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Torre de los Ingleses at Sunset, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Top Ten Places to Visit in Buenos Aires   by Buenos Aires For You

Here are the Buenos Aires top ten places that every traveler should visit. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Buenos Aires, there are plenty of travel activities and fun experiences for all ages and budgets.

1. Palermo
A top tourist destination, Palermo is the biggest and trendiest neighborhood for sightseeing in Buenos Aires, and it offers tons of accommodation and activities for day and night. You can take your pick of a furnished apartment, hostel, hotel or apart-hotel, which range in price and type. Right outside your doorsteps, you have great restaurants, trendy designer stores, fun pubs, bars and clubs. Palermo has subdivisions including Palermo Soho aptly named after Soho in New York City, and Palermo Hollywood, after all the TV, radio and film companies that have their studios there.
2. Puerto Madero:
This waterfront neighborhood of Buenos Aires is the most modern area of the city. With glass skyscrapers, elegant restaurants and chic nightclubs, Puerto Madero is enjoyed by the wealthy and the trendy. It is a young neighborhood that went through the largest urbanization project in the city's history. In 1993, the city government remodel the old docks that had been part of the port, opening the door to a new area of enjoying considered nowadays the most important tourist and business center in Buenos Aires.

3. La Boca:
A colorful and delightful town right off the old port of Buenos Aires,La Boca has been synonymous with tango and football. 

Puerto Madero Waterfront, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Adorned with multi-colored houses and taverns, the neighborhood jealously holds onto its tango tradition, football passion, and Italian roots. Today it is one of the most important cultural centers and tourist attractions of Buenos Aires city for walking tours, soccer games and tango shows.

4. San Telmo:
The oldest residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo exudes a special historical vibe. As one of the most important centers during the 19th century, San Telmo has preserved many of its architectural treasures: beautiful museums, antique shops and old-world churches that nowadays serve as a backdrop for business, culture and daily activity. San Telmo, a special place for sightseeing Buenos Aires, now has a bohemian culture that attracts thousands of tourists and Argentines alike.

5. Microcentro:
Buses, taxis, and people whiz by the narrow streets and sidewalks of this frenetic "micro centero" which vibrates until midnight everyday. Lying east of the Avenida 9 de Julio, the world's widest avenue, Microcentro has a heavy concentration of businesses, bank headquarters, international corporate offices, and governmental institutions. On Fridays, the businessmen take off their ties as they swig pints of beer in the many Irish pubs and taverns located in the area.
Thunderstorm Approaching on Psycoanalisis Row, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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6. Plaza de Mayo:
Became the most important political scenario of Buenos Aires since the Argentine Independence in 1810. People with different political ideologies gather here in massive political demonstrations like those organized by Evita Peron or by the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. 

The Plaza de Mayo also houses important city majors landmarks such as the Casa Rosada Presidential House, the Cabildo o Government House during the colonialismperiod; the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, among other magnificent buildings. Location: between Hipólito Yrigoyen 300, Rivadavia 300, Balcarce and Bolívar streets.

7. Recoleta:
A classy residential and commercial district replete with French-style buildings and art nouveau constructions, Recoleta is one of the most expensive and elegant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and one of the most popular for tourists. Its central Plaza Francia is surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and other hot tourist spots like the Del Pilar Church, the Palaise de Glace or the University of Buenos Aires Law Faculty. Every weekend, exciting cultural activities and colorful crafts markets take place. And for the thick-walleted, you can enjoy exclusive high-end shopping from global brand names.
8. The Congress:
The magnificent gray stone Palacio del Congreso emanates an imposing and awe-inspiring presence in this neighborhood which the locals commonly refer to as "Congreso." It is a middle-class area with strong commercial activity that gives you a taste of the real Buenos Aires. The Plaza Congreso decorated with several monuments and sculptures, is the second most important political venue for Argentines. Many demonstrations either begin or end at the Congreso because it is connected to Plaza de Mayo via ten block of Avenida de Mayo.

9. Belgrano:
A residential neighborhood in the north of Buenos Aires, Belgrano offers both a peaceful oasis and commercial energy. 

Street Market and Colourful Buildings, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The upper middle-class enjoys living among the quiet leafy inner streets as well as shopping along the busy Avenida Cabildo lined with shops, boutiques, and corner cafes.

