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Pousadas de Portugal  is a chain of luxury, traditional or historical hotels. Formerly run by the state, they are now run by the Pestana group, which in September 2003 won a public bid for the sale of 37.6% of mother company Enatur and for a 40-year running concession.

Pousada de Alcacer do SolThe Pousadas were envisaged and created in the early 1940's by Government Minister António Ferro, also a poet and playwright, who had the idea of creating hotels that were both rustic and genuinely Portuguese. His first Pousada was built in Elvas, in the Alentejo, which would be the first of what Ferro called "small hotels that look nothing like hotels". This Pousada is still in use.

The Pousadas are divided in four main groups, according to their architectural specificity, their surroundings or even their concept:

  • Pousadas Históricas (Historic Pousadas), located in well preserved yet unspoilt national monuments, such as convents, monasteries, castles or fortresses;
  • Pousadas Históricas Design (Historic Design Pousadas), also in monuments, castles, convents, fortresses and palaces that were vastly renovated, sporting artistic and contemporary decoration and facilities;
  • Pousadas Charme (Charm Pousadas), located in areas of romantic, unique atmosphere;
  • Pousadas Natureza (Nature Pousadas), in natural countryside locations.
In 2005, the first Pousada de Portugal outside of Portugal opened in Brazil, in a historic building and fort built by the Portuguese. Although this is by far the biggest hotel in the chain, in Brazil pousada means a cheaper hotel, more like a bed and breakfast, which may lead to confusion.

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