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Exterior of Bodrum Castle of the Knights of St. John, Bodrum, Turkey
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Taking A Holiday In Turkey - Culture And History Awaits You!   by Mark Walters

One of the world's most historic cultural and religious regions is the country of Turkey. Not only is it a cradle of civilization, it is home to many beautiful landmarks and beaches. The combination of these factors has caused Turkey's tourism industry to thrive over the last two decades and it continues to gain momentum. Amidst all of the history and coastline, there are some incredible cultural tourist attractions in Turkey.
Fishing Port on the Gulf of Edremit, Behramakale, Assos, Turkey, Aegean, Eurasia
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One of the best tourist attractions in Turkey is the Haghia Sophia Church Museum. It began life as solely a church when construction was finished in the 6th Century. No other church in the world was larger, and it ironically was converted to a mosque in 1453. 1936 saw its establishment as a museum, the status it enjoys today. The Haghia Sophia Church Museum is perfect for tourist activity because it has seen much history, including the rise and subsequent fall of the Ottoman Empire. Also maintaining connections to the Ottoman Empire is Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Camii. It was built in 1616 as the highest order Imperial Mosque of the entire Empire. 260 windows dot the mosque, creating a dazzling light show for those who visit.

Turkey also has some interesting geography, exemplified by the Cappadocia region. Found in central Turkey, Cappadocia is a plateau brought about when the lava from two erupting volcanoes converged, cooled, and rose some 3270 feet into the sky. As wind and rain sculpted the structure, weird fissures and valleys formed, creating a landform unique to Turkey's boundaries. The world renowned Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean Seas all border Turkey, making for some of the most exquisite beaches found on the face of the Earth. Butterfly Valley, Akkum, Alanya, and Olimpos Cove are just some of these spectacular seashores.

Because Turkey includes some of mankind's earliest developments, there are several ancient cities that tourists simply must see. Ephesus is one such establishment, and it is one of the best preserved. It has its roots in the 12th Century BC and was one of the most important centers of religion and trade in the area. Over 250,000 people were found there during the Roman period, and Ephesus's Temple of Artemis was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Odeon and Celsus Library are two of its most noteworthy locations.

Turkey has some of the best tourist attractions worldwide. From history to landscape, it is a quite unique region. It is no mystery as to why Turkey's tourism industry continues to flourish.


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