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Pura Ulun Temple, Danu Bratan, Island of Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
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Bali Vacation Rental Villas - Denpasar Featured Hotels
Odalan Ceremony at the Temple of Bataun, Island of Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
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Denpasar Accommodation   by Rene Whitfield

Bali Vacation Rental Villas - Denpasar Featured Hotels

Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is situated just north of Nusa Dua. This city is not known as a major holiday maker attraction when visiting Bali. Being that it is the capital, there are loads of Denpasar hotels to select from for all budgets. For many budget travels, the hotels in Denpasar are the ultimate place to stay as there are hundreds of cheap hotels and accommodation to be found. The service you may receive will be excellent, but the amenities will be extremely lacking. For the more discerning traveler there are luxurious places that you can stay at that offer 5 star facilities and services, but these are often occupied by business people traveling thru.
The lack of any beaches or other tropical views limits the Bali hotels in Denpasar to what they are able to give the holiday maker. Not having the stunning blue ocean or lush forest as a view means that all of the hotels here will only be able to provide views of the city. As much as the Balinese life-style is uniquely different and worth exploring, activities in Denpasar are limited and therefore the variety of accommodation is also limited. You won't find any private villas with access to secluded beaches or be ready to step out of a hotel in Denpasar onto a dazzling white beach. If selecting to stay here in one of the splendid Denpasar hotels and you want to experience all that Bali has to offer you are going to need to commute from the hotel to the location of your chosen activity.

All of the top rated hotels in Denpasar city will have access to whatever it is that you would like to do on a Bali tour, it is just a matter of booking it with the reception desk and they will gladly prepare everything for you, from transport to any required equipment. These hotels will be able to offer you some Bali holiday packages that will include different activities.

Gamelan Dancer Performing During Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
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Women Bearing Offerings at Tagtag Temple, Denpasar, Indonesia
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Only the top Denpasar hotels will have a site for you to book online and seeing as the city is not a popular tourist destination it is possible to find accommodation throughout the year without booking in advance. The only time that you will find the hotels completely booked is if there's a major conference being held and then it could be hard to find something. If you do mean to spend a night or 2 here and need to stay in a luxury apartment then it is definitely a good idea to book early ahead. Backpackers and budget travels don't have to worry as there's always room at the hotel somewhere in Denpasar.

Booking into one of the top Denpasar hotels, all of your rooms will be air conditioned and all room amenities working, but if going for a less expensive hotel it is best to inspect the room before paying for it to be sure the aircon works and the toilets are useable. The next thing you need to be certain of is if you need to have a hot bath or shower, ensure that these facilities are available. Coming from a developed country we immediately assume that hot water is available, not so in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia. You may have to order the tank to be switched on a couple of hours before you wish to take a bath at some of the more budget Denpasar hotels.

Bali Vacation Rental Villas - Denpasar Featured Hotels


About the Author: If you are looking for Denpasar Hotels or any other information to help you decide on your Bali holiday check out Bali Accommodation. From Budget to deluxe we can help you find the right accommodation for your Bali Holiday.


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Fave Hotel Denpasar
The favehotel Denpasar is a new and imaginative select service hotel for smart business and leisure travelers who appreciate style, functionality and a good value. The favehotel Denpasar has been developed to cater to smart businessmen and is ideal for small groups, families and holiday travellers. Each fun, fresh and friendly room has double or twin Serta Award Winning Beds. These eco-friendly rooms are equipped with LG LCD TV's, remote controlled AC's, en-suite bathroom with standing showers and offers free WiFi connections throughout. Every room has an easy to use security key card locking system for peace of mind.
POP! Harris Hotel Denpasar Teuku Umar
The modern and trendy property is ideally situated in the heart of Denpasar City, offering cozy room accommodations fitted for both business and leisure travelers. Built with an eco-friendly mindset, POP! Harris Hotel Denpasar Teuku Umar strongly promotes a smart way of living. Customers visiting the hotel will have the choice of comfortable room accommodations all for the right price. The hotel offers comfy beds, Wifi internet, and most of all, an innovative shower pod, LCD TV and Cable TV. All these stylish amenities and convenience can be found in POP! Harris Hotel Denpasar Teuku Umar, when visiting Denpasar. 
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