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Crowded Night Market, Keelung, Taipei, Taiwan
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Dining in Taipei - a refreshing experience
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Magical Taipei: Capital of Taiwan
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Magical Taipei: Capital of Taiwan   by John Hacking

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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has evolved through many stages since its founding in the eighteenth century. Rice fields have yielded to skyscrapers, and a modern, commercial city of millions has grown out of once quiet settlements.
After climbing 508 metres up the Taipei 101 tower, the highest structure in the world, it can be seen easily from anywhere in the city, one can look down on the genuine Taipei amidst all the modern buildings: temples, markets, the National Palace Museum and in between them, the many old streets and lanes where everyday life in Taipei actually happens.

First steps

There was a swamp at the site of Taipei about 300 years ago, right where one of Asia's most modern cities now stands. Only the Pingpu, the original people of Formosa, who lived in the higher lying regions around the Taipei Basin, were able to reach this area by canoe.

Han Chinese from China came later to fish and trade, but they stayed on the banks of the Tarsui River and did not venture into the area of modern Taipei. In 1709, a Chinese farmer named Chen Lai Chang from Chuanchou laid the foundations of a farm house in Takala, which is now central Taipei. From that point onwards, the number of settlers continually grew. The original settlement was known as Manka.

Chiang Kaishek (Chiang Kai-Shek) Memorial Park, Taipei City, Taiwan, China, Asia
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From Manka to Tataocheng

The administration of Manka and the surrounding area was mainly handled by immigrants from various parts of mainland China. Because of differing views regarding the future of the administrative structure, tensions between the residents soon escalated. The violent confrontations that resulted came to an end in 1823.

One of the groups that was defeated fled from Manka, on the bank of the Tamsui River, to Tataocheng. There they began to make the land farmable land laid the foundations for a flourishing community. Tataocheng surpassed Manka in the nineteenth century, and became the centre of Taipei Prefecture in 1875.
Tree and Flowers, National Theatre, Chiang Kaishek Memorial Park, Taipei City, Taiwan
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Fast modernisation

When the Japanese colonised Taipei in 1895, they built their main district in Taipei, and the city continued to develop steadily thereafter, even after the departure of the occupiers in 1945 and after the break with mainland China. Within a hundred years, the once rural district had developed into the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Taiwan.

Manka, Tataocheng and Chengnei have all lost their original appearance, but a number of historically important sites have been preserved, including the Lin Family Villa and Garden, once the home of a very powerful clan in the nineteenth century, as well as the Peace Park and the 1919 Presidential Palace.

Modern city with established traditions

Today, all glass office high rises, luxury condominiums and modern shopping districts are situated along wide, tree lined boulevards. Elegant restaurants, stylish nightclubs and appearances by international stars are all part of people's lives. Yet the traditional culture and way of life carries on below the contemporary surface.

Everywhere you go, you stumble on timeless scenes: believers praying to their gods in ancient temples, long religious processions winding their way through the streets to the accompaniment of firecrackers, and little shops offering herbal medicines that have been relied upon for millennia. Clearly, this is one of the oldest cultures in the world.

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Dining in Taipei - a refreshing experience   by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Taipei Featured Hotels

A city of many shrines, monasteries and places of worship, Taipei has a rich cultural history behind it and a bright future ahead. Blessed with a friendly local population and sub tropical climatic conditions, this treasure trove of a city is a haven for adventurous globe trotters who fancy a taste of Asia.
Known for being a city that has one of the highest densities of restaurants in the modern world, Taipei is a wonderland for those of us who actually appreciate the finer things in life. Cuisines from all over the world can be found here, with absolutely no discriminative boundaries. 

While a gourmet restaurant would show you the more tender side of the city by serving a myriad of delectable meals one after the next, the ever popular night markets of Taipei will take you on a rollercoaster ride where mouthwatering treats enlighten your taste buds to sensations never felt before. Rest assured that choosing either of these options will not disappoint the food critic in you.

