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Budget City Hopping

While some travellers enjoy visiting remote destinations with the aim of uncovering hidden gems through the likes of Asia, Africa and South America to experience the natural beauty of the planet, there are those who prefer taking in the bright lights and the culture of modern city life. If jumping from city to city, spending a few days in each, sounds like an interesting prospect then consider the ways to do it that won’t cost you (cliché alert) ‘an arm and a leg’.
The use of various online travel comparison sites and then turning agents against each other is certainly one way to see package holidays drop in price, but with a little extra work and diligence you are able to piece together your own deal. The cheapest flights tend to be found at the busiest airports as there are so many flights available, combine this with hostel accommodation and you already have the blueprint for a budget trip. However, for many the concept of a hostel is a red flag situation. While hostels in eastern Europe and Asia may be not be 5 star level accommodation, the ones found in major cities tend to have a better finish to the upholstery, rest assured. Nowadays hostels are of a better quality and you will be able to find rooms that accommodate only those in your party rather than sharing rooms with other travellers. Many also include en suite facilities. 

So what’s the plan? Choose from some of the highly rated hostels in London to enjoy a long weekend visiting such landmarks such as:

Houses of Parliament at Night, London, England
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  • Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Big Ben
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Of course this list could go on, but these are some of the well known iconic landmarks that thousands of tourists come to see each and every year. From London you have a good base with airports that will offer flights to any of the world’s most popular cities. Choose from worldwide hostel chains or use extensive research to find cost effective accommodation per city, if you head stateside next then you have plenty of options when it comes to hostels in New York for example. Heading to the ‘Big Apple’ you’ll again be in a city which offers a wide variety of flights to places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles while providing long haul options such as Rio de Janeiro or even Tokyo.

While you may be able to cut cost on accommodation and flights to some of the world’s biggest cities the cost of living in those places will remain high. However, what you save on travel you are able to put towards your spending money which certainly works out well in this situation. Of course there are ways to live on a budget in most places as visiting landmarks don’t cost you a penny.


London Travel Guide

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Latest update:  July 16, 2013