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Enjoying the best on a group cruise

Whether a corporate excursion is on the cards, or a large group of family members or friends wish to get away together, one perfect option is to take a relaxing sea cruise. There are so many options to choose from, including a Mediterranean cruise, a cruise around the Greek Islands or the fascinating Norwegian Fjords.
Cruise ship
When planning either a family or corporate group cruise, Escapes4You offers the perfect solutions. While on board, enjoy the pleasures of dining, entertainment, outdoor play areas and swimming pools or just relax on deck while travelling from destination to destination. The following are a few suggestions for the best cruise destinations available.

Cruise the blue Mediterranean Sea

Climb on board in Barcelona or Rome and enjoy the chance to visit multiple European cities, while only needing to unpack your suitcase once. The Western Mediterranean offers incredible destinations, full of history, marvelous architecture, delicious cuisine and more, visiting cities like Lisbon, Rome, Naples, Florence and Nice.
Mediterranean cruise
Cruising the Eastern Mediterranean takes you into the Black Sea, where destinations like Croatia, Greece and Turkey are on the itinerary. Cruises range from a short four day outing to as long as 33 days on board, making these the perfect choice for either corporate outings or extended family adventures.

Explore the Greek Islands in style

Royal Caribbean offers a wonderful option to cruise around the beautiful Greek Islands and experience all the magic of various destinations in style. View the ancient history of Greece, its architecture and incredible scenery while tasting the local specialties along the way. 
Among the destinations on offer, the Athens stands out, with its mix of modern and ancient, allowing a visit to the Acropolis, the Parthenon and Temple of Olympian, while enjoying a shopping and dining experience in the city. Stop off on island of Santorini, with its postcard-perfect scenery and architecture; enjoy modern Mykonos, with its beautiful historic architecture and monuments, or Corfu, with its magnificent beaches and scenery.
Santorini in the Greek Islands

Cruise the fascinating fjords of Norway

A Norwegian cruise offers incredible landscapes, while exploring the magnificent fjords. Stopping points along the way allow your group to experience the quaint and beautiful fishing villages and colourful towns with their unique Norwegian architecture. Destinations include Trondheim, with its great nightlife scene and historical points of interest, including the famous Nidarosdomen Cathedral. Bergen is a beautiful destination, surrounded by mountains and fjords and with its famous Bryggen wharf. 
Northern Lights - Norwegian cruise
Head up north into the Arctic Circle with its beautiful glaciers and fascinating wildlife. Here the Svalbard Archipelago and Spitsbergen are popular stopping points, along with fascinating Tromso. One of the most spectacular Norway cruises takes in the glory of the Northern Lights. This two-night cruise heads out from Trondheim up to Tromso, and even includes a genuine Viking feast on the Lofoten islands.

Whatever your destination, taking a group cruise is a wonderful way for colleagues to get away from the office or family members to get together for the holiday of a lifetime. See you on deck!