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Chongqing Featured Hotels

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Chongqing Museum invites you to experience 360-degree "mountain forest city"   by jekky

Chongqing Featured Hotels

With the imminent opening of the Shanghai World Expo, provinces entity Pavilion construction work and commissioning work of the countdown, various provinces and regions pavilion tasks have ended. At the same time, online Internet World Expo Hall provinces have also completed one after another. Recently, the reporter learned from the parties concerned, the Chongqing Museum online exhibition has been officially completed. Online Expo Hall effect diagram Chongqing Experience "mountain forest city" Expo Shanghai Online platform, according to developers, the only core Technology Shanghai Chong plan provider network development Co., Ltd. related to the person in charge, Chongqing Museum "mountain forest in Chongqing," the exhibition theme will echo the Shanghai World Expo and the China Pavilion theme, through the unique geographical and cultural elements of Chongqing, Chongqing Urban Development highlights the personality, 

Key display Chongqing city, Chongqing due to its unique culture and the heavy regional characteristics and the formation of culture and the aesthetic mood of the city and the shaping of urban life to lead and enhance. The Chongqing Exhibition of the forest garden is a 3D, virtual museum scene and the corresponding physical pavilion is almost identical to entities Pavilion, modeled on the specific item or exhibition galleries, the contents space to expand, out of exhibition space restrictions, the whole platform for exhibition in Chongqing, with three-dimensional mode and multi-media tools to the physical museum can not display the contents of a broader exhibition space, 

To reflect the Chongqing Museum of mountains, water, trees, the city's image fusion, showing the river surrounded by two rivers, waterlines sparkling strong visual landscape, creating plans and technical personnel using Flash technology and interactive multimedia scenes blend WEB3D technology, the use of Internet-based 3D simulation of light effects, WEB3D watermarks simulation, WEB3D water simulation, reproduction period light changes with the weather, combined with water, sound and background sound effects, spectacular views of the true nature one by one "move" into the Internet . Fully reflects the value of 600 square meters of exhibition space, so that visitors can not personally bring immersive experience. Tour, test drive, experience, 3D three-dimensional interactive Online exhibition space in Chongqing Museum of the basic agreement with the physical exhibition space, including natural Chongqing, human Chongqing, Chongqing miracle three exhibition areas and the new Energy 4D experience, non-material cultural heritage and high-tech interactive experience demonstrates two areas, highlighting the rapid development of scientific and technological achievements in Chongqing. "Born in Chongqing" exhibition presents a physical model of cross-strait cultural landscape of the Three Gorges and Three Gorges relics relief recovery crafts, visitors can experience the Internet WEB3D page "hand crafts" 360 degrees "play with" process. 

"Human Chongqing" exhibition you can gossip with Jiugong composed of 17 large-scale scenes to watch Bayu marketplace to browse the virtual walls in the immersive experience within the "fly and" the real fun. "Miracle Chongqing" exhibition area, visitors can experience the mountains and even virtual golf and other fun interactive projects, but also with other readers on-line interactive games. 

4D experience in the area of new energy, the viewer can personally test drive online innovation of new energy sources in Chongqing Motorcycle And can interact through the incredible WEB3D page display three-dimensional simulation of a test drive to achieve results. In the high-tech demonstration of non-material cultural heritage and experience of both interactive areas, visitors will "touch" high-tech products such as capsule robot. General PC Web browsing can be realized three-dimensional Related technologies, according to Chong Figure person in charge of science and technology, the Internet World Expo Hall in Chongqing mainly to WEB3D supplemented by technology-based three-dimensional FLASH technology page navigation on the scene of exhibition space, the visual sensory and expressive, and interactive applications requirements are very high. WEB3D technology through the perspective of human height, use Mouse Drag and drop different angle, the operation forward and back, 360-degree look around the scene at the pavilion each booth shuttle to roam here. In order to facilitate visitors to the Museum of the contents of all aspects of Chongqing as well as more in-depth understanding of the reality of the technically equipped to explain the interactive features of virtual instructors. 

