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Boats on Waterfront, Byblos, Jabal Lubnan, Lebanon
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Beirut Could Leave You Spellbound
The Arts and Fashion Scene in Beirut
Well-Known Ancient Tourist Attractions In The Republic Of Lebanon

Well-Known Ancient Tourist Attractions In The Republic Of Lebanon   by Ben Pate

If history is something you are passionate about, consider visiting the country of Lebanon. Lebanon's history is long and full of different phases, occupations, and periods of tumult, making it the interesting country that it is today. Lebanon is actually home to some of the oldest populated cities in the entire world: Byblos, Beirut, and Sidon. However, there is more to Lebanon than just history. Lebanon is actually a world-class party destination, with celebrities making their way to the biggest cities to party, and it was declared the number one tourist destination in 2009. However, if you're thinking of traveling, either for the history or the parties, remember that you will need an new passport id card.
Lebanon is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and shares a long border with Syria. Because of this location, much of its history is Roman. There are seemingly countless Roman ruins around the country, and most of them are surprisingly easy to get to. One of the most famous Roman sites in the world, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Baalbek. This is an ancient city, featuring some of the biggest and best preserved Roman temples in the world. 

Considered a wonder of the ancient world, Baalbek is a place full of testaments to Roman history. There are many temples, including the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Bacchus, and each retaining much of their original form and decoration. These huge temples rose around 70 feet high.

Niha, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
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The Qadisha Valley and the nearby Cedars of God form yet another World Heritage Site. Qadisha translates into "holy," as this valley features some of the most ancient Christian monasteries in the world. The Cedars are the remnants of an ancient forest, full of the oldest trees in the world, some of which are still living at 3000 years old. 
Great Palace from the Umayyad Period (Early 8th Century), Aanjar, Al Biqa, Lebanon
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The wood from these trees were one of the most highly valued building materials in ancient times, used by Solomon to construct the First Temple of Jerusalem, as well as by Egyptians to build boats. There are many, many caves located in this valley which were used in ancient times as shelters for those fleeing persecution. Recently, mummies of ancient villages dating back to 1283 AD were found.

Tyre, founded in 2750 BC, is an ancient city where people still live today. This particular spot is famous in Classical Roman Mythology as the birthplace of Dido and Europa, two famous characters in the mythology. Al Mina is another archaeological site to visit. Much of the original Roman architecture is still standing, and it's also located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lebanon's nightlife scene should not be underestimated. Especially in places like Greater Beirut, the parties start late in the night and don't end until the sun rises. Then, the parties switch to the miles of beaches that Lebanon has, which are always full of people. Some parties take place on rooftop clubs and bars, overlooking the busy city.


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The Arts and Fashion Scene in Beirut   by Isla Campbell

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A bustling and hectic city, Beirut is subject to high temperatures in the heat of summer, reaching over 35 degrees on a typical day in July. So, which better way is there to combat the heat if you're visiting this gorgeous city than to get inside into the cool depths of an art gallery? 
There are plenty of them scattered around the city, and art fans can be sure that these incredible collections are at the very pinnacle of their field.

Beirut prides itself on being a city of the arts; housing hundreds of art galleries within the city itself and throughout the suburbs, and with good reason. If it is not the Lebanese artists themselves working to create incredible new pieces of art, painters and designers from all around the world flock to this country thanks to its reputation as an artistic hub.

In Beirut, the art and fashion scene is particularly lively, with artists and designers coming from all countries, tastes and backgrounds to combine or clash in their various ventures, creating an arts community that is vibrant and often explosive in its diversity.

Beirut's universities are filled with hundreds of students of the fine arts who go on to utilise the many workshops that this creative city is packed with. Meanwhile, Beirut is no stranger to making space in its hundreds of galleries for all of the new art it is producing - or building new ones entirely once collections get too large.

Fishing at the Corniche and Harbour Area, Beirut, Lebanon, Middle East
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If you are an artist yourself, there is no better place to meet like-minded people for inspiration than Beirut. Discuss techniques and ideas with fellow artists who understand all too well what it's like to create for a living, or for pleasure. You may find your own work will invigorate itself following a trip to this artistically rich city, something that many artists welcome with relish as it breathes new life into their work.
Outdoor Restaurants at Night in Downtown Area of Central District, Beirut, Lebanon, Middle East
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For those on the fashion side of the rails, Beirut is a fantastic opportunity to get up to date with the latest global trends. From the Gucci and Versace fashion stores adorning the streets to the city's position as home of many of the world's great fashion designers, the city is as cutting edge as they come and fashion shows are almost as numerous as the city's art galleries, meaning fashion fans will always have some fresh new trends to chase after.

Plus, with Beirut airport serving as a central hub for a wide range of air carriers, there are plentiful flights to Beirut available to and from many major cities in both the Middle East and the western world, and so opens other avenues for tourists to explore further. 

But, if Beirut is your sole destination, then prepare to be swept up into a world of ever-changing art and fashion from the moment you step off the plane, creating an experience that will be difficult to forget.

Of interest to art and music lovers visiting Beirut: Al Bustan Hotel, Beirut
The Hotel Al Bustan is superbly located, with breathtaking views over Beirut and the Mediterranean, exclusive, secure and beautifully furnished. 15 km from the airport and the commercial district, the hotel offers tranquility above the bustle and traffic of the city below. An independent, family owned hotel, it offers the luxury of space, good taste, attention to detail and personal service with up-to-date technology and modern facilities. The hotel houses an Art collection, comprising paintings by local and international artists, as well as antiquities.  The hotel also hosts the Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Arts which takes place yearly during five weeks in February and March in the hotel's own Auditorium.

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About the Author: Isla Campbell writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.


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