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Car Hire for Perth Road and City Trips

Perth may be located in a somewhat isolated part of the world, but this modern capital in the state of Western Australia is a fascinating place to visit. Some of the country's wildest and most amazing landscapes and natural areas are found around this city, but the urban centre is a hub for sports and culture on these shores on Australia's west coast. Visitors who choose to arrange a rented car for their transportation about Perth can explore the city and region in their own way.

Independent Travel Freedom

For stays in Perth, car hire gives visitors independent travel freedom. They can sleep and eat on their own schedule and see parts of the city that most catch their interest. Perth has a laid-back atmosphere, and travelers enjoy the relaxed feeling of their stay. When they have their own rental vehicle, they can come and go as they wish, with flexibility to change their plans. The contemporary districts and the wilds of the outback found only in this corner of the globe are theirs to discover.

Perth Places to See 

Aquarium of Western Australia, or AQWA - In the aquarium is a journey that gives visitors the best of Australia's 12,000 kilometers of coastline. Stingrays, sharks and numerous fish are in large tanks along the journey. A touch pool is made into a small coral reef habitat. Guests can choose a snorkel adventure as well. This aquarium is in Hillary's Boat Harbour.
Bridge Over the Swan River, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Freemantle - For a fabulous waterfront experience only about a 30-minute ride southwest from Perth's city center, visitors and locals gravitate to Freemantle. This district or city has a good beach, scenic port and markets and shops as well as restaurants and cafes. Museums and other sites of interest are also found in Freemantle.

King's Park - A large free public park in the downtown area, visitors stroll paths looking out over the city and the Swan River. Along the walkways are well-kept plants brought in from all over the state. The, the impressive Flame of Remembrance and the inspiring War Memorial are spots to ponder.

Perth Zoo - A lovely place to see Australia's native animals and plants, the Perth Zoo has 41 acres in the Southern Suburbs of Perth. Exhibits include attractions like kangaroos, reptiles, penguins and the wetlands of Australia. Including all the animals in the facility, the number of species is nearly 1,300. This zoo has been in this location since 1898.

Rottnest Island - Approximately 20 kilometers into the water from Perth, Rottnest Island is only a ferry boat ride away from the city. About 25 minutes on the ferry from Freemantle, visitors enjoy wildlife, water sports and bike rides. Those cycling around the island should bring their own water and snacks.

State and National Parks - Over 10 different state and national parks are found around the urban center of Perth. Bibra Lake Reserve, Korung National Park and Yanchep National Park are just a few of them. These parks have caves, forests, deserts and much more for extreme and moderate sports. Many parks have camping areas for family and friends.

The Great Escape - A fun place that is perfect for families, The Great Escape has a water park with slides. The park also has a wacky miniature golf course called Wacky Putt. The Great Escape is in Hillary's Boat Harbour north of Perth City. 

Experiencing Perth by Car - Sprawling as the city is, visitors soon find that they are glad for the convenience of their own rented car. The Indian Ocean beaches, the downtown and Swan River as well as day trips to other towns and natural areas are accessible. People can explore as they wish and see what they want to see. When planning the trip, travelers can find excellent deals and book car hire for road and city trips in and around the beautiful city of Perth.


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Latest update:  March 7, 2012