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Sunrise Over the Caribbean Sea, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza Site, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza Site, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
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Ruins of the Castle (El Castillo) on the Caribbean Coastline, Tulum, Mexico
Ruins of the Castle (El Castillo) on the Caribbean Coastline, Tulum, Mexico
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Facade of the Cathedral on Plaza Mayor, Merida, Mexico
Facade of the Cathedral on Plaza Mayor, Merida, Mexico
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A Quick Overview of Mexico
Lesser Known Yet Fabulous: Puerto Aventuras
Lets Go To Mexico - 5 Great Mexico Vacation Destinations
Vacation Rentals in Akumal
Vacation Rentals in Akumal   by Caitlin Moore
Akumal Vacation Rentals  -  Hotels in Akumal

For your next vacation, imagine flying into Cancun airport. After gathering your bags and taking your first few breaths of fresh Caribbean air, hail a taxi and, with a hint of pride in your voice, tell him to take you to Akumal. That's right, instead of heading to the mother of all Mexican tourist destinations, you'll be heading south to a quieter but no less lovely locale. You've decided to things differently, and that's a very good thing.
Akumal is on the Yucatan peninsula and is home to charming bays, ample diving, fishing, and exploring opportunities, and an array of incredible vacation rentals. One of these will provide you and your traveling companions with the ideal home base for your relaxing getaway, which is likely to end up ranking near the top of your all-time list of favorites. Escaping the crowds as well as the standard hotel arrangement will turn out to be the smartest decisions you've ever made.

Somewhere between Akumal Bay and Yal-ku Lagoon sits an attractive condo brimming with possibilities. The quiet road on Half Moon Bay overlooks the sea and a white sandy beach, and the people who have discovered this perch tend to keep their treasure to themselves. 

Sunrise Over the Caribbean Sea, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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Luckily you glimpsed the gorgeous scene for yourself online and reserved one of the most appealing properties to be had. The place you'll be calling home for the next few days is filled with light and seems to welcome the warm breezes and sunshine with open arms. High ceilings and a spacious patio continue to keep claustrophobia at bay, as do the ample bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.

Unlike boxy rooms you've previously stayed in, this set-up has it all. A kitchen fit for fixing meals and keeping snacks on hand, wireless internet access, an outdoor shower for rinsing off the day's beachy residue, and all the towels, linens and basic soaps and shampoos that you'll need. Several stores nearby plus a perfect snorkeling cove just a few steps away will make driving around unnecessary, and you'll probably end up going shoe-less for days at a time. This is something that many high-heeled and be-suited office dwellers aspire to, so be sure to take full advantage.

A quick stroll will take you to the kinds of activities that will engage and relax you in that sun-dappled, eye-popping, smile-inducing way. Underwater cave exploring, scuba diving, turtle spying and jungle hiking are just a few, and short day trip will lead you through Mayan ruins as well as a biosphere and several parks. Souvenir shopping and sightseeing at some of the more popular places (Cozumel, etc...) will be worth the trip just to better appreciate your own peaceful situation in Akumal.

Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
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Returning to your vacation rental each day will be a pleasure. Unlocking to door to a roomy, homey casita will never cease to bring you joy. The good vibes will stem from the fact that everyone in your group is having a great time and won't have to pile into a sardine can, and from a few other sources as well. Many of these properties have been the site of family reunions, romantic interludes, and weddings and commitment ceremonies; thus, love is quite literally in the air. Bring your beloved person or people and continue the tradition of good times and fond memory-making.

Some may think that renting a villa on the Mayan Riviera is probably too expensive for "normal" vacationers, but this is hardly the case. Factor in all that you receive in the vacation rental package, divide it by the number of people who will be coming along, and think about what this trip will add to the quality of everyone's overall well-being, and you'll come up with numbers that are more than reasonable. Plus, there are special deals from time to time, so if you start planning early and get yourself acquainted with how things work, you're likely to uncover a true bargain.

Go online to seek out the Akumal Vacation Rental that will make your upcoming trip to Mexico complete. You're sure to enjoy both the preparation process and the fulfillment of your well-deserved holiday, so take the first step today.

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Lesser Known Yet Fabulous: Puerto Aventuras    by Caitlin Moore

Puerto Aventuras Vacation Rentals

Gorgeous, quieter than the average resort area, sun-dappled and filled with all the beach activities a vacationer could ask for, Puerto Aventuras is a dreamy spot with much to offer. Not as tarnished by spring breakers and traditional tourist trappings as Yucatan Peninsula cities like Cancun, this diamond in the rough has the power to serve as an escape pod for all overwrought people out there.