10. Tigre:
Located just 17.5 miles (28 Km) north of Buenos Aires city, this beautiful and colorful town lies on the shore of the Parana Delta. Tigre's various outdoor activities can vary from taking a tour through the islands of the Delta; walking around the charming town, screaming your lungs out at the Parque de la Costa amusement park, or gambling away through poker tables and slots at the Casino. To get to Tigre is very simple taking the line Mitre of Buenos Aires Railways and after 40 minutes travel between Buenos Aires northern neighborhoods.


About the Author: If you want to find tours and activities in Buenos Aires, write us to and ask for assistance and guidance planning your vacation in Argentina. Bienvenido! Buenos Aires for you is a registered travel agency offering city tours, excursions and activities in buenos aires - book online your tango tickets, footbal tours, and guided visits, get the best prices and pay safe, english spoken, 24h assistance.

Tango in Buenos Aires   by Buenos Aires For You

Experiencing a Tango Show is one of the most common activities in Buenos Aires, fun, flirtatious and romantic allure, which is characteristic of Argentina in general, but also because Buenos Aires is where the tango was born about 100 Years Ago.
While travelling through Buenos Aires you will see many exhibitions of street tango along with a vast range of tango souvenirs, tango music stores, tango artists and tango accessories on almost every street corner. However, the most important tango experience that no traveler should miss out on, is a visit to a Professional Tango Performance. In Buenos Aires there is tango for everyone, from passionate lovers to curious tourists, from young adventurers looking low budget tango experiences to senior travelers expecting a more fancy artistic evening.

If you prefer more holistic experience you can choose a full program of tango dinner show with tango lessons, or go for an only tango show if you are not used to have dinner at the late Argentinean time.There are also Tango Shows which incorporate samples of Buenos Aires folklore directed to those looking for a broad picture of the musical culture of the country, or tango exhibits that compile its history in few dancing acts for those looking to learn in deep the development of this rhythm and its adaptation to the modern times. So the final question is, what type of tango audience are you?

Tango Dancers on Calle Caminito, La Boca District, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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When striving for perfection, every small detail counts. The same too applies for travelling. If you're going to spend one whole night at a Tango Show, not to mention spending quite a few dollars, of course you want the show to be aptly suited to your needs.

To ensure that both your tango experience and your vacation to Buenos Aires are thoroughly enjoyable, here you will find simple guidelines based on our experience from our fellow customers.

- If you are willing to try few steps of tango, opting for a Tango Dinner Show with Lessons will be both fun and fulfilling, then Complejo Tango and Sabor A Tango include tango dancing before the dinner.
Tango Dancers on Caminito Avenue, La Boca District, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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- If you are looking for an Innovative Tango Dinner Show then either Madero Tango has a modern version of this art or Piazzolla Tango which recreates the famous Four Seasons piece written by Astor Piazzola, one of the biggest innovators of Tango, will offer you a contemporary and professional show.

- If you get bored easily and you need something more spectacular, with innovative lighting, a unique stage, original music, and exclusive performance, then Senor Tango is definitely the place to visit.

- If you are interested in spending an evening immersed in authentic sample of local culture, surrounded by professional tango and the rhythm of Argentinean folklore, then you should think in a Cultural Interest Tango Show in San Telmo such as El Viejo Almacen and La Ventana. Also Sabor A Tango offer an outstanding gaucho skills and folklore show.

- If you are a bohemian and you want a traditional, unpretentious tango experience, then Cultural Interest Tango Show El Querandi or Taconeando in San Telmo, or Esquina Homero Manzi in the neighbourhood of Boedo, will offer you a classic and romantic performance.

If after reading this article you still have no idea about which tango show you should attend, then take a look at our Best Sellers Category, to see what our customers prefer and what experiences they have enjoyed the most.

Don't forget that if you are on a low-budget vacation, and simply want to complete your "must-do" list, then selecting a Tango Show without the dinner will still be an enjoyable Experience.


About the Author: If you want to find tours and activities in Buenos Aires, write us to and ask for assistance and guidance planning your vacation in Argentina. Bienvenido! Buenos Aires for you is a registered travel agency offering city tours, excursions and activities in buenos aires - book online your tango tickets, footbal tours, and guided visits, get the best prices and pay safe, english spoken, 24h assistance.