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Old Medina from the Port, Tangier, Morocco, North Africa, Africa
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Tangier Tourist and Hotel guide - 5 must see attractions in Tangier   by Eric OM

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Tangier, located in Morocco's northern coast, is one of the country's busiest and fast growing cities. Industries are flourishing as real estate is constantly being developed, and since the area is highly accessible via different ports from Spain and France. The country boasts of a rich history and a mix of different cultures brought about by years of colonization by different countries such as Portugal, Spain, and France. 
Today, Tangier is a favourite tourist destination for people from all around the globe because of its exotic and mysterious charm that exudes a cosmopolitan mix of European and African culture. This Tangier tourist information guide gives you five of the must-see tourist attractions in Tangier that are sure to make your trip a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

1) The Kasbah - Built at the highest point of Tangier, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city as well as the Strait of Gibraltar and Spain. There aren't many other places where you can view two continents at once. The road that leads to the top of the hill also affords amazing views of the city. Aside from the views, Kasbah is also the site of Dar El Makhzen, the Sultan's palace back in the 17th century, but now serves as a museum. 

Cap Spartel, Tangier, Morocco, Africa
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Inside you'll see beautifully carved wooden ceilings and a marble courtyard.

2) The Medina - Also called the old-walled city, this must-see tourist attraction in Tangier for the unique architecture of the old Moroccan houses that line the streets and for the different shops that sell tourist trinkets. A very lively thoroughfare, the Medina is lined with cafes, shops, and tea houses. Two market places are situated in this area called the Grand Souk and the Petit Souk, respectively.

3) Museums - Owing to its rich culture and history, a variety of museums can be found in Tangier, offering tourists a view of this region's colourful past. Notable museums to visit are the American Legation, which features amazing artworks from Paul Bowles and Eugene Delacroix, the Museum of Moroccan Art, which has a good collection of wooden and metal antiques, the Archaeological Museum for its wonderful display of artifacts dating back to the Stone Age, and the Musee de Carmen-Macein, which houses sculptures, paintings, and lithographs by famous people such as Pablo Picasso and Max Ernst.
Harbour View to Old Town and Kasbah, Tangier, Morocco, North Africa, Africa
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4) Beaches - Tangier's location in the Northern coast of Africa, only means that it is lined with miles of open beaches and world class seaside resorts. The calm waters of the Mediterranean are good for enjoying such activities as jet skiing, horse and camel riding, walking by the beach, and a host of other water sports and beach activities.

5) Ville Nouville - This is the heart of the city and has remained essentially unchanged since the 1930s. Place de France, which is the core of Ville Nouville, is the social focal point of the middle class in Tangier. The place has a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops so this is a must-see if you want to get up close with the locals and get to the heart of living in Tangier.

Tourist accommodation in and around Tangier ranges from large, luxurious 4 and 5 star hotels to cozy family owned and run Bed and Breakfast establishments.

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Golden Tulip Andalucia Golf Tanger Golden Tulip Andalucia Golf Tanger
The Andalucía Golf Tangier, the new flagship hotel in the north of Morocco, is ready to welcome you in a mesmeric atmosphere. The five star establishment benefits from an admirable view on the Royal Golf Tangier. You will be seduced by the scenery which is the pride of this privileged area of the city, placed on a road linking the port to the airport, near the business and administrative heart of the city, neighboring a luxury shopping mall. Tangier is the mythical northern economic capital of Morocco. A cosmopolitan city where many cultures coexist, the city that merges waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic is honored to count you among its distinguished guests.
El Minzah Hotel Tangier El Minzah Hotel Tangier
El Minzah is one of the few 5 star establishments in the city and it was built at the command of John Crichton-Stuart. He was the fourth Marquis of Bute, a British aristocrat with extensive interests in the 'International Zone'. The hotel was constructed in a pure Hispano-Moorish style and it is true to the architectural heritage of Morocco whilst embodying all the comfort of an English gentleman's club. Situated on the Straits of Gibraltar, where Europe and Africa almost touch, the El Minzah was the fashionable heart of 'International Tangiers'. The passage of time has neither marred the charms of the El Minzah nor witnessed any diminution in its unrivalled position as the leading hotel in northern Morocco.

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