Taking into account the domestic use of the network environment and hardware environment, the gap difference, so that the viewer through the common PC and network environment will be able to smooth the online 3D virtual scene. So, in technology in regard to the use of the environment from the visitors start to see the most humane way to show the most realistic virtual venues environment and services. As one of the earliest efforts in the field of technology R & D WEB3D, programs and implementation of the practitioner, the only completely independent intellectual property rights of business owners create plans and Technology Expo is the first project to participate in online Solutions The technology provider, has successfully participated in and implemented overseas Hall, exhibitors Museum, Museum of Domestic several provinces Online Expo project, accumulated considerable wealth of experience. In the Chongqing Museum "mountain forest city" design and construction, creating map technology team's strength is still its head, giving the viewer brings a unique sensory impact. According to information, the Shanghai World Expo in Chongqing Museum Week on Aug. 12 opening of the Bayu cultural characteristics and traditional folk performing arts humanities will beautifully. Currently, Portugal, Hungary, Algeria, Peru, Ukraine, Philippines and Cambodia and other countries are in the hall of Expo Shanghai Online debugging, all the exhibition hall are open simultaneously with entities Museum. By then, people around the world through the internet browser can access the Shanghai World Expo site, immersive experience, this session never ended, China Shanghai World Expo!

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Chongqing is the largest and most populous of the People's Republic of China's four provincial-level municipalities, and the only one in the less densely populated western half of China. Formerly (until March 14, 1997) a provincial city within Sichuan Province, the municipality of Chongqing has a registered population of 31,442,300 (2005), with most of them living outside the urban area of Chongqing proper, over hundreds of square kilometres of farmland. The population of the urban area of Chongqing proper was 4.1 million in 2005.
The municipal abbreviation, (Yú), was approved by the State Council on April 18, 1997. Chongqing was also a municipality of the old Republic of China. Its abbreviated name is derived from the old name of a part of the Jialing River that runs through Chongqing and feeds the Yangtze.  The urban area of Chongqing proper includes the district of Yuzhong ("Central Chongqing District"), the central and most densely populated district, where government offices are located. Other districts are Nan'an ("Southern Bank District") Jiangbei ("North of the River District"), Shapingba, Jiulongpo, and Dadukou.
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Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing
Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing is invested by Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Corporation Ltd., and managed by CTS H.K. Metropark Hotels Co. Ltd. And it is designed up to be an international five-star luxury hotel.Covering an area of 22 thousand square meters, the hotel is spacious accommodation, deluxe F&B, Conference, Recreational facilities as well.  The Chinese restaurant located on 2nd floor which has capacity of 150 people together.And 20 deluxe private rooms will offer you delightful selection of seafood and authentic sichuan cuisine which will let you fully relax after work.
Harbour Plaza Chongqing
This property provides all the maximum comfort that any guests would expect for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday.  Situated conveniently in the hub of the city's busiest commercial district, the Harbour Plaza is close to Liberation Monument Square. The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from the Yangtze and Jianlingjiang Rivers.  The onsite restaurants serve a variety of traditional Cantonese cuisine, international, Chinese and selected dishes from Sichuan. Offering a quite and relaxing environment, the Lobby Lounge is an ideal place for a perfect morning break or an afternoon tea as well as to sample fine selection of cocktails, international spirits, beers and wines. The Yangtze Bar is also an ideal place for a refreshing drink.
Hilton Chongqing Hotel
Located in the city center next to the famous Yangtze river the Hilton Chongqing is 5 minutes drive from Renmin Square. Upgrade to an executive room located on the top floors of the hotel with extra amenities including high-speed internet and exclusive Executive Lounge access. Dine in our Café@Two award winning International restaurant, sample Cantonese, Sichuan and local Chongqing dishes in our destination restaurant China Moon or sip Cognac at the Long Bar and Grill. The Cloud 9 Spa with its 9th floor swimming pool and fully equipped fitness center contains our exclusive Ladies only Spa. 
Howard Johnson ITC Plaza Chongqing
The highest Executive Club Lounge overview the CBD, Jie Fangbei-Largest room size from 42sqm-In room broadband-In room and public safety box-WIFI in all outlets. Express check in at the airport on the coach. Indoor swimming pool-Indoor gym. Live Jazz music in the Lobby bar Rendez Vous. International cuisine-Live cook. Open kitchen at the Sixth Sense International Restaurant-Snooker table in the New Age Bar. Communication chef in the Restaurant-Magician chef. Different kinds of Chinese beer from the municipal cities. Private rooms in Chinese Restaurant are all equipped with bathrooms. French Chinese dishes in the Chinese Restaurant.
InterContinental Chongqing
The InterContinental Chongqing is located in the heart of Chongqing in the centre of Jiefangbei Peninsula. Surrounded by the waters of the Yangtze and the Jialing rivers, the hotel is nestled in the area’s most geographically-favoured location. Chongqing is on the leading edge of industrial importance and is at the core of the government initiative to develop western China. Chaotianmen Square, Three Gorges Museum and People’s Assembly Hall are all nearby. Worth the drive are Ciqikou Ancient Town, Tianchi Hot Spring and Hongyan Revolution Memorial Hall. The hotel is easily accessible from Jiangbei International Airport, just 25km away and the subway is within walking distance.
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