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Valley of Taroko Gorge, Taroko Gorge National Park, Hualien, Taiwan
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Hualien Featured Hotels

Many many not fancy a trip to Taiwan as being one of the priorities in their wish list around five years back, but a surge of new-age exploration has resulted in the country becoming a swarming ground for tourists of all kind.

South Cross-Island Hwy: Also known as the Nánbù Héngguàn Gonglù, the destination is the perfect personification of the age old adage - sometimes the journey matters more than the destination, but there is much to see here as well, not to take anything away from the fantastic journey though that one has to undertake to reach South Cross-Island Hwy!
Pagoda at Tienhsiang, Taroko Gorge National Park, Hualien, Taiwan
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The highway passes through the southern part of the Central Mountain Range, running a corner around the bottom of the Yushan National Park. The surrounding area is modestly developed, and is very picturesque, interspersed with aboriginal villages, great hiking trails, old forests and a multitude of hot springs like Lisong, which is considered by many as the most beautiful natural spring in Taiwan. However, like all mountain routes in the country, the roads in and around this destination are more often than not washed away due to landslides. Winters are the safest time to visit, as it is the dry season, although the afternoon fog is a problem throughout the year, which is why it is advised to not travel on road after 3pm.

Taroko Gorge: 15 kms north of Hualien lies Taiwan's number one tourist destination, inside the Taroko National Park. Some of the signature characteristics of this place are huge expanses of flora and fauna, along with fascinating cliffs, and marble walled canyons. Taroko is home to close to 50% of Taiwan's animal species, with the wild boar and the Formosan black bear being the most sought after ones, although they are as rare to spot as one can imagine. However, one can easily come across a Taiwan macaque. 

The park is spread over an area of 120,000 hectares, with the blue-green Liwu river flowing through the centre, giving birth to ravines and valleys. It is a common sight to see tourists soaking in the natural ambiance, so to speak, of the surroundings. There are also many hiking trails and places for swimming and river tracing. The park can be visited at any time of the year, although it is advised that during holidays and weekends there are excessive hordes of people that swarm in, and one might have a hard time reaching the place altogether due to the heavy traffic. A few adventurous travellers take a bus to Tienhsiang and then hike 19 kms to the National Park Headquarters, in order to avoid traffic and bask in nature's pristine glory. For swimming or river tracing, the best time to visit is summers, as the winters are quite cold with the occasional drizzle, even though May and June are the official rainy months.

Hualien Featured Hotels


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Farglory Hotel Hualien
Farglory Hotel Hualien is a modern hotel with comfortable accommodation and friendly service. This property is short drive from Hualien Harbour and Seven Star Lake. Some of the attractions in vicinity are Cap Lake, Tarako National Park, Loshan Waterfall, Henan Temple, Narrow Gorge, Meiluen Mountain Park, Bashiendong Caves and Mugua River Valley. Located close to Farglory Ocean Park, the Farglory Hotel is in the city of Hualien. This property also has Teifen Waterfall, Ching-Shui Cliff, Taroko Gorge, Chishingtan Beach, Liyu Lake and Hsiukuluan River in its surroundings. The Farglory Hotel has British Garden Restaurant, The Oriental Garden Restaurant and Aki Kusa Japanese Restaurant. Guests can also relax and unwind in warm ambiance of The Cliff Lobby Lounge or at The Piazza KTV Bar.
Fullon Hotel Hualien
Fullon Hotel Hualien offers 257 guest rooms.Taking advantage of its aboriginal culture, the Hotel fashioned its overall design and details into an aboriginal experience that delicately accommodates your needs. Our rooms overlook the Pacific Ocean, East Rift Valley and downtown Hualien with Hualien Harbor, Pine Garden and Meilun Mountain in the vicinity. Comprehensive services at Fullon will guarantee a wonderful vacation experience. Lotus Room is a five-star venue ideal for weddings and parties. The chefs select seasonal ingredients that will surely please your taste buds. Arcadia Café boasts bright and exquisite design as well as delicacies, providing a rest spot for your trip.
Hualien Chateau de Chine Hotel
This eco friendly hotel boasts its exterior which is inspired by the artist style of Piet Mondrian and is located within close proximity to Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum. The onsite restaurants serve a full menu of Asian and Western cuisines. There is a fitness centre onsite which is easily accessible and offers spa tub and sauna facilities. A mere 45 minute drive will take you to Taroko Gorg, whereas Hualien train station and Hualien Airport, Hualien Port and Hualien cultural center are just around the corner. Chateau de Chine Hotel is an excellent choice for both, business traveler who always wish to keep in touch with their work, or the leisure lovers who want a complete relaxing holiday retreat. 
Parkview Hotel Hualien
As the firstluxury resort hotel in Hualien, Parkview breaths and moves to the groove of Hualienís rhythm since its conception. Situated in the embrace of the deep blue sea and dense hill ridges, Parkview Hotel is a gateway to Hualienís beautiful landscape. Whether your destination is to radiant and enchant view at Taroko Gorge, the soothing scenery at Seven Stars Lake, or enjoy delicious foods and collect finest souvenirs you can find in Hualien city. Parkview is the most ideal starting point in your Hualien travels. Furthermore, with an infinite and wide band of blue and green scenery, Parkview is not only a leisure vacation hotel in an urban city, but also the brightest and liveliest landmark in Hualien! In addition to being the geographical center in terms of scenery, it is also a hub for Hualienís history, culture, and senses.
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