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Ski DubaiThe wonders of the UAE: Dubai Miracle Garden and Ski Dubai
As most people know, there is nothing small or insignificant about Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The city is always coming up with something new and unique... read more
Muscat, OmanTravel off the beaten path in fascinating Oman
If you are looking for a Middle Eastern destination with a difference, Oman is a fascinating and welcoming country, just waiting to be explored.  While up until 1970, the country was considered to be under-developed and not really available to the outside world, both education and tourism have taken off in Oman, making it an ideal and exciting location to visit... read more
Visit IranVisit the beauty and history of Iran
Iran is a fascinating and beautiful country, currently opening up to tourism once again. According to recent media reports, the U.S. is opening up its travel links to Iran, visas are now readily available ... read more


Skiing in AustriaA Ski Holiday in Austria - The White Paradise
Ever experienced sliding on the ice with the skis on your feet? There must be a very exciting feeling running through your veins as you swish through the beautiful white velvety snow. Skiing is considered as a winter sport, but for me, it is an extension of one's personality and lifestyle. Austria offers an innumerable downhill and steep cross country tracks to accelerate the adventure that you are looking for.. read more
Time to Plan a Ski Trip to France
With autumn well on the way, it is time to start planning an exciting skiing trip to France. The following is a brief introduction into some of the more popular French skiing locations to explore this coming winter season.. read more
Ski holidaysWhat Type of Accommodation Should I Choose on My Skiing Holiday?
With the power of online travel portals such as MountVacation, those perfect slopes are literally only a click away. Still, it is just as important to appreciate that you will also be presented with a number of options in terms of accommodation... read more

Skiing holidays / Ski Vacations


Inca sites in Peru4 other Inca ruins worth visiting in Peru (that arenít actually Machu Picchu)
Whenever anyone thinks Peru, Machu Picchu instantly comes to mind and for good reason. The incredible hilltop citadel was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. However there are many other fascinating Inca ruins to visit in the country and some are a lot easier to access... read more
Rio de Janeiro, BrazilExploring the fascinating side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro has been in the spotlight recently after hosting the Rio 2016 Olympics, but the city has been a popular destination for visitors worldwide for some time. While many visitors head to Copacabana beach and the pleasures of Ipanema, it is worthwhile to take a step into the back streets of the city to see evidence of Rioís colonial past... read more
Panama City - Casco ViejoPanama City Ė place of contrast and capital of Panama
Well known for the Panama Canal, the country of Panama is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination and its capital, Panama City, is no exception. The city, located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, was founded almost five centuries ago... read more


Lost luggageThe importance of travel insurance
With the advent of cheaper flights, bargain travel and cruise options, more and more people have the opportunity to travel abroad these days. However, one thing to bear in mind while taking these marvelous jaunts is the necessity of having the proper travel insurance cover... read more
Norwegian FjordsLooking for a great deal on a holiday this year? There is so much on offer
Itís getting to that time of year when everyone is longing for a holiday break. What could be better than not taking a great holiday, whether as a single person, couple or as a family group? Saving some money along the way and getting the very best deal... read more
Learning EnglishLearning English as a second language is handy for travelling
As the world grows figuratively smaller, and more and more people connect on the Internet, it is becoming ever more important for people to learn English. While not actually the global language, as such, businesswise and travel wise, it just makes so much sense to be able to communicate in English as it becomes an official international language... read more


Turner BarrThe pleasures of working your way around the world
Have you ever wanted to just stop whatever you are doing, throw some clothes in a suitcase or backpack, and head off for endless travels around the world?  Escape the madness and stress of the normal daily life and really live?  This is something that most of us just dream about - I know I do... read more
Volunteer in IndiaVolunteer in India for an experience of a lifetime
When taking a break from normal life, most people take a vacation, traveling the world and seeing the sights. However, there is a more rewarding way of seeing the world and learning the cultures of other nationalities. India is no exception and can offer visitors an experience of a lifetime, helping people in so many different ways... read more
Volunteer abroad for a great travel experience
For anyone who has had their fill of holidays at the beach, trips to Disneyworld or other popular destinations, volunteering abroad is a great alternative. While volunteering takes you away from the normal humdrum activities of life and work to all kinds of exciting destinations .. read more

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