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Mar del Plata - A destination for everyone  by Mike Greaves

White sandy beaches with sea lions lazily sunning their backs as the Atlantic frantically washes ashore… that's the image many travelers carry home with them after visiting Mar del Plata.

Not surprisingly, tourism remains the mainstay of this seventh largest Argentinean city. Other industries of widespread interest are fishing, textile manufacturing and packaging. And, lest we forget: sports.
Known for its nomadic history, the place resisted European infiltration right up to the late 19th century. The city was founded by an entrepreneur by the name of Patricio Peralta Ramos in February 1874.

There are several ways in which you can get to Mar del Plata. Flying in from Buenos Aires takes barely 90 minutes with several planes flying in during the day. The journey via road could be more interesting, though, with the long stretches of the pampas' flatland and greenery providing an eye balm. Once inside the city it is not too difficult to get around; you can take a walk about or get by on cabs which are pretty affordable. Luxury resorts abound in this gem-like city, although a clutch of them come recommended over the others.

Good accommodation is available in all genres but if you want to live it up in style we suggest you try the one and only five star hotel in all of South America, the Hotel Costa Galana with its awesome architecture and sophisticated European décor and furnishings. The luxury hotel has a jaw-dropping view of the Atlantic Ocean and houses two prominent restaurants.

Folded Umbrellas Reflect Nearly Deserted Status of Mar Del Plata Beach
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You can of course, eat in at any one of them but for breakfast we strongly recommend one of the restaurants by the sea, restaurants like La Martini which has a deck. Munching spaghetti balls or gnocchi dipped in cheese or white sauce with fresh orange juice while feeling the breeze rush through your hair is an experience you will never forget.
Sea of Umbrellas and Canvas Nearly Covers Mar Del Plata Beach
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There's plenty to do in the city. You can go shopping, for instance, at the Diagonal Puerrydon for exotic Argentinean handcraft including tango figurines, trinkets, and candle-holders. For day-to-day or electronics' shopping you could visit the shopping mall at Los Gallegos.

We might as well mention that the city is also famous for its sophisticated range of electronics' goods among other things. But if you find the shopping activity too mundane why not go down to the sea and try some recreational angling? For those who might be unaware, Argentina offers some of the world's best fishing spots.

And if you are a keen golfer you should check into any one the five vast and scenic golf courses that will allow you to indulge in your favorite sport if you are willing pay, that is.

As evening approaches you might want to throw caution to the winds in this big bold city and while away your time - and money - at yet another of its attractions- Casino Central Mar del Plata with its close 140 game tables and 565 slots. The maddening swirl of the city with its epicenter of calm can leave you quite breathless!

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