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Ruin Seyit Jemalettdin Mosque, Between Ashgabad and Mary, Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Asia
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Historical Places in Turkmenistan   by Laura R. Pinckney

Turkmenistan's history is colorful but jaded, characterized by constant struggles with conquering neighbors and empires. This culminated with all the Tsarist Russian and in the end the Soviet chokehold for virtually a century. But all these pale in comparison with the idiosyncrasies and also the false grandeur accomplished by the then president-for-life Saparmurat Niyazov ever since Turkmenistan was recognized as an impartial state in 1991.

Now with all the new government established in 2006, headed by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, Turkmenistan is making headways in setting the correct political atmosphere for a renewed nation, poised to take a more active role inside the global economic community. Tourism is welcomed here as there's a growing amount of travelers who are taking concern in this nation, whose cultural past was properly hidden from your Europeans.

Turkmenistan is often a nation in Central Asia, with a land area of 488,100 sq. km., 80 percent of which is covered using the sandy Karakum Desert.

Monument to the Independence of Turkmenistan, Independance Park, Berzengi Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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It has a strong coast about the Caspian Sea, but otherwise landlocked by neighboring countries Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kazakhstan. It has a population of about 5 million of mostly ethnic Turkmen with a minority comprising of Russians and Uzbeks.
Azadi Mosque, Ashgabad, Turkmenistan, Central Asia
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Archaelogical sites as well as medieval monuments, which can be seen throughout the country, are popular tourist spots like the medieval cities of Aviberd and Darganata and also the Abu Said Mithkene Mausoleum. Modern constructions are also a sight to marvel like the Avaza - projected to be considered a multi-billion construction project destined to be the flagship tourism project on the nation, which aims to be another Dubai within the generating.

Turkmenistan's various nature reserves are likewise being promoted as major holidaymaker destinations simultaneously with adventure tour packages like an Adventure tour and camel trek inside the Kara Kum Desert, hiking in the Kugitang Nature Reserve and horse trekking with Akhal Teke horses, which promises to be an experience worth longing for.

Nonetheless, a measure of caution ought to be observed by the casual tourist. Taking photographs is definitely allowed, but certain rules are to be followed - no taking of photos of any government officials and government buildings. 

In the capital city of Ashgabat, the police are visible at every corner, so feel free to ask them what ought to be the suitable behavior to observe throughout your stay inside the city.


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