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Children Playing Soccer Game in Street, Antofagasta, Chile
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Featured Hotels & Resorts in Antofagasta
Flamingo Nests in Atacama Salt Flat, Altiplano, Los Flamencos National Reserve, Chile
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Revealing the Valleys of Chile   by Andres Gabor Lopez

Recommended Hotels in Antofagasta
Chile is a place of great contrast, which can be experienced by the tourist through the landscapes and climates that can be found travelling across its territory. Beginning by the Big North (Norte Grande), linked to the Desert of Atacama (Atacama Desert or Desierto de Atacama). From Putre by the north in the Chilean Plateau (Altiplano chileno), contemplating to the Chungara Lake and Lauca National Park, Vicuñas National Reserve, to San Pedro de Atacama and the Salt Flat of the same name, you will notice how the colors appears in the landscapes, as well as dry the atmosphere, the cold of the nights and the warm of the afternoons. 

Besides the popular Desert of Atacama (right) and San Pedro de Atacama natural scenes, less well-known beautiful places can be found, starting off from north to south, Valley of Azapa (Azapa Valley or Valle de Azapa), Valley of Lluta (Lluta Valley or Valle de Lluta), and Parinacota.

Atacama Desert, Antofagasta Province, Chile
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Perhaps the less known area in Chile is the one from Antofagasta until Copiapo that for many comprises part of the Chilean Big North (Norte Grande). From the south of Antofagasta to Chañaral stands out by its weather and geography, which is rather warmer and nicer than areas as Arica and Iquique.
Stream in the Atacama Desert with the Andes on the Horizon, San Pedro De Atacama Region, Chile
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Close to the center by the mountain zone, there are located several main cities as Copiapo and Vallenar. Near Copiapo are Nevado Tres Cruces National Park (Parque Nacional Nevado Tres Cruces) and the stranger and mysterious Salar de Maricunga. The National Park Llanos de Challe also is located in this sector, near Huasco by the side of the coast. Almost in the limit between the North Grande or Big North.

The zones of valleys appears, with greener landscapes facing still the great influence of the desert, mainly to standing out of the zone of Serena, Coquimbo and more specifically the Elqui Valley (Valle de Elqui).

Elqui Valley holds the title to the clearest skies of the South Hemisphere and according to many, of the world. The zone of the Norte Chico or Small North in Chile presents small, but interesting towns as Vicuña, Pisco Elqui, Monte Grande, Cochiguaz and Alcohuaz among others, most of which are located in the Elqui Valley. The economy of the area relies mainly on agriculture, since the zone holds several areas of culture of vines for the pisco, typical liquor of Chile.

Heading south is Ovalle, an agricultural zone. Less than 1 hour from Ovalle you may found Fray Jorge National Park (Parque Nacional Fray Jorge), famous by its flora, fauna and also archaeological findings. Monte Patria, La Paloma Dam (Embalse La Paloma), Punitaqui, Combarbala, are also small towns spread near Ovalle. More to the south, Illapel appears and towards the coast Los Vilos, Salamanca also is part of Chile Chico and it is popular known as the city of wizards.

Featured Hotels & Resorts in Antofagasta


About the Author: Andrés Gabor has more than 8 years working as an advisor for travelers looking for a great
vacation in Chile. He is also's founder.


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Enjoy Antofagasta - Casino & Spa Resort
In the far North and under a starry sky stands Enjoy Antofagasta. It has a magnificent hotel, spa, convention center, restaurants, bars and a modern gaming casino. With its 376,737 sq. ft. stands the hotel, architecturally inspired by the Huanchaca Ruins. It comprises 92 wide rooms, divided into Presidential Suite, Suites, Junior Suites, Superior and Standard Rooms, all of them with a spectacular view to the sea and in which every detail matters. The Hotel invites you to dream and discover what truly relaxation is.
Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta
Traveling for work or play? You can enjoy both from the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Antofagasta. Here, guests discover a city that pays homage to its historic roots as a mining outpost while embracing the sublime beauty of its Pacific locale. Business travelers seeking hotels in Antofagasta, Chile opt for this one located within easy driving distance of the area's many corporations, including Escondida, Finning-Caterpillar, etc. Vacationers find countless leisure activities in the thriving mining town of Antofagasta. The hotel fronts the Pacific Ocean, offering guests a relaxing view of an infinite blue horizon
Radisson Hotel Antofagasta
Located on the city's thriving coastal avenue and minutes from popular attractions and businesses, our Radisson Hotel Antofagasta offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and modern rooms with exceptional Radisson amenities. Ideal for business and leisure guests, our Antofagasta hotel complimentary wireless Internet access, a Business Center, outdoor pool, Health Club and on-site restaurant and bar. Our convenient location provides easy access to Atacama travel destinations, including La Portada, the Atcama desert, the "Valley of the Moon" and Chuquicamata mine. 
Terrado Suites Antofagasta
A Grand Hotel, Terrado Suites Antofagasta, opened in 2009 in the capital of the mining area of Chile, is notable for its modern architecture that emphasizes the strength of the II Region of Chile. Just 30 minutes from the Cerro Moreno airport and 10 minutes from the industrial area, it also emphasizes having a direct and exclusive access to the mall of the city. The bright and spacious interiors are magnificent and the great sea view which holds the Hotel from almost every corner. As for haute cuisine, Roof Antofagasta Suites offers three choices for cuisine lovers. Casablanca Restaurant, Beach Club Restobar and Rick's Bar.
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