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Houses in American Georgian Style Dating from Between 1880 and 1920, Iquique, Chile
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5 Fun Facts to Know About Chile   by Henry Arnault

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With its cosmopolitan capital, charming coastal cities, internationally acclaimed wines, natural wonders and magnificent Patagonian landscapes, Chile is one of the best destinations in South America. Its countless and diverse attractions make it a dream destination for all types of travelers: from adventure to culture, relaxation to thrills, Chile has something for everybody. If you don't know much about this extremely rich country, here are X fun facts you should know - to help you plan your next Chile vacation or just show off during dinner parties.

1. Valparaiso is a charming town on the Pacific coast only a few kilometers from the capital, Santiago. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002 thanks to its unique cultural and architectural treasures. It myriad hills are covered by colorful, chaotic constructions and all offer amazing views of the Valparaiso bay below. It's also the only city in Chile with working trolleys, riding up and down the hills.

2. Chile is home to the driest town on earth. The northern desert part of the country, known as the Atacama Desert, is teeming with extraordinary natural phenomenon, including the small town of Quillaga. In 2000, a British Television crew visited this remote town and found sufficient meteorological records to prove that it really is the driest on the planet.
3. Iquique, one of the larger ports of northern Chile, received its name from a derivation of the native Aymara word "ique-ique", which means "place of rest and tranquility". The radioactive thermal springs of Mamiña, a nearby town, are believed to relieve the aches and pains of old age, and were regularly visited by former dictator General Augusto Pinochet.

4. The smallest member of the deer family, the Andean pudu has its origins in the Andes of southern Chile. This tiny 40-centimeter tall deer only weighs up to 10 kg is one of the most vulnerable species listed in Chile. This is a result of a loss of habitat but also because their bizarre appearance, with short spiked antlers, has made them a target for poaching for zoos. The southern Andes of Chile are also a great place to spot the Andean huemul, a mountain deer native to the country and one of Chile's symbols.

Iquique, Chile
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5. Easter Island, a small island famous for its archeological treasures and tragic history is home to an emergency landing site for US space shuttles. Located 3,790 kilometers away from mainland Chile in the Pacific Ocean, the island's airport has an extended runway built especially for this purpose.

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About the Author: Read these 5 fun facts to know about Chile by a Chile travel expert at Chile For Less available to help you customize your exciting Chile trips.


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Hotel Terrado Club, Iquique
 the quiet area of Playa Brava is located Terrado Club, a hotel that perfectly combines the relaxing environment with the business activities. The ideal place to experience the pleasure of visiting Iquique. Lucky to be a few steps from the most important beaches of the city, shopping malls and banks, makes the shift from Terrado Club to any point in Iquique very speedy. Meanwhile, for those who seek to prioritize the perfect break during your sleep-time, its suites have been carefully designed to deliver it. And when is time for eat or talk of business together Haute Cuisine, El Jardín Restaurant and Humberstone Bar, stand as the best option within their facilities.
Radisson Hotel Iquique
Located just down the street from the Playa Brava and Cavancha districts, the Radisson Iquique hotel is nestled comfortably between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the mighty Atacama Desert. Here, you'll enjoy 78 spacious hotel rooms, high-speed, wireless Internet access, meeting rooms and our on-site restaurant. In addition, our Iquique, Chile hotel features a 24-hour Business Center, Health Club, outdoor pool and a Cocktail Lounge. Reserve your guest room online today and discover the comfort and convenience of the Radisson Hotel Iquique. Brick Restaurant at the Radisson blends international cuisine with local Chilean specialties, with an emphasis on delicious seafood. 
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