Located on the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Aventuras is made up of three major bays covered with sugary white sand and sparse coastal developments. There is a build up of visitor-friendly operations, but unlike other towns in the Mexican Caribbean, the touch of civilization has been limited. Wide open swaths of lovely beach, clear blue water, and room to breathe all characterize this delicious region, and that's just the beginning.

El Castillo, Quintana Roo Caribbean Sea, Tulum, Mexico
El Castillo, Quintana Roo Caribbean Sea, Tulum, Mexico
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Moving past initial impressions of the landscape, Puerto Aventuras has the goods to back up the good looks, too. This is where you'll find the only marina within several miles, so boaters and fishers thank their stars for the set-up here. A hundred yards from shore is a fabulous reef for diving, and a talented set of instructors make a living ensuring that visitors safely experience the wonders of these world-renowned underwater platforms. Boats can be rented for some sport fishing, sightseeing or wave riding, and when refreshments are needed a nearby restaurant will sate all appetites.

A golf course will allow those putting-obsessed people (you know who you are) to get their fix, but distractions like tennis, shopping, snorkeling and simply lounging on the peaceful beach will all compete for the chance to dominate your day in Puerto, as the locals call it. Fatima Bay will surely draw you to it like a magnet, so bring a good book, lots of sunscreen and the mindset of a true beach bum.

While you're here, it would be worth it to take a little day trip to Tulum, the ancient Mayan city. In addition to the fascinating temples and other structures, there is also a market, stretches of stunning scenery, and an area where the famous pole flyers do their thing. Explore this area to feel like you're in a whole other world, perhaps even another time. You can also head north to Playa del Carmen, a tourist-friendly area with a large shopping and entertainment district. From here there is a ferry service to Cozumel, so serious scuba divers will probably end up spending a little time here.

Back in Puerto Aventuras, be sure to visit the Shipwreck Museum, take a jungle hike, and participate in a session of swimming with the dolphins. Stroll around the town and relish the calm that pervades, making an effort to enjoy every lovely stress-free second. Remember, this trip won't last forever so don't let it be taken for granted.

All in all, this destination is perfect for those who want the cream of the vacation crop and substantially fewer crowds than many favorites tend to elicit. Peaceful, intimate and cozy are adjectives you'll be using to describe Puerto during your trip, and fond memories are what you'll have when you leave. This will be especially true if you take the step of renting a vacation property here instead of opting to stay in a regular hotel. Beach front villas with bonus amenities and condos that feel as if they were designed and decorated with your taste in mind are the best ways to truly relax into a holiday state of mind.

Going online to peruse the Puerto Aventuras Vacation Rental listings will get you in the mood for all that is to come. Read the descriptions, check out the maps and ogle the pretty pictures for a sneak peak of your future fabulous trip to the Mayan Riviera.

