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Sand Dune in Desert, Namibia
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Namibia - Like No Other Place On Earth
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Namibia is a startling country - a celebration of the weird and wonderful. It contains the world's second largest canyon, the highest sand dunes, the oldest desert, the largest existing meteorite, the smallest antelope, some of the most bizarre plants and many other truly unusual attractions. Everywhere you look, there is something astonishing.
It's mostly desert, with big rivers on its borders - the Orange on its southern border with South Africa,  the Kunene on its north-western border with Angola and the Okavango on the north-eastern border of the Caprivi Strip, which was tacked on to Namibia in order to give the German colonialists access to the Zambezi. To the west, the icy Atlantic Ocean pounds the desert shore with relentless fury, throwing up all manner of flotsam, including numerous wrecks. It's called the Skeleton Coast and the name says it all, really. But don't, for a moment, think that desert means boring, dull or monotonous. Oh no. The Namib Desert presents a whole host of spectacular landscapes - from gravel pavements, huge red dunes and contorted geological formations which have been dubbed 'the moon landscape' to vast underground forests of welwitschias, which are massive, ancient desert trees that - literally - grow underground with only the top of the trunk, two enormous leaves and flowers showing. Many of the trees are thousands of years old.

Vast areas of the country are true wilderness and there are a number of game reserves, most notable of which is the Etosha National Park. Centred on a huge saltpan, Etosha is home to an enormous array of animals. All the usual big guys like rhinos, elephants, lions, giraffes etc, abound but there are some interesting endemics. The black faced impala is much like the usual impala, except it looks like someone ran a sooty finger down its nose. 

Sand Dunes in Namib Nauklaft National Park, Sossusvlei, Namibia
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It's hard to imagine anything prettier than an impala, anyway, but the black-faced ones looked like Max Factor got hold of them to great advantage. The smallest antelope in the world is the cute little Damara dikdik, which is endemic to the park. One of Etosha's main attractions is the floodlit waterholes on the edge of the camps - you can stay up all night with a blanket and a flask of coffee watching an ever-changing parade of animals. The high-lying Waterberg Plateau Park is a bit anomalous, in that it's quite well watered - as the name suggests - and mountainous. Kaokoland, in the northern part of the country is a wild, desert area just to the south of the Kunene River, where the fascinating and friendly Himba people herd their goats and cattle and live as they have done for centuries.
Tree and Sand Dune, Namib Desert Park, Namibia
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There are desert elephants and desert rhinos, huge ephemeral lakes that support enormous flocks of flamingos that arrive mere days after the rains have filled the pans. Nobody knows how they know it has rained thousands of miles away. They just do. There is so much to see and do in this awesome country. You could do a rafting or canoeing trip on either the Kunene or the Orange. The game viewing and bird watching is excellent in Etosha, the Waterberg or any of the many other game reserves. There is awesome rock climbing at the spectacular Spitzkoppe, a huge granite inselberg rising up from the plain with dramatic sheerness. Dragon's Breath Cave holds the largest underground lake in the world. There are interesting sinkholes, which local divers have been exploring for decades. Bitterwasser is a glider's paradise where international pilots spend the summer months doing immensely long cross country flights and setting all manner of records. Only for the bold, a horseback trail across the Namib Desert is a real challenge and a wonderful experience. Camel expeditions are also on offer. There is wonderful sea kayaking near Swakopmund, where you may see seals and dolphins. There is good rock art scattered all over Namibia but the most unusual is the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. There are some very tough hikes, including one in the Fish River Canyon and one in the Namib Naukluft Park. You could do a balloon flight over the desert at sunrise.

And the capital city, Windhoek, is a clean, modern city rising up from the desert. It has all the usual facilities - golf courses, Namibia restaurants, shopping and good hotels. Namibia was a German colony, and many of the smaller towns still retain a Teutonic flavour, particularly Swakopmund and Lüderitz on the Atlantic coast. As well as the European-style buildings, you'll find lots of German restaurants and pubs. And - of course - Namibia makes the best beer in Africa, which is most definitely as a result of its German heritage. All Namibian beer conforms to the German Reinheidsgebod (purity law) of 1516. Germans don't muck about when it comes to making (or drinking) beer.

