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Bakau Beach, the Gambia, West Africa, Africa
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Why choose Gambia for your cheap family holiday

What could North Africa offer the tourist? Year around nice weather and only a six hour flight from the United Kingdom. Their international airport is called Banjul International Airport which is located only 30 minutes from the capital of Gambia, Banjul. The capital is built on St. Mary's Island on the river Gambia. It boasts a mixture of architecture from its days as a colony while still keeping its shantytown area alongside a modern business section. Outside of being the capital of Gambria, Banjul also produces beer. Its brewery produces Julbrew. Visitors can visit the brewery for a sample of the native beer and then visit the National Museum to see exhibits of the history and the culture of Gambia. They can also visit Arch 22 which was built to celebrate Gambia's independence from colonial rule.
For American tourists an excursion to the city of Julfureh would be a lesson in history that would be unforgettable. The town became famous when the black writer, Alex Haley wrote his legendary book, Roots. Alex Haley's ancestor, Kunte Kinte was born in Julfureh. As an added attraction, the tourist can take a trip to James Island which was used as a slave encampment. Studying of the history of American slaves in books seriously lacks the impetus of visiting the country where they came from and the history that led to their part in American culture. The country of Gambia is surrounded by the most perfect beaches the world has to offer. But there are other adventure for a family oriented vacation. Abuko Nature Reserve is on the west coast of Gambia. It is like going back to Eden and finding yourself amidst birds and animals that a loving creator fashioned. You can visit the animal orphanage and take a walk to the Brikama Wood Carving Centre to see some of Gambia's artists working. There are many day trips to take from your beach resort on Gambia.

Native food in Gambia can take some getting used to as it is highly spiced. But most of the country has international food and a Garden of Eden cornucopia of fruits. Food in Gambia is a gourmet adventure of the known and the selective native unknowns like the Wonjo juice.

Banjul to Bari Ferry, Banjul, the Gambia, West Africa, Africa
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Shopping for tourists is almost compulsory for them to feel like they have connected to their vacation spot. But in Gambia souvenirs made from native animals are not allowed out of the country. However, you may purchase native Batik fabric, wood carvings and CD recordings of the fabulous African nation of Gambia. An example of a seven day stay on Gambia would be to book a resort like Kololi. It has to be the most exotic plush version of splendor only imagined in movies of Cleopatra. A room for two with all the amenities and breakfast would run you around 900 dollars for seven days. Of course there is the Sheraton Gambia for 1200 dollars. You can best decide on what package you like by visiting online sites that offer travel and accommodations to the splendidly rediscovered continent of Africa, and your best bet would be to start in Gambia where civilization and the Garden of Eden meet.

A vacation to Gambia may cost just a little over 2500 dollars including flight from the United Kingdom. For an African adventure that is cheap. But you will be treated as if spending like a millionaire by the friendly, courteous Gambian people who speak English and have kept their native customs and beautiful beaches as if untouched by the centuries that has seen them being the hosts for a world full of Europeans who found the northern African coast of Gambia, hospitable and desirable.


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