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For your next vacation, imagine flying into Cancun airport. After gathering your bags and taking your first few breaths of fresh Caribbean air, hail a taxi and, with a hint of pride in your voice, tell him to take you to Akumal. That's right, instead of heading to the mother of all Mexican tourist destinations, you'll be heading south to a quieter but no less lovely locale. You've decided to things differently, and that's a very good thing..... read more
Interior Casa Alicia, Penthouse Condo, Cancun
2,000 sq. ft bi-level beachfront Penthouse 2BR3B on Cancun's Hotel Strip. A fully equipped kitchen built behind a huge hand carved entertainment bar, oven, range, and double sink. The large open area on the first level is for dining, living, and entertainment, full bath, and a cozy glass enclosed breakfast area. The furniture is hand crafted Southwest and Mexican style carved by local craftsmen. A circular staircase leads to the two huge vaulted ceiling bedroom suites. Both have sitting areas, dressing rooms with skylights, marble baths, the master suite has a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.  King size beds with hand painted bedspreads and drapes. Central air conditioning. 
Casa Cenote, Beach Vacation Rental, Akumal
Casa Cenote has seven lovely rental casitas. A beautiful caribbean beach and great snorkeling are just steps from your door. Casa Cenote now has 24 hour power. Daily Breakfast and Dinner included!  Located right on Tankah beach south of Akumal Mexico on the Mexican Caribbean. Casa Cenote is a great alternative to renting a condo in Cancun. These beachfront vacation rental units are extremely comfortable offering a padded mattress & Queen size beds along with spacious tiled shower and bathroom area. The rooms are equipped with 5 speed ceiling fan, 110V electric outlets and full closet w/ hanging area and shelves. 
Villa Casas La S, Akumal, Quintana Roo
Four villas built around the swimming pool and garden area.  3 bedrooms in each and 2 full baths. A warm feeling is created by the mahogany details and hand crafted wood.  One full bathroom on the first floor as well as two bedrooms - King and twin/twin.  Both of these bedrooms have patio doors that lead to a patio area. Upstairs bedroo, has a domed beiling, king size bed in the master bedroom and a full master bath completes .  Second story patio.  Fully equipped kitchen. CD/stereo player and FREE Cinemax and HBO.  Telephones on site at the reception area.  Maid service.  A/c in bedrooms
Exterior La Iguana Condosuites, Akumal, Quintana Roo
Facing Akumal's shimmering turquoise bay with fantastic ocean views. These one, two, and three bedroom condosuites are fitted with every domestic necessity, including maid service and a fully equipped kitchen. Beautifully furnished in a style keeping with the surroundings. Furnished in Mexican hand carved chairs, tables, headboards and drawers, king size bed in the master bedroom and queen size bed in the guestroom. All the suites have a terrace facing the Caribbean Sea. Telephones are located in the reception area.   Sleeps 2-6.
Villa Dolphin, Vacation Rental Villa, Akumal
This beautiful villa was designed by architect Jose' Luis Moreno and has been featured in shelter magazines and periodicals. Completed in May of 1988, it encompasses 4800 sq ft. in three levels and rests directly on scenic Yal-Ku lagoon.  Design concepts take full advantage of Caribbean breezes providing excellent ventilation even in the warmest months. In addition the home has ceiling fans in all rooms. The floor plan includes four bedrooms and four and one-half bathrooms. A spacious 800 sq. ft roof deck is a favorite place to stargaze or catch a few rays. There is a also a palapa covered area with built-in seating and hammocks so the roof can be enjoyed even in the heat of a summer day.  4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms.
Cancun Vacation Rentals
Casa Playa, Secluded Beach House, Mahahual, Costa Maya
Casa Playa is a secluded three bedroom beach house located on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Eleven kilometers south of Mahahual on Costa Maya, this recently built private home is utilized occasionally by the owners, but is available for rent most times of the year on a weekly or monthly basis. If you enjoy the crowds and the bar scenes of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Casa Playa Felipe Flores is not for you. Away from the large tourist groups, here you enjoy the quiet beaches the beautiful Caribbean waters and breezes, palm trees, exotic birds, the stars, sunrises and sunsets--natural beauty above and below the waterline.3 bedrooms, sleeps 9.