Namibia - Like No Other Place On Earth   by James Weis

Situated between the Kalahari Desert and the South Atlantic Ocean along the southeastern shoreline of Africa, Namibia is known for its contrasting landscapes including deserts, seascapes, boundless plateaus and rock canyons. In addition to its vast array of rich natural resources, Namibia features a solid contemporary infrastructure as well as diverse traditional cultures -- it is a magnificent country to visit. Land of Contrasting Landscapes Namibia is home to the desolate Namib Desert, with its high dunes and extraordinary sense of space, which is said to be the oldest desert in the world. In fact, it is estimated that the Namib is as much as 80 million years old. Namibia also boasts the second largest canyon in the world (next to the Grand Canyon), the Fish River Canyon. This enormous gorge spans a distance of approximately 160 kilometers. Formed around 500 million years ago, the gorge was created by water erosion coupled with the collapse of the valley bottom due to movements in the earth's crust. The canyon is part of a Nature Conservation Park and has become a popular hiking destination featuring a path of roughly 86 kilometers. The central plateau, with its thorn bush savannah and jagged mountains, rises unexpectedly from the plains. In the northern area of the country, landscapes include everything from the dense bush and open plains of the great Etosha Pan, to wooded savannah bursting with lush vegetation. 
Sometimes known as the "country of contrast," Namibia not only offers the safari adventurer amazingly diverse landscapes but also an ample amount of wildlife (the world's highest concentration of wild cheetah and almost 70 percent of the continent's birds), enormous vistas and a population that speaks more than 16 languages and dialects. Where else in the world can you experience such unsurpassed beauty and diverse landscapes complemented by a truly spectacular coastline? In addition, the timelessness of this country is reflected in dinosaur footprints preserved in sandstone, prehistoric rock art, and the ancient fossil plant, Welwitschia mirabilis. If you're a photographer, Namibia is like heaven on earth. Namibian Wildlife In addition to the vast array of natural beauty that makes Namibia such a perfect choice for a safari, it is also the natural habitat for a wide variety of endangered species including the Puku antelope (occurring in Namibia's Caprivi area), the Orbi and the Black Rhino. In fact, there are more than 20 species of antelope in Namibia including the Eland and the Gemsbok. In the seaside retreat of Swakopmund, you can take a boat journey and view seals, dolphins, whales and penguins. Although Namibia is probably the least known of the Southern African countries, the attractions and topography are unlike anywhere else in the world. When you go on safari in Namibia, you will experience the opportunity to explore culture, wildlife and landscapes that will leave a lasting impression. 
Sand Dune in Desert, Namibia
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About the author: Eyes on Africa, an African safari company, boasts an extremely knowledgeable team of staff members, who are passionate about every aspect of travel to Southern Africa, including its wildlife and safari destinations.   When you're ready to plan your African safari, a holiday in Africa, or if you just have questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at 800-457-9575 or visit our web site at and complete an information request form.



Impalila Island Lodge Kaza Safari Lodge, Caprivi
Impalila Island Lodge is situated in north eastern Namibia on Impalila Island which forms the meeting place of four countries - Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. LOCATION The peaceful and secluded Impalila Lodge is situated in Namibia on an island at the confluence of the mighty Zambezi and Chobe Rivers...
Namushasha Lodge Namushasha River Lodge, Caprivi
Namushasha Lodge on the banks of the Kwando River, opposite the West Caprivi Game Park, offers you, the visitor, an unique experience in Namibia's sub-tropical region - the Caprivi. Namushasha Lodge is situated on the banks of the Kwando River, opposite the West Caprivi Game Park, in Namibia's sub-tropical Caprivi region.
Ndhovu Safari Lodge Ndhovu Safari Lodge
A luxury tented river camp on the banks of the Okavango River in Namibia. Tents are all equipped with en-suite bathrooms, we cater for twelve guests at a time. The thatched Lapa is extended with a wooden deck onto the Okavango River for good game viewing like: Elephants, Hippos and Buffalos to name but a few.  Swimming pool, Bar & Restaurant available.


Huab Lodge Huab Lodge, Damaraland
The lodge combines peace and relaxation in the bush with simple Namibian hospitality. Decorated with an African touch, eight bungalows under thatch provide very comfortable and spacious accommodation. 4 times winner in Namibia's Best Lodge category, Huab Lodge is situated on the ephemeral Huab River in dramatic mountain scenery.
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, Khorixas, Damaraland
The Twyfelfontein area, being a very vulnerable and delicate ecosystem, is renowned for some of the best examples of Bushman paintings and Rock Engravings in Southern Africa.  Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is situated 100 km's west of Khorixas, Damaraland, Namibia.


Onze Rust Guest House Onze Rust Guest House, Gobabis
Friendly homely Namibian atmosphere.  Only 110km from Botswana border.  First town across the Botswana border.  Neatly fully furnished air conditioned rooms with private braai area and TV. Inside secure parking.  Double or single rooms as well as family accommodation.  Breakfast inclusive, supper optional.  Half-way to Henties Bay for fishermen!


Auob Lodge Auob Lodge, Gochas
A green Oasis in the Kalahari landscape, is situated on the banks of the dry Auob river. The small town Gochas is only 6 km away. Walking/Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Swimming Pool, Game Drives, Squash Court, Bird Watching. The red dunes of the Kalahari are in strong contrast to the white calcareous rocks of the valley formed by the Auob river. 


