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The Beach, Oxwich Bay, Gower, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
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A Brief Rundown on All the Great Places Wales has to Offer
Aberystwyth - Ceredigion A Spectacular Town
Cardiff - The Newest Capital in Europe
Llandrindod Wells: The Hub Of Wales
Swansea Things to Do
Time Well Spent in Wales
Visit Clwyd, UK
What is there to do in Llandudno?

Time Well Spent in Wales   by John Dorr

Holidays within the UK are becoming more and more popular with the recent rise of foreign currency devaluing the Great British Pound a attributed as a primary reason people are staying at home and not taking trips across to their usual holiday destinations.
Why Wales?

Wales offers a host of benefits for tourists and locals alike. Wales can be a hidden gem, a treat for its guests. 

At all times throughout the year visitors can expect to be able to visit the stunning coastlines, mountainous landscapes and a wide variety of attractions for guests to the Country of all ages older and young.

The weather in Wales much like most of the UK can be unpredictable and dampen the mood in some parts of the country but don't let this spoil your journey as there will be enough activities to keep one occupied during times of indecisive nature of the weather.

Llyn Teifi, Ceredigion, Mid-Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
Llyn Teifi, Ceredigion, Mid-Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
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Accommodation within Wales:

Wales has a wide selection of accommodation available to tourists from traditional cottages, plush hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, holiday parks and camping. The choice is endless and you could literally spend hours finding perfect accommodation for you and your family.
Beaumaris Castle, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom
Beaumaris Castle, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales
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Location is possibly one of the most important if not the most important consideration when looking for quality accommodation. With so much variation of scenery you are truly able to stay in some of the most stunning and remote places in the World. In the North you have endless peaks and coastline, the middle provides countryside and mountains and the South provides many of the Countries cities.

Wales for outdoor activities:

The whole of Wales is very accessible to ramblers and those looking for short walks alike. Wales provides walkers with unique scenery, coastal walks and timeless countryside. 

Depending upon your level of fitness and interest there are more adventurous activities that you could pursue including but not limited to: Golf, surfing, cycling, sky diving, ocean diving, ocean and fresh water fishing, kayaking, and paint balling.

Families and Wales:

Families can enjoy the many Castles of Wales, Wales has more than 400 castles and is often referred to as the 'Land of Castles' for this reason. Wales has many natural settings as mentioned during this article, outstanding natural beauty accompanies hand in hand wildlife which Children always enjoy. Spot Deer, Puffins and more during your trip to Wales.

Wales is the ideal holiday destination for any families, individuals and couples looking for a break. Regardless of your intent during your time away Wales has something to tend to your desire.


A Brief Rundown on All the Great Places Wales has to Offer   by Anne Harvester

Looking for an exciting place to travel to this summer? My family and I decided to visit a few holiday parks last vacation season in the beautiful country of Wales. We couldn't have asked for a more scenic and relaxing trip. We stopped to see its historical castles, celebrated at some local festivals and strolled along beautiful coastlines. There are exciting activities for families of all sizes in Wales.
Wales is located in the southwest part of the UK. While it may share a border with England, these two countries share very little in common in regards to language, culture, and traditions. Vacationers looking for somewhere different to travel choose Wales for its inimitable traveling experiences.

One of the reasons we chose to stay in holiday lodges at Wales is because of the three different coasts. My family simply loves the beach and breathing in the fresh coastal air. The National Park in Pembrokeshire is probably one of the best places for holiday parks in the entire world with its superb scenery of green hills and mountains. My advice when you are traveling through Wales is to enjoy as much of this beautiful land as you possibly can.

The Beach, Oxwich Bay, Gower, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
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As you make your way to your holiday homes, stop to see the sunset at Cregennen. This is inspirational setting instantly takes you to a place of inner peace and tranquility. Did you know that the great writer Charles Darwin reportedly spent many nights along this very same bay? The stunning 27 acre lake is one untouched area, and it continues to fascinate geologists and Celtic historians. Take a hike around the lakes for some stunning views of Welsh hills and cliffs.
Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom
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Another fun little side adventure is to take the time and explore Raglan Castle. Sir William Herbert's well-designed fortress is still maintained in all its glory. Here you will not only find a great deal of history and Tudor inspiration, but the remarkable hexagonal-shaped towers will keep you exploring for hours. 

For an added bonus on this pit stop, the castle turrets and towers offer some of the best views of the surrounding countryside in all of Wales.

Wales offers everything a vacationer with a family in tow could possibly want in the way of relaxation and peace. This truly unique little country combines the beauty of nature with the history of a great culture. 

With exciting cities to visit, scenic outdoors to hike, and plenty of holiday parks to park your caravan at night, Wales is a great vacation destination for families of all ages and sizes.