Lesser Known Yet Fabulous: Puerto Aventuras
Gorgeous, quieter than the average resort area, sun-dappled and filled with all the beach activities a vacationer could ask for, Puerto Aventuras is a dreamy spot with much to offer. Not as tarnished by spring breakers and traditional tourist trappings as Yucatan Peninsula cities like Cancun, this diamond in the rough has the power to serve as an escape pod for all overwrought people out there.... read more
Casa Davec, Vacation Rental Villa, Puerto Aventuras, near Playa del Carmen
Vacation in this beautiful, private, oceanfront villa in the land of the Mayans. Live "la vida dulce" in this four bedroom, hacienda-style home located in Puerto Aventuras, a 600 acre private, gated resort south of Cancun near Playa del Carmen and north of the ancient city of Tulum. You can also swim with the dolphins in the private lagoon surrounded by quaint restaurants and shops.  Visit the wild little town of Playa de Carmen.  See the ruins at Tulum and have lunch at Gringo Dave's Restaurant. The villa features 4 bedrooms, a full featured kitchen, a swimming pool, a spa and a stunning view of the Carribean Sea.
Condo Arlene, Vacation Rental Condo, Puerto Aventuras
Puerto Aventuras is a world class residential community resort located in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. Here you will find a magical blend of lush tropical beauty with an easy-going yet sophisticated life style. Location: Puerto Aventuras is located about 40 south of Cancun on Hwy 307. The condominium / hotel / beach / marina / golf course / dolphin swim are all just a part of this Mexican experience with some of the finest beaches around.  3 bedrooms (however unit can be split into 1 and 2 bedroom rental) and 3.5 baths
Mayan Penthouse, Luxury Vacation Rental Penthouse Condo, Puerto Aventuras
Location: Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico (45 Min. from Cancun Airport, 10 Min. to Playa Del Carmen).  Accommodations: Condominium - 4 Bedrooms - 4.5 Baths - (Sleeps 8).  Visitors constantly tell us that our Penthouse is absolutely spectacular and unique on the Riviera Maya; different to anywhere they have ever seen before.  The complex has its own exclusive private beaches and a long infinity pool with a kids section. The private lagoon is perfect for easy swimming and kayaking. An incredible snorkeling area is directly in front.
Puerto Aventuras Condo, Puerto Aventuras
Your vacation of a lifetime starts here! Stay in our fabulous beachfront condo for rent located in Puerto Aventuras on Mexico's Mayan Riviera near Playa Del Carmen.  At your doorstep you can snorkel in our lagoon, swim with our dolphins, or explore the local Mayan ruins.  3 bedroom also available.
Exterior of condo building Puerto Aventuras Condo, Puerto Aventuras
The condominium is located in the small village of Puerto Aventuras, 50 minutes south of the Cancun Airport. The resort is centrally located to the many area tourist attractions. A self-contained resort possessing all the amenities to make your vacation enjoyable, relaxing and affordable.Transfers from Cancun airport to the condo are available. Or, you may wish to rent a car at the Cancun airport.  The condominium sleeps four in two private rooms. The master suite has a king-size bed with full tile bath. The kitchenette/living room has a comfortable queen-size sleeper sofa and a second full bath. The queen sleeper sofa is comfortable for children or young adults.  1 Bedroom - 2 Baths - (Sleeps 2-4)
Quinta del Mar, Luxury Vacation Rental Villa, Puerto Aventuras
Gated for complete privacy this elegant villa's entrance opens to a sunny courtyard edged by palm trees and flowering gardens.  Exquisite tiles and craftsmanship abound in this custom built three bedroom, three bath home with attached guesthouse.  Fashionably furnished with upscale appointments, this luxurious two-level villa has magnificent ocean views and the perfect location.  Maximum 8 adults or eight adults and 2 kids who will sleep in the playroom of the guest house and share the upstairs bath. Bask in the sun poolside, watch the sunrise, breathe the soft-scented air enjoy the countless amenities that will ensure you are more than comfortable - you are in paradise.
VDM 305 Penthouse Condominium, Puerto Aventuras
This third and fourth floor penthouse has knockout views of the beach and the ocean. Done in lots of blues to pull in the marine colors from outdoors, you will feel truly in the Mexican Caribbean. There is a large living and dining area and the kitchen is very well equipped. The large terrace has a dining area under a palapa roof and a Jacuzzi off the living room. A guest room with two double beds and private bath, and a laundry room with half bath complete the first level. Upstairs the huge master bedroom has two double beds and a big bath with windowed shower and spectacular views. The other beach front guest room and bath has a king bed.  3 Bedroom, 31/2 Bath, sleeps 6.
Villa Paradise, Vacation Rental Condo, Puerto Aventuras
Imagine… waking up and looking at the incredible blue sky, to walk out of your bedroom out to the white sandy beach, to feel the warm seawater on your feet.  This superb apartment is set on the beach in a tropical paradise. Enjoy near-perfect water and breathtaking sunsets every day. This wonderful apartment offers location and privacy with incomparable beach views.  As you come though the main entrance, you will see the beach, royal palms, and shaded beach palapas. The living area sliding glass doors open to a large beach terrace with Jacuzzi and grassy garden area. All windows and doors are screened so you can enjoy the cooling daily breeze.


Casa de E, Luxury Beachfront Vacation Rental, Tankah Bay
4 luxury suites - Sleeps 8, each with own fully equipped kitchen (fridge and stove), 5 Bathrooms, Dining and Living Area, ceiling fans, microwave oven, tv/vcr Pool and sundeck - beachfront.  Breakfast/Dining area outside with view of entire bay.  Fully staffed - daily maid service, linens and towels.  Beds: 3 Kings, 1 Twin.
Casa R, Luxury Vacation Rental, Tankah Bay
An exquisite beachfront villa located in pristine Tankah Bay III, 75 miles south of Cancun.  Its gorgeous crystal white sand beach and tranquil bay are the perfect gateway to the Caribbean. Casa R has a spectacular pool and spacious shady rooftop terrace.  Casa R is a privately owned home that fronts onto a gorgeous, picture-perfect white sand beach on Tankah III, a small bay on the Mayan Riviera. In immediate proximity to Casa R, there are several fine restaurants, the historic Tulum ruins, Xel-Ha Nature Park, Manatee Cenote, Hidden Worlds Cenote, and several other attractions. Casa R has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and can accommodate up to 10 guests.
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