Food Stall, Taipei City, Taiwan
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Most food items served in these little market stalls and open air eating joints are safe to eat so travellers need not be too wary about what they sink their teeth into. Local visitors to these markets often carry around a little foldable stool because most shops do not have the luxury of offering dining spaces. Some of the most popular night market delicacies are oyster omelets, tianbula, stinky tofu, mango ice, pan fried pork buns, Taiwanese sausages on a stick, pearl milk tea and braised soy bean with tea eggs.
Food Stall, Taipei City, Taiwan
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On top of these sumptuous delights you can also sample a host of other dishes from Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even Indian cuisines which invariably come with that unmistakable Thai touch which in turn adds extra zest to the experience.

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei is another place where you can have the luxury of sampling some local cuisine. Boasting magnificent views of the city, this outstanding hotel in Taipei also promises many conveniences to the traveller. This elegantly appointed Taipei hotel offers a range of amenities and comforts which will make your stay a memorable one.

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Ambience Hotel Taipei
Ambience Hotel is the first offbeat and contemporary boutique hotel designed to breathe style and excitement into Taiwanís capital city. Ambience Hotelís 60 avant-garde guestrooms and suites feature a unique décor blend of polished steel, glass, white granite and calf-skin leather upholstery. Completed with free high speed wireless internet access, Video-on-Demand movie system, in-room selection of ambient CDs, and luxurious Botanicus bath and body products, Ambience Hotel provides the service and amenities of a luxury hotel within a strikingly modern yet intimate environment.
Beauty Hotels - Hsuanmei Boutique Taipei
This business hotel prioritizes itself on ensuring every guests' safety and privacy. Conveniently positioned on the corner of JianGuo N. Rd. and ChangAn E. Rd. of Zhongshan business district, guests are a few steps away from legion of banks, department stores, cinemas and restaurants. Wake up to mouth-watering international breakfast buffet from the hotelís restaurant. The business center is equipped with modern facilities, enough to satisfy any business man. For leisure, venture out to the city and stop by local landmarks like the Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Peitou Folk Art Museum. Furthermore, there's a complimentary shuttle service to MRT, five minutes drive. To unwind after a long day, head to the spa and indulge in the blissful massage therapy. 
Dolamanco Hotel Taipei
Across the street from the Daan Park, the Dolamanco is a hotel of aesthetic design, bright and airy landscape windows, exquisite Spanish décor, and warm hospitality. We look forward to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Our comprehensive hardware setup, thoughtful caring services are guaranteed to meet the needs of every guest, in town for business or on vacation. The lovely displays outside too, be it the spectacular city lights at night or bursting street scenes during the day, are the choice attractions for you to relish watching through the landscape windows.
Grandee Taipei Hotel
Situated in Shilin District, Grandee Taipei Hotel is a fashionable business hotel featuring comfortable beddings, contemporary architecture, and elegant interiors. Located near MRT Jiantan Station, it only takes an eight minute walk from exit 2 to the hotel. Since the hotel is located right in Shilin Night Market, it is very convenient for guests to shop, dine, and experience local culture. The hotel uses sound proof windows and sound proof materials, so guests will not hear any noise from the night market. The main colors of the hotel are cream, green, and light brown, which create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. With the excellent location, this Taipei hotel is one of great options for shopping lovers.
The Regent Taipei
Luxury Taipei Hotel near Business and Cultural Districts. In a city bustling with life, The Regent Taipei hotel offers an elegant blend of traditional decor and contemporary comfort. Situated in the Zhongshan District in the heart of the business, shopping and cultural districts, our luxury Taipei hotel's location is a short five minute walk from Chung Shan MRT station, connecting you to all the attractions of Taipei. Hotel amenities include a rooftop pool, the world-famous Wellspring Spa, boutique shopping, meeting facilities, business services and a variety of luxurious room and suite choices - all ensuring a memorable visit to Taipei.
Taipei Garden Hotel
Located near Ximending, Taipei Garden Hotel is a modern and trendy hotel with easy access to both business and shopping districts. It is the only five-star hotel and the most conspicuous building in western Taipei with luxurious decorations and fine services. The hotel enjoys a convenient location; it only takes a 3 minute walk to the MRT Xiaonanmen Station, a 5 minute walk to MRT Ximending Station, and a 5 minute drive to the Taipei Main Station as well as the Taipei Bus Station. Since the Carrefour Market is near the hotel, it is very convenient for guests to buy commodities. With convenient transportation and perfect location, this fine business hotel will ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable stay for both business and leisure travelers.
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