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Fatih Bridge, Crossing the Bosphorus, from Rumeli Hisari Fortress, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
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Discovering Istanbul on a Turkish Walking Holiday   by Tony Maniscalco

Istanbul is a culturally and geographically interesting city. On a Turkey walking holiday in this fascinating metropolis, you could see some amazing architecture and even do some shopping at buzzing local markets, getting a feel for the dynamic and diverse culture.

Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, and former capital. It is located on the Bosphorus Strait, and hosts the natural harbour, the Golden Horn. This fascinating city is the only metropolis in the world to be situated on two continents, straddling both Europe and Asia. Culturally, this city is rich and diverse, and it has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2010. This intricate city is best explored on foot, and a Turkey walking holiday will allow you to do just that.
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
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Warm Summer Walking in the City

Istanbul's climate is a combination of the oceanic climate of the Black Sea, the humid continental climate of the Balkan Peninsula and the Mediterranean climate of the south west. In summer, your walking holiday in Turkey will involve many hot days in Istanbul, with the average temperature being about 28? and the humidity level being high.

A walk along the Golden Horn River will be lovely on a warm day, as you marvel over the region's history, with the old city of Istanbul's European area and Beyoglu sitting on each side of the river.

Interesting Architecture in Istanbul

Istanbul's amalgamation of cultures is clearly visible in its diverse architectural designs. With structures ranging from mosques, synagogues and churches, to palaces, castles and towers, you have a dynamic array of beautiful structures to view while on your Turkey walking holiday.
Across Istanbul you will see Byzantine architecture. The church of Haghia Sophia (commonly referred to as Aya Sofya) is situated on Sultanahmet Square, and was designed by Isidour and Anthemius in 532AD. This is one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture, and is certainly worth visiting on a walking holiday in Turkey.
Istanbul plays host to many beautifully designed mosques, and stopping at some of these will give you cultural and historical insight into Istanbul's Islamic world while on walks in Turkey. Take some time to stop at the famous Blue Mosque, and admire the Iznik tiles of the Sulemaniye, Rustem Pasa and Sokollu Mehmet Pasa mosques.

Stop at the old capital of the Eastern Roman Empire on your Turkey walking holiday, as you admire the lasting evidence of Constantinople. There are several Roman structures which are interesting to see, such as the Valens Aqueduct, the Hippodrome of Constantine and the Basilica Cistern.

The many different styles of architecture visible in Istanbul make for excellent sightseeing opportunities on a Turkey walking holiday.

Visiting the Local Markets on Your Walking Holiday

One of the most interesting activities to do when on a Turkey walking holiday is to visit the vibrant local markets of Istanbul. Breathe in the scents at the Spice Bazaar, and spend time wandering through the flower and fish markets. 

Bosphorus, Clock Tower and Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
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The Grand Bazaar is a great place to visit if you want to pick up some Turkish items on your walking holiday in Turkey. From Turkish carpets to pottery to cotton and wool clothing, you can spend hours browsing through the many shops offering an interesting variety of wares.

From scenery to architecture to eclectic markets, Istanbul is an excellent city for a Turkey walking holiday.

About the Author: Tony Maniscalco is the Sales and Marketing for Ramblers Countrywide Holidays. Ramblers Worldwide have been operating since 1946 and now offer over 250 holidays in more than 70 different countries. They are dedicated to providing the very finest Turkey walks at the best value prices.


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