Wolwedans Dune Camp Wolwedans Dune Camp / Lodge
Nestled amidst the dunes in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve, Wolwedans provides the perfect base from which to explore vast stretches of awe-inspiring nature. LOCATION NamibRand Nature Reserve, one of Southern Africa's largest private conservation areas, is situated on the edge of the Namib Desert, close to Sossusvlei. 
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Wolwedans Dunes Lodge
Nestled amidst the dunes in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve, and set against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, Wolwedans provides the perfect base from which to explore vast stretches of awe-inspiring nature. Wolwedans Dunes Lodge is located in south western Namibia, in the heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve and on the doorstep of Sossusvlei.
Wolwedans Private Camp Wolwedans Private Camp - Safari Lodge
Situated in the quiet seclusion of an idyllic valley in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve with is situated south of Sossusvlei. Relaxation, Spending quality time with a partner. The idea of the Private Camp is to get away for a day or two - not doing much except relaxing and spending quality time with a partner.


Nkwazi Lodge n'Kwazi Lodge, Rundu
If what you are looking for is peace and quiet, we have the perfect place for you!  A place so unspoiled that while you are there you will experience nature as it was first created. n'Kwazi is a secluded paradise, tucked away amongst lush riverine vegetation on the banks of the perennial Kavango river. Situated 20 kms north-east of Rundu.


Kuangukuangu Kuangukuangu - Luxury Cabin/Guesthouse/Self-catering, Solitaire
Situated in the peaceful solitude of an idyllic valley, in the heart of the desert, near Solitaire and Sossusvlei dunes, Kuangukuangu is the ideal place for travellers who seek tranquillity and intimacy.
Namibgrens Guest Farm Namibgrens Guest Farm, Solitaire
Namibgrens Guest Farm is situated 170km south west of Windhoek on the road via Spreetshoogte Pass to Sossusvlei and the coast. The road D1275 is easily accessible by 2X4 vehicles from an easterly and westerly direction. A 900m airstrip for light aircraft’s is also available. Co-ordinates, (south 23°, 35° and east 16°, 16°).
Namib Naukluft Lodge Namib Naukluft Lodge, Solitaire
Your getaway to the Namib Desert!  The Namib Naukluft Lodge situated 230 km south of the capital Windhoek is the ideal gateway to the high dunes of the Namib desert. Safari Lodge, Game Drives, Bird Watching, Swimming Pool, Game Viewing, Walking.
Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge, Solitaire
The Rostock Desert Lodge (Rostock Ritz), your in-between stop in the desert, consists of a combination of igloo shaped bungalows, aesthetically integrated into the natural surroundings. 22 double rooms with en-suite shower and toilet and an unlimited view await you. Our facilities are wheelchair friendly and two special units are for the handicapped. 


Sossusvlei Lodge Sossusvlei Lodge, Sossusvlei
Situated amidst the Namib desert at the entrance to the famous Sossusvlei. Safari Lodge, Game Drives, Walks/Hiking, Swimming Pool, Guided Trips to Sossusvlei, Sundowner Drives, Ballooning Flights, Scenic Flights, Bush Dinners, Honeymoon Packages, Conferences, Horse Back Trails, Weddings. 


Norotshama River Resort Norotshama River Resort
Some fifty kilometers Northwest of the village of Noordoewer on the farm Aussenkehr lies an undiscovered gem, the Norotshama River Resort. Nestled in the great valley of the Karas region in southern Namibia and situated on the banks of the Orange River, this pristine, malaria-free resort offers a host of activities for the discerning traveler.



Atlantic Villa Guesthouse Atlantic Villa Guesthouse, Swakopmund
This beautiful Villa is situated on the outskirts of Swakopmund and is uniquely situated overlooking both the Atlantic ocean and the Namib desert. Situated in Vogelstrand, Swakopmund, Atlantic villa is approximately 6 km from the city centre. The magnificent Atlantic Villa has breathtaking views and is only a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean. This upmarket guesthouse caters to even the most sophisticated requirements where our guests are assured of our undivided attention. Accommodation consists of five rooms of which two is luxury suites. In addition three family apartments are available and suitable for self-catering.


Langholm Hotel Langholm Hotel, Walvis Bay
Langholm Hotel is situated close to the magnificent wetland of the Walvis Bay Lagoon, and at the edge of the Namib Desert. The Langholm Hotel Garni can offer the eco-tourist a wonderful glimpse into the ecology of the area, as well as great adventure tourism. 


Airport Lodge Airport Lodge, Windhoek Area
Only 20 minutes drive from Hosea Kutako International Airport on the main route into Windhoek, offers visitors the chance to prepare for their safari experience or business meetings in the stunningly beautiful Ondekaremba scenery of vast plains, distant mountain ranges and blue skies that go on for ever. This family owned and run lodge offers a rare taste of Namibia.
Lake Oanob Resort Lake Oanob Resort, Windhoek Area
Conserving a vanishing way of life. If you've stayed with us, my 'kuame' (meaning friend) you've helped to make this dream come true. Lake Oanob Resort offers a range of waterfront accommodation possibilities such as luxurious Chalets, en-suite rooms and campsites.  An a la carte Restaurant and fully licensed bars will make your visit complete and unforgettable. The Resort provides activities for all age groups and levels of excitement from, water skiing, canoeing, and horseback riding to relaxing sundowners by boat.


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