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Yapahuwa's Ornamental Carved Staircase, Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Holidays And Its British Appeal   by Pankaj Mohan

Sri Lanka could be described as one of the most beautiful islands around the world. It is situated just off the southern Indian fringe at about 600 miles north of the equator in the Indian Ocean. 
There is strong evidence that human civilization has existed in this tiny island nation for over 2000 years now. The island's teeming natural beauties, a great legacy of its historic events, and a well-admired ability to host the outside world have always been applauded by travelers. Those who love examining ancient worlds, the serenity of nature and going through the excitement of life will always want to be part of Sri Lanka holidays. Travel companies selling hot deals, including those to Sri Lanka in the name of last minute holidays, could be found trading from all major countries across the globe.

Until gaining its independence in 1948, Sri Lanka had remained part of the British Empire for roughly about 150 years. The island’s control was gained by the British East India Company during the late 18th century and it was fully commissioned as a British colony in the year 1802. It never got integrated with the neighboring British India however, and was finally declared independent soon after the end of Second World War. 

Worshippers Entering Galle Mosque, Galle, Sri Lanka
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Gal Vihara, Polonnaruwa, Unesco World Heritage Site, Sri Lanka
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Native Sri Lankans had already been exposed to the influences of modern education and western living style before being granted complete independence. 

One could still witness imprints of that British era, while traveling across Sri Lanka’s terrain in the modern days. It makes the Sri Lanka Holidays even more attractive therefore, especially for those hailing from the UK.

The British hierarchy in Sri Lanka had begun growing tea, coffee, sugar, rubber and cinnamon from the very beginning of their stay and brought many Tamil workers from India to help speed up the whole exercise. 

They did not only construct modern schools, colleges and roads, but were also the chief architect of a unified Sri Lanka. There were three separate kingdoms existent across this island before the British finally arrived. 

The highlight of an ancient Sri Lanka apart from its British heritage includes the 5th century rock fortress at Sigiriya, the fascinating ruins of the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the royal legacy of Kandy, the cave temples at Dambulla and many more similar tourism destinations.

It takes only about nine and half hours to fly down to Colombo from London. Several types of Sri Lanka holidays are there to choose from, if one desired spending their last minute holidays in this fascinating land. The region carries one of the best sea beaches and resorts found anywhere in the world, and its hospitality is well admired by travelers from across the globe. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna, water falls and adventure activities available for those who might desire to have some exciting moments.

Of course, buying up last minute holidays to Sri Lanka is the best way for getting unwound from one's hectic daily schedules. And it takes only a few mouse clicks to book them.

Hindu Temple, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Asia
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About the Author: Pankaj Mohan is a freelance writer who often writes on behalf of Kindly visit this site to know more about various traveling packages, including those in the group of Sri Lanka holidays and last minute holidays, apart from many others. 


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