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The Lisbon (Lisboa) region is the wealthiest region in Portugal and it is well above the European Union's GDP per capita average - it produces 45% of the Portuguese GDP. Lisbon's economy is based primarily on the tertiary sector. Most of the headquarters of multinationals operating in Portugal are concentrated in the Grande Lisboa subregion, specially in the Oeiras municipality. Lisbon Metropolitan Area is heavily industrialized, especially the south bank of the Tagus river (Rio Tejo).  The country's chief seaport and featuring one of the largest and most sophisticated regional markets within the Iberian Peninsula, Lisbon and its heavily populated surroundings, are also developing as an important financial center and a dynamic technological hub.  Lisbon has the largest and most developed mass media sector of Portugal, and is home to several related companies ranging from leading television networks and radio stations to major newspapers.
Pousada de Óbidos Castelo, Óbidos   Historic Pousada
This magnificent Hotel Pousada is situated in a Castle in the old walls of Obidos.  Within the centuries-old beautiful castle walls that encircle the village of Óbidos, Pousada was the first one to be adapted and restored from a historical monument. Óbidos is a first rate tourist attraction, known for its typical white houses with blue trim, flowered windows, narrow streets and steps paved with beautiful stone.
Pousada de Ourém/Fátima, Conde de Ourém Historic Pousada
The magnificent walled town of Ourém, a few kilometres from Fátima, one of the Europe's main pilgrimage destinations. Within the magnificent walled town of Ourém, a few kilometres from Fátima, one of the Europe's main pilgrimage destinations, the Pousada was built from a cluster of medieval houses, renovated with all modern amenities. Wander through them and relive the days of old. From the belvedere, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Seiça River Valley, and catch a glimpse of the world-famous Sanctuary of Fátima.
Pousada de Palmela - Castelo de Palmela   Historic Pousada
The Pousada de Palmela - Castelo de Palmela, nestles within the village castle, with the convent cloisters incorporated. Located on top of an imposing hill, it affords one of the most impressive panoramic views in the area. Palmela boasts excellent wines and superb cuisine, and it is also the perfect starting place to discover the Costa Azul and the magnificent Arrábida Natural Park. 
Pousada de Queluz/Lisboa - Dona Maria I, Queluz   Historic Pousada
The Pousade de Queluz / Lisboa - D. Maria I is located in the building formerly used by the Royal Guard of the Court in the Palace of Queluz, known as the "Portuguese Versailles". This Pousada's attractive interior design and exacting recuperation of its little private "theatre", can only match the exquisite cuisine of the Cozinha Velha Restaurant.
Pousada de Setúbal - São Filipe, Setúbal  Historic Pousada
Formerly a 17th Century Fortress built by King Filipe, the Hotel Pousada de Setubal is on a hilltop overlooking the city.  The Pousada de Setúbal - São Filipe, a fortress built in the 17th century by King Philip II of Spain (Philip I of Portugal), has a breathtaking view over the River Sado estuary. Setúbal, one of Portugal's main ports, also offers beautiful walks within the historic centre and surroundings, such as Sado river beaches or the Arrábida montain range.

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