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Central Station and Tram Terminus, Amsterdam, Holland
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Cheap hotels deals in Amsterdam  by Anand Dongre 

Amsterdam Featured Hotels - Amsterdam Self-catering Apartments

A Historical place, situated on the banks of the river Amstel and Schinkel and the bay IJ, well-known for its canals is the capital of Netherlands. The city is compared with Venice because of its intersecting canals which form many small islands in the city. These canals are situated in the center of the city. It has a long historical background since the city was founded in 12th century. 
Like any other capital city Amsterdam is not the seat of Supreme Court, government or parliament. Amsterdam is also not the provincial capital. Amsterdam faces moderate climate, even winters are not harsh making it a pleasant climate for the whole year. Amsterdam is the business hub of Netherlands which is the headquarter for many leading Dutch corporations like ABN Amro, Heineken, ING Group, Ahold, Delta Lloyd group and Philips. In addition to this Amsterdam Stock Exchange a part of Euro next, world’s oldest stock exchange is still one of the most important stock exchange in Europe. 

Amsterdam is a city where you will find number of museums depicting modern and traditional art. They are the main attraction for the millions of tourists visiting this place. It is small city but has all the advantages of a big city. 

Exterior of Royal Palace, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Entertainment, international cuisines, good conveyance facilities all are there to enjoy at the best in Amsterdam.  Thanks to canals in Amsterdam road traffic is considerably less. With its varied historical sights and world famous museums Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are world famous. 
Boat in Front of Centraal Station, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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They house many paintings, art and sculpture of different ages. It gives pictorial description of famous personalities, people from royal family, life in Netherlands and all the historical events in chronological order. When you will enter the city you will experience altogether different face of this city where you will find bicycles thronged on almost all the roads. It is really puzzling for the foreign visitors that bikes are used as conveyance. If you want to take the tryst of the city you have to hire a bicycle and move. Isn’t it amazing! 

Amsterdam is nature friendly place where we come across environment friendly hotels. One such hotel is the Bicycle Hotel which is gaining popularity. Most of the hotels provide free online reservations. The hotels offer all the facilities complimented by nutritious food and free health related advice. 

Apart from that the hotels in Amsterdam give you the most memorable welcome and stay of your life.  The people here are friendly and that is well complimented by the stay you get here in most of the hotels. As Amsterdam is buzzing with tourists fro most time of the year it is advisable to make prior travel planning and reservation before heading to Amsterdam. You can find the hotels meant for every budget and taste in Amsterdam. Finding one of your choice and pocket friendly is not at all a problem here. 

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