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Luxury Holidays

We love holidays. From mountaineering camps to discovering wild flora and fauna or perhaps getting a nice tan on a smooth white sand beach, the chance to take a break from the regular hustle and bustle of work and other responsibilities never goes amiss. There is never a better companion or stress buster than travelling on luxury holidays. It satisfies the mind, eliminates tension and lifts our spirits in the worst of distresses. That is the magic of enjoyable holidays. So if you wished you would be better off on holidays than where you currently are, we have the perfect destination for your luxury holidays. Today travelling has become easier than it ever was in the past. Beginning from transportation to accommodation, food, enjoyment and entertainment, the term travelling today comprises an important part of all inclusive holidays. So letís put our boots on and gear up for the dream trip you wanted to take forever.

Dickenson's Bay, Northeast Coast, Antigua, West IndiesOverview

Travelling agencies and experts from all over the world will tell you about exotic destinations and unknown places you have ever imagined. Be it the snow capped mountains in the Himalayas or Northern Europe to exciting hillocks and forests in Africa, poise and elegance of the French culture or crystal clear seas in the Caribbean or Maldives , we will give you the list of all the best available destinations for luxury holidays with the most seductive holiday deals along with them. Today travelling to the country of your choice is no longer a fiction but has become a reality with growing tourism. So customise now and tailor-make your luxury holidays in order to make the best out of your money. Because there are a fair number of beautiful destinations all around the globe, we will try and discuss a few from different geographies. 

Today, every country is trying to portray itself as the ideal travelling destination. Thus more and more virgin locations are being developed into places for luxury holidays with all kinds of people  in mind ranging from cheap holidays to lavish life styles as suited by different kinds of tourists. Important aspects of overseas travel as security, accommodations too have been updated, hence making the entire experience worthwhile. Travel visas too are a lot easier to get these days as tourism generates huge revenues everywhere. Let us have a deeper look into some of the most lucrative luxury holidays on our planet and what these places have in store for you. 

Best Destinations

There are millions of destinations around the world that will simply take your breath away and we shall discuss them individually in detail. Out of many, one of the most well traversed destinations today from all over the world is the Caribbean Islands. Luxury holidays in the Caribbean offers for its tourists a wide variety of landscapes, mind blowing beaches, ample wildlife, diverse cultures, friendly people and moth watering tastes. A tropical paradise in itself, the Antigua luxury holidays are desired by every single travel enthusiast. Antigua is world renowned for historic sites and rich in natural history and makes for a great choice for luxury holidays.

Tropical Beach Veymandhoo, Thaa, MaldivesIf you thought only the Caribbean could give you the ultimate sea experience, think again, situated in the India Ocean near the Southern tip of the Indian subcontinent is Maldives Islands. Maldives luxury holidays give you the experience of a pleasant, isolated, stress free stay and a rare insight into the life and culture of the people. The Maldives luxury holidays are sedation to the mind and soul with wonderful serene stopovers and equally pleasing services. The islands are scattered like a ring of pearls surrounded by the ocean with cities like Male, Kaafu Atoll, Baros, Kanuhura, dhuni Kolhu and other magnificent islands that offer a grand view of the coal reefs and sand bars making it one of the best luxury holidays. 

If you wanted to go to paradise and never got the chance, Aride and Digue islands in Mahe, Seychelles, off the African coast may be your best bet. While one of them has the best kept natural reserve and other a world famous pristine beach, the Seychelles luxury holidays are simply mind blowing.  Seychelles luxury holidays provide you with a chance to experience rich artistry and wild orchids situated close to the nature.

Some people enjoy wildlife better than a visit to the sea or climbing mountains. Luxury holidays in Kenya have an immensely huge potential to attract people from across all corners of the globe. It offers quite a few numbers of national parks in and around Nairobi that accommodate stay and safaris in the African savannas. Nairobi luxury holidays can be combined to provide an effective combination of extremely adventurous wildlife trips, rift valleys and splendid beaches along the Indian Ocean and the Mombasa hub. The Nairobi luxury holidays provide a taste of romantic escapism with the African touch.

Another great African destination that every traveller would love to visit once in his life time is Egypt. One of the oldest civilizations of our time, Cairo luxury holidays are a treat in itself. A visit to Egypt is bound to take us back in time through various twists and turns of varied historical events. Armed with spectacular antiquity, the dreaded Sahara desert and fascinating historical artefacts, Cairo luxury holidays are perfectly meant for those who crave the exotic. 

Now that we have covered a few of the Caribbean and African inlands, it would be interesting to find a little more about the mainlandís of Asia and some of the south Pacific. The Indian subcontinent makes up for most of the south central Asia. A typically great location to be visited here is the Himalayas. Accessible through out Indian and Nepal, the city of Kathmandu luxury holidays offer a grand view of Mt Everest and an unforgettable experience of the never ending snow capped peaks of the Himalayas. It gives an insight to the people, culture of the people residing here including Buddhism making Kathmandu luxury holidays a unique experience. 

Well if the islands in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean had their say already, the south pacific island of Bora Bora is bound to give them an equally strong competition if not more. Dubbed as the most photogenic island I the South Pacific, the Bora Bora luxury holidays in Tahiti are picture perfect. A place to get pampered, Bora Bora luxury holidays are relaxing with a blend of panoramic views, rare pearl hunting and exquisite cuisine. 

Now that we have covered enough of the islands and countries along the southern hemisphere and the Indian sub continental belt, its time for the north and the first destination that comes to our mind is Greece. Known as the land of Gods with a culture and history as rich as the Egyptian civilization, the Athens luxury holidays is more than anyone can dream for.  Diverse and history, art, politics, style, theatre and sports, Greece has shown the way to the world for many a years.  Athens luxury holidays, Acropolis, love and warmth of the local courtesy and the sweet taste of age old vine makes the whole travel experience an enticing one. 

Moving on to the modern city style, a luxury holiday in Paris, France is always a must. Paris luxury holidays involves a thrilling experience as the city itself is ware house of fine living , art, culture, fashion , design and history. With lovely vine yards, chateauís, artistic castles, greenery and Mediterranean coast at an arms distance, Paris luxury holidays is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

Once we have picked France, there is hardly anything to stop us from visiting its neighbour. London luxury holidays in England are a worthy experience as it involves imaginative art and culture museums with a rich heritage, medieval to modern fashion architecture, ethnic restaurants and street life with a rich blend of history. With concerts, classical arts and royalty, the London luxury holidays will last forever and ever.

The next stop in Europe has to be none other than Venice in Italy. There can be a million reasons for being in love with the city but the sheer experience of being serenaded by gondoliers on a romantic evening stroll across the city while being on luxury holidays in Venice is reason enough. Delicious cuisine, historically significant places, northern Alps and the close vicinity to the Sicilian islands makes Venice luxury holidays a sure hit. More over, if you are interested in archaeology, you have got to go there. 

Having travelled to several of the most exotic destinations of Europe, its now time to move on to America. One of the places that must be visited in South America is Machu-Pichu in Peru. Home to the Incan empire, luxury holidays in Peru are ideal for tourists who have a deep love for historical events and places. The varied scenery with an intriguing insight of the unknown makes Peru luxury holidays always a great experience. So much so, that more than 2 million tourists travel to the country every year. 

When To Go 

Travellers from all over the globe visit these destinations through out the year. However there are certain pleasantries that only be observed at a particular point of time. For example all the islands mentioned above namely the Maldives, Seychelles, Bora Bora, and Antigua all lie in the tropical belt and therefore are worth visiting any time of the year since they are hardly affected by climate change. However places like Nairobi and Egypt are best avoided during summer as the temperature riser to a stifling degree which is generally uncomfortable for travellers and outsiders unused to the situation. On the other hand, countries in northern Europe like Italy, England, France and Peru in South America which fall above and below the tropical belts are best experienced during summers. Typically the best time to visit these countries for a traveller is during spring time as it beautifies the country side with diverse varieties of flowers, trees and greener pastures. Even through Nepal experiences shivering weather and heavy snow in the winter, it is also one of the times for clearer skies and therefore better views of the mountains. Bora Bora is famous for its rich variety of tropical fruits and cuisines. Hence travelling at a time when these fruits are available can make the travelling experience a whole lot more ecstatic.

Holiday Etiquette

Luxury holidays have today become a major part of our life. Itís a lot safer and easier than ever before. However even so, it is always advisable to follow certain etiquettes and rules while being on a tour or holiday. This helps not only in avoiding unwanted situation but makes travelling in a different country memorable than ever before.  Firstly, one should never intrude into somebody elseís private space and a friendly conversation can often be helpful but one must be careful of not overdoing it. Boisterous behaviour and drunkenness should always be avoided.  During luxury holidays, one particular problem that a lot of travellers face is cultural alienation. It is therefore important to respect and bear with the emotionalityís of the local people. Beach behaviour is particularly important during an outside tour. One should never cramp onto others private spaces and dressing appropriately according to the laws and sentiments of the locals is always a better idea than falling in trouble later. 


The interesting part of holidaying is that there is never a lack of place and beautiful locations to visit. Therefore no matter how many destinations we keep on listing, there is always more to come. The problem is that they cannot be listed in a singular frame as most people have different choices and preferences. There are thousands of places with lonely mountain trails, coral reefs and white sand beaches other than these. Therefore, people looking specifically for genre holidays should know that there is some place unexplored in every corner of earth and there is no way to cover them all here. So gear up for your next luxury holiday and find the place you have been longing to visit forever with Zip Holidays Ė provider of package and all inclusive holidays to worldwide destinations. 


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Latest update:  November 7, 2011