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Gum Tree at Bungle Bungles, Purnululu National Park, Western Australia
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A Guide to Western Australia Weather   by Sophia Johnson

Western Australia truly is the authentic Australian experience. The capital of Perth is Australia western gateway and a great place to start your holiday. Western Australia is bounded by South Australia and the Northern Territory to the east, and the Indian Ocean to the west and north.

From its tropical north, to temperate areas in its south-west corner, Western Australia witnesses a variety of climatic conditions. With distance from the coast, rainfall decreases and temperature variations are more pronounced.

It experiences diverse climates as compared to rest of Australia. The place witness different climate, from tropical north area to temperate south, the place offers a great diversity for visitors of the place. There are two different seasonal variations, the northern part experiences wet and dry seasons while the southern part observes four seasons namely autumn, summer, spring and winter.

Sandstone and Conglomerate Domes of Bungle Bungle Range, Western Australia
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The winters or dry season of the northern part usually stretches from April to September with blues skies and long sunshine days. The temperature at this time is around 24 degrees C at night and 34 degree during daytime. Weather of Western Australia at this time is apt to enjoy the beauty of the place. The temperature of the coast fluctuates during the day and that of interiors may go up 40 degrees C during day and lower down to 0 degree C at night. The wet season or summers stretch from October to March with high humidity and temperature around 30 degrees C. In wet season, northern part can be challenging for the tourists from cold countries but a lot of Europeans really relish balmy blend of humidity, sunshine and heat at this time.

The ever changing patterns of weather with billowing clouds rising 40,000 feet just before they release so much water in thundering torrent, is a natural wonder to witness. Northern part also experiences around 1.5 m rain. There are a lot spectacular episodes for the locals and visitors, electrical storms are one of them. Sky comes alive with the lightning flashes illuminating the dark night and spreading lights.

Weather in southern part is not dramatic as compared to northern part. Coastal areas in South witness 14 degree C and 32 degree C in winters and summers respectively. Because of warm and temperate Weather in Western Australia, great cuisines and wine can be enjoyed at this place. The climate is ideal for the outdoor activities.

Man in Weano Gorge, Karijini National Park, Western Australia
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Weather in Western Australia is the main attraction for the visitors. The diversity of climates makes this place different. The change in temperature every season makes this huge country worth visiting. The best time to visit this place is from August to December. Plan a Western Australia tours and enjoy various kinds of climate. Nature lovers can get delighted by paying a visit to this place.

The warm sunny climate of this huge Australian state, together with its beautiful white sandy beaches make this an excellent place for sun lovers. Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Visit Western Australia to witness the changing seasons and most beautiful places closely.


About the Author - Sophia Johnson is a freelance journalist whose major area of focus is travel. She has contributed various articles on Western Australia tours, vacation planning and information on weather in Western Australia on various online platforms.