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People Visiting Hassan Ii Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco
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Amusing, the tempting and interesting festivities of Casablanca   by Paul Roberts

Casablanca Featured Hotels

In Spanish language, the word Casablanca means 'white house', the city enjoy incredible fame through the movie 'Casablanca' in 1942. 
Besides, towering skyscrapers, grand architectures, the city's calendar is laden of celebrations for art, music, dance, theatre, language, social values and religion that invites lots of fun seekers through flights to Casablanca that enhance the fascination of the events.

Casablanca Festival is all about modern art, dance and music festivity. The festival is usually held in July and continues for several days. The celebrations are generally taken place at various theaters, hotels, parks, clubs and beaches. The celebration provides a big opportunity for artists, musicians, performers, dancers and music fans to make a great exhibit of their talent by taking cheap flights to Casablanca.

The Casablanca International Art Fair exhibits halls of Casablanca's Exchange Office conduct the newly initiated International Art Fair, appealing the international artists keen to discern each other's talents and artistic capabilities. Photography, paintings, figurine, ceramics and other aspects are characterized beside workshops and meetings.

City Skyline Including the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa, Africa
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Beautiful Architecture at the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca
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If you happen to take flights to Casablanca in March then, don't forget the Urban Culture on Stage is in fact a festivity of latest music and dance as hip hop, fusion and rap. The 2-day festival takes place at the Zafzaf Cultural Center and, even though is attracted mostly by young people; it is enjoyable for groups of all ages.

The thrilling Casablanca's yearly Sport Expo is organized at Plein Ciel Paradise, caters about the apparatus, accessories, health, nourishment, wellness of sportswear. The enlightening exhibition attracts hordes of exhibitors and lots of sports fans, from professionals to amateurs through flights to Casablanca. Simulation, manifestation and conventions are presented in the three-day expo.

International Festival of Video Arts is another great piece of entertainment hosted by the Ben M'sik Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Hassan II University. This carnival continues for a week and caters the presentation of video arts during which participants taking the cheap flights to Casablanca from all over the world demonstrate their viewpoint on a particular theme through various videos and vocalizations. Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, and Japan are the countries that regularly participate each year in the festival of Video Arts.

Casablanca 10K Women's Run is a dedicated stimulating event for ladies in which the thousands of women join the Casablanca's 10km race. Contestants, including international sports persons and others run through the course, passing by the seafront, Wilaya and Hassan II Mosque. The event has developed radically, and now attracts 30,000 contestants including locals as well as travelers of flights to Casablanca.

The New Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa, Africa
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About the Author: Surfing interesting facts and information about varied nations is my favorite hobby. I have gathered information from  various sites about the Casablanca's festivals and have found it quite an alluring city.


Hotel Barcelo Casablanca Hotel Barcelo Casablanca
The Barceló Casablanca is a hotel located right in the middle of Morocco ís economic and financial capital. The hotel is located on Boulevard d'Anfa in Casablanca - one of the cityís most modern and attractive areas. Select Moroccan and Spanish fare is there to be enjoyed in its exquisite Tubkal à la carte Restaurant, and our wine cellar has an extensive selection of wines. The hotelís Snack Bar, with its modern avant-garde style, is perfect for having a snack, a drink or just a chat. The Anfa Tea Room makes a selection of the countryís finest teas available to you, along with choice local bakery products.
Hyatt Regency Casablanca Hyatt Regency Casablanca
Hyatt Regency Casablanca is ideally situated in the centre of Casablanca, a legendary city and main commercial and financial hub of Morocco. Located right in the United Nations Square, our city hotel Casablanca is steps away from the Old Medina, the Quarter of Habbous and the central market. The hotel features 255 luxury rooms & suites with exclusive views of the Great Hassan II Mosque and the Atlantic Ocean. Close to the Port of Casablanca and the commercial quarters, Hyatt Regency Casablanca is a modern oasis in the heart of a vibrant metropolis. Casablanca Mohammed V Airport located at 30 km, is only 25 minutes away.
Le Palace D'Anfa Le Palace D'Anfa Casablanca
The hotel welcomes you in a cordial environment: Stylish furniture, harmony of colors, all to make you appreciate the subtle refinement of the interior design throughout all the public areas.  It offers a fitness center, including a sauna, a hamman, a heated Jacuzzi, a solarium terrace. Body treatments and massages are provided by a professional team. Located 30 kms away from the Mohamed V airport, in the hearth of the commercial district, and next to the Medina, The Palace d'Anfa is near the famous Hassan II Mosque. Many sites are less than 15 min from the hotel such as: The Justice Palace, the Mohamed V square, the Lourdes cathedrale, the ramparts "Ligue Arabe"Parc.

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