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Bogota, Colombia
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Take Spanish lessons and visit Colombia!!!   by Roger Johnson

Take Spanish Lessons and visit Colombia!! It's a reasonably safe bet to assume, when you are considering where to go for your next holiday, Colombia wont be the first destination that springs to mind!

Forty years of civil unrest, tales of drug cartels, kidnapping and violent crime, have destroyed this beautiful country's credibility as a tourist destination.
However, many regions are now safe to visit due to President Alvaro Uribe Valez, who has taken a hard line approach to the "guerillas" and pushed them away from major cities out into the more remote areas. Colombia has much to offer the intrepid traveller. It is the only country in South America, with both Caribbean and Pacific Ocean coastlines  .It has an extensive Amazonian region. The pretty coffee growing areas of Quindio are attracting more visitors, as are the nearby Andean areas.

Cartegena on the Caribbean coast is probably the most famous destination for visitors. This spectacular former Spanish colonial port was featured in the motion picture "Romancing The Stone", which starred Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny De Vito. The town is famed for its fortifications, walled city, beautiful colourful houses with overhanging balconies, churches and monasteries. Evidence of its colonial past can be found everywhere. The town has safe, clean beaches, good hotels and inexpensive restaurants.

Plaza De Toros De Santamaria and Skyscraper Complex of Torres Del Parque, Bogota, Colombia
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To the north of Cartegena, on the delta of the Magdelena river lies the city of Barranquilla. It is the capital of the Department of Atlantico and Colombia's fourth largest city.
Boys Jumping from Bridge in El Rodadero, Seaside Suburb of Santa Marta, Colombia
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Each February Barranquilleros celebrate their month long Carnivale, which occurs immediately before Lent. Typical events include, parades, street parties masquerades, colourful costumes and circus. There are special celebrations for children and the Gay community are well 

Further north along the Caribbean coastline lies my own favourite Colombian destination Santamarta. This town has beautiful beaches, good hotels and restaurants and a real vibrancy. There is always something to catch your attention in this fascinating place. The nights pulsate with rhythmic latin music and artisans and street vendors offer their wares until the early mornings. 

There are boat trips to nearby Playa Blanca, where it is sometimes possible to see fishing nets being hauled back to the beach teeming with the days catch. A tourist police presence is reassuring, as is the fact that the beaches are cleaned daily. There is a civic pride here which can be found lacking in other towns.

Another popular destination is Medellin, the capital of the Antioquia Department. Known as "The City of Eternal Spring" due to its year long mild climate, it is a very attractive city, with clear blue skies and wonderful sunsets. It is Colombia's second city with 2 million inhabitants and lies in the Aburra Valley at 5000 feet above sea level. Medellin once had a fearsome reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Much has changed now however and Medellin is no more dangerous than cities of equivalent size in the USA or Europe. The local people are known as Paisas and are friendly, helpful and courteous. In early August Medellin holds the Festival of Flowers. This is the most important festival of Antioquia where flower carriers, veteran cars and horses parade through the streets.
People Walk Past the San Francisco Palace in Bogota, Colombia, in This September 30, 2006 Photo
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As in all tourist destinations basic security needs to be observed.

Most visitors to Colombia however, never see any trouble and experience no problems. They have an exciting, enjoyable holiday and many are surprised by just how friendly and courteous the people are.

As with almost all Spanish speaking destinations, a knowledge of the language, however small, will be a real help and will really enhance your experience.


About the Author: Roger Johnson speaks English and Spanish and has a Colombian wife. For more information visit

When Colombia Calls, You Travel - Colombia Travel Information   by Elyse Morgan

Once a very untouchable country, Colombia today is more open to international travelers than it has ever been. The soaring peaks of the Andes and the motley ecology of the lowlands contributes to the indefinable nature of this ever-evolving nation. You will be able to swim in the Caribbean, hike through the Amazon, climb to exhilarating heights and, at the end of the day, sip premium coffee and cocoa with the locals.

The independent nation of Colombia is located in the northwest corner of the South American Continent, just across the Canal from Panama. 
View Over Cartagena De Indias to Cathedral, Cartagena,Bolivar, Colombia
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To understand the infinite diversity of Colombian travel, one must understand its size and neighbors. Colombia is more than twice the size of France and is the only South American country to have a border with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Airfare to Colombia is also a fantastic place to start in South America as Colombia shares borders with Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

Sweet and Soulful City Life in Colombia

Travel to Colombian cities is a magical vacuum of time where colonial Spanish balconies hang regally over plazas next to modern commercial complexes along stone paved streets. 

For a uniquely urban Andean experience, visit the capital city of Bogotá at an elevation of 8,660 feet. Airfare to Colombia through Bogotá is also quite common. The city is rich with Colombian history and culture, as well as posh nightclubs, swanky restaurants and some unique boutiques. Make sure to visit the Museo del Oro where spectacular gold and precious gem items from numerous Hispanic archeological sites have been preserved.
Cartagena is one of Colombia's most famous and most photographed cities. Located along the Caribbean, visitors get to enjoy monumental Spanish architecture and exotic plazas within the old wall of this World Heritage Site with the gentle ocean breeze in the background. Dining and nightlife feature prominently in Cartagena's cultural dynamics. Also, the Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, is a must see for history buffs and relaxed vacationers alike. The remains of this indigenous community date from the 11th to the 14th century. The Lost City is one of the largest Pre-Columbian settlements and requires an exhilarating 6 day hike through thickly forested hills and valleys. This is a real hands-on way to become acquainted with the countryside!

Can't Get enough of Colombia

Children in Costume on Village Patron Saint's Day, Raquira, Boyaca, Colombia
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When you book your airfare to Colombia, be aware of the vast and wondrous national parks, wilderness reserves and sparkling stretches of beach. Map out your itinerary and then your flight accordingly, as Colombia is expansive. If a private hammock on the beach is your ideal stay, do not miss the lavish beauty of El Parque Tayrona. For the avid divers and snorkelers, spend a few days among the whales and sea turtles of Isla Gorgona.


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