooms to boast.

Great Barrier Reef

This is another major tourist attraction of Australia and must be visited when on a trip to Australia. If you wish to add a touch of adventure to your Australian holiday, the Reef offers you helicopter ride, snorkel, scuba dive, surfing and fishing in deep sea. Tourist and visitors can always take a helicopter ride to enjoy the immensity of the Great Barrier Reef.


Renowned for its architecture from Victorian time, Melbourne is a cultural city known for its beauty, galleries, gardens and museums. One of the major tourist destinations in Australia, Melbourne has everything for making your holiday a perfect one. From sports to delicacy of rich cuisine, this city has it all. One such amazing tourist attraction to be found in Melbourne is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Situated on the southern bank of river Yarra, in the heart of Melbourne, the Royal garden is spread in an area of 354,000sqm. You must not miss the breathtaking landscapes, refreshing flora and pictorial beauty of the city in this tourist attraction.

Colonial museum, Sydney

The Colonial museum is situated on the college street of Sydney and is a great way to enjoy your holiday in Australia with family. On a trip to Australia, you can always take your kids to this house of anthropology and natural history. The museum holds exciting exhibitions as well as has a collection of invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, Palaentology, anthropology and mineralogy.

Best time to visit Australia

The ideal time to visit Australia is in the months of September and October, which are neither too cold nor too hot.