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Segovia, Castilla Y Leon, Spain
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Featured Castilla y Leon Hotels - Castilla y Leon Private Tours
Castilla y Leon Bed & Breakfasts/Rural Accommodation
Castilla y Leon Self-Catering/Vacation Rentals 
The Alcazar, Segovia, Castilla-Y Leon, Spain
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Castilla y Leon Travel Reading:
Avila, Spain   by Rick Chapo
Castilla Leon Holidays - Avila, Burgos, Leon, Salamanca, Segovia, Valladolid and Zamora   by Steve Greenwood
Salamanca, Spain - modern city with small village values   by Mark Buckingham
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Castilla Leon Holidays - Avila, Burgos, Leon, Salamanca, Segovia, Valladolid and Zamora   by Steve Greenwood

Castilla y Leon Bed & Breakfasts/Rural Accommodation

Castilla & Leon is the largest region in Spain located between the north of Madrid, Portugal, Aragon and the Costa Verde. Many visitors approach this region from Madrid and its International Airport as many of the major cities in the region can be reached from motorways leaving the capital of Spain. However, good road access can also be found from the North coast via roads to Burgos and Leon. In total, Castilla Leon has nine provinces that are Avila, Burgos, Leon, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora.

Castilla Leon Holiday Attractions

The main attraction for visitors to the region of Castilla Leon is the high number of historical buildings, many in near perfect condition, that have been left as a result of the many conquests by the Romans, Celts and the Moors. Many of the major cities boast some of the best cathedrals, churches and castles found not only in Spain but also in Europe for architectural design. Castilla is the land of castles and they can be found in virtually every corner of the region.

Avila is Spain's highest provincial capital and it is also entirely enclosed by the most complete set of medieval walls in Europe. With a total of 88 towers and 9 gateways, the walls stretch for a total of 2km in length. In Spanish, the walls are called Las Murallas and were originally built by the Christian Knights after the re-conquest of the city from the Moorish settlers.


The Gothic Cathedral in Burgos is the city's most splendid sight and is the third largest in Spain behind those in Seville and Toledo. Founded in 1221, the cathedral's construction continued over 300 years involving some of the best architects in Europe. 

City Walls, Avila, Unesco World Heritage Site, Castile Leon, Spain
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As well as being a fantastic example of gothic architecture, it is also one of the main stopovers for Pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela where according to legend, the body of Saint James; one of Christ's apostles was discovered in the year of 813.


Leon is a cosmopolitan city with a relaxing ambiance that makes it ideal for visitors to Spain who wish to see a wonderful mix of the historic and modern. The Gothic Cathedral in the centre of the city began construction in the 13th century and is one of the finest in Europe. Some of its outstanding features include 700 panes of stained glass used in its construction, and an unusual design of mismatched towers.


The city of Salamanca is probably best known for its University, which was founded in the 13th century and is the oldest in Spain. At any time of day you can see hundreds of students wandering around this wonderful ancient city and enjoying the many bars and restaurants well into the early hours. The best way to see Salamanca is on foot and the best place to start is the Plaza Mayor, which is one of the largest and best in Spain. The plaza is an 18th century baroque square, whose street level arcades, cafes and bars support 3 more storeys with the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and Royal Pavilion at opposite ends to each other.
View of Castle, Turegano, Segovia Province, Castile Leon, Spain
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There are two main features in Segovia that cannot be ignored as you enter the city. One is the two-tiered Roman Aqueduct that can be seen all across the city suburbs and is considered to be one of the finest in Europe. 

The other is the Alcazar, Segovia's fairytale royal castle, which stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the city. It has everything a castle should have including spires, battlements and exquisite chambers. It is well worth climbing the 152 steps to the top of the castle for some excellent views over the whole city.


Valladolid is the capital of Castilla & Leon, and a city full of historic and cultural attractions including a cathedral, churches, sculptures and museums. There is plenty to see in Valladolid and also many castles to be found in the surrounding area.

The great Cathedral of Zamora was built in the 12th Century and includes certain Gothic additions that were added at a later date. The roof of the cathedral is layered with curved stone tiles and modelled on the Haghia Sophia in Istanbul. Around the cathedral in the streets of Zamora are plenty of Romanesque churches to visit at leisure with many bars and restaurants nearby to admire their facades.

Featured Castilla y Leon Hotels - Castilla y Leon Bed & Breakfasts/Rural Accommodationtop
Castilla y Leon Self-Catering/Vacation Rentals

About the Author: Steve Greenwood invites you to visit  Castilla Leon Property Rentals for accommodation and attractions in Toledo, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Guadalajara. Visit for holidays and accommodation in all the regions of Spain including the Canary Islands Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Palma.
Avila, Spain   by Rick Chapo
Featured Avila Hotels
Avila, Castilla y Leon Bed & Breakfasts/Rural Accommodation
Castilla y Leon Self-Catering/Vacation Rentals 

Madrid is a city almost without equal in Europe. If you need a break from it, you can take a day trip to Avila to catch a bit of fresh air and see some amazing sites.
Avila, Spain

Madrid has so much going on it is often hard to drag yourself away from. You will, however, eventually need a break. A day trip to Avila, a town near Madrid, is definitely worth a trip. In fact, a visit to Avila is a must if you visit Spain. The town is so popular, there are over 20 trains a day from Madrid.

Avila is in the south of Old Castile, part of the Castile and Leon autonomous district. The city was originally known for Teresa of Avila, a Roman Catholic mystic. The cathedral in the city is also considered a masterpiece. While this is no doubt fascinating to you, the real attraction of Avilla is the defensive fortification.

Exterior of the Walls and Town Ramparts, Avila, Castile Leon, Spain
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Were you addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies? Enjoy reading about Camelot? Have a thing for castles? You are going to love Avila. The town is home to the second largest defensive walls in the world. Known as Las Murallas, the walls were built in the eleventh century. They are a couple miles long and average 40 feet in height. The walls are partitioned by over 80 towers that reach as high as 65 feet, the equivalent of a six-story building. There are nine gates allowing you to enter and exit the town. All and all, the Avila Walls are a site to be seen.

The amazing thing about the walls is their condition. They are in a near perfect state. If you did not know better, you would swear they were built last week. Happily, you can tromp up and down the towers and walk across the top of the walls. Looking out over the area surrounding Avila, you get a definite feel for what it must have been like for a soldier to defend the city.

Keep in mind Avila is at a high elevation. It can be cold in the winter and blazing hot in the summer.

Featured Avila Hotels  -  top
Castilla y Leon Bed & Breakfasts/Rural Accommodation
Castilla y Leon Self-Catering/Vacation Rentals 

About the Author: Rick Chapo is with Nomad Journals - makers of writing journals for travel. Visit for more Internet travel articles on the walled city near Madrid.


Read about: Avila, Spain   by Rick Chapo

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Hotel Palacio de los Velada, Ávila
The Palacio de los Velada Hotel is situated in Ávila city and neighbouring cities like Madrid, Valladolid, Salamonca and Segovia are located within one hours drive from the hotel. Whether one is in search of culture, nature or looking for a noble setting in culinary art, then Palacio de los Velada is the ideal one. Its professional staff are helpful and assures for ones successful meeting.  An exquisite decoration, compatible with the nobility or stones makes each one of 145 rooms of the hotel unique and the facilities make ones stay more pleasurable and memorable. At the restaurant one will get the taste of the authentic regional gastronomy, its excellent meat and wide variety of specialities. 
Hotel Palacio Valderrabanos, Ávila
This hotel is located just outside this lovely walled city. From this property, the clients can admire the walls when lit at night. The location is just five minutes drive from the centre of Ávila.  The bedrooms are large and well decorated with good modern functional furnishings and soft colour schemes in matching fabrics and wall colours. Bathrooms are medium in size and complete.  The restaurant is traditional in style and decoration with fine and carved wooden chairs with robust wooden tables. The menu is traditionally castillian with a fine selection of international cuisine. The hotel also has cafeteria open during the day offering light meals in a less formal setting.  This hotel offers excellent accommodation and its views of the city are unique.
Sercotel Cuatro Postes, Ávila
The Hotel Cuatro Postes is located in Avila, Spain, next to the Cuatro Postes monument, and one kilometre from the town's historic centre. It is one kilometre from Avila train station.  This impressive stone-built hotel is situated next to the old city walls with views over the city. The Hotel Cuatro Postes Muralles restaurant opens onto a terrace and serves Spanish dishes. Drinks are served in the bar, which also has a television.  Business facilities include a business centre and conference rooms.  Avila's high walls are an invaluable testimony to fortifications in the Middle Ages. The best place to view them is by the hotel, but to get a real feel for them, take the sentry path along the top.
Parador de Ávila, Ávila
In the historic quarter of the sizeable town of Ávila, this Parador is installed within the former "Piedras Albas" Palace, backing onto the impressive city walls.  In keeping with its surroundings, the hotel's interior has a warm and intimate feel creating a very refreshing atmosphere, enriching your time spent there. Its beautiful decorative features include granite and adobe floors, bright colours and spacious rooms, some with four poster beds. These features all combine to create a light feel to the rooms.  The Parador also features a garden containing archaeological remains, a magnificent glass-roofed courtyard, partitionable function rooms and a cafeteria. The hotel's restaurant provides a beautiful view over the gardens and the city walls.
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AC Burgos Hotel
The AC Burgos is a modern hotel, with large windows and an imposing façade built in keeping with the surrounding historic architecture. The hotel is located in the centre of the town just 50 metres from the gothic cathedral.  The AC Burgos Restaurant offers a modern fusion of nouvelle cuisine and traditional ingredients served for breakfast and dinner daily and lunch Monday to Friday. After a day's business or sightseeing guest can relax with a drink in the bar, or unwind in the sauna.  Multilingual staff on the 24-hour front desk can help with advice on the hotel and the surrounding area. There is wireless Internet access in all public areas and garage parking for those travelling by car. Snacks can be ordered from 24-hour room service.  The 70 guestrooms have light, modern décor with contemporary furniture. 
Hotel Corona de Castilla, Burgos
The Hotel Corona de Castilla is located in Burgos, Spain, within 500 metres of the city's historic centre and Burgos Museum, containing ancient relics as well as a fine arts wing. The Atapuerca Caves are 12 kilometres away, and Burgos train station is 500 metres from the hotel. Hotel Corona de Castilla's cornflower blue and chestnut-toned onsite restaurant serves international dishes for both lunch and dinner. A buffet breakfast is available (surcharge), and there is a cafe with lilac armchairs and wooden-panelled walls, which offers hot and cold drinks.  The 83 guestrooms are decorated in light colours with patterned fabrics and wood furnishings. 
Hotel Velada Burgos
Hotel Velada Burgos is located in the historic centre of Burgos, Spain, 100 metres from Castilfale Palace and 200 metres from Plaza Mayor. Burgos Museum is 800 metres away. This hotel is housed in an 18th-century building.  Hotel Velada Burgos offers a complimentary breakfast each morning. There is a lounge bar and traditional dishes are offered in the restaurant. Conference rooms with audio-visual equipment are available and there is complimentary wireless Internet access throughout the hotel.  The 64 guestrooms all have air conditioning and amenities include complimentary wireless Internet access, satellite television, minibars, safes, and hair dryers. 
Husa Arlanzon, Burgos
The Hotel Arlanzon is a centrally located modern property, set behind the San Agustin Monastery, 800 metres from the cathedral and Gothic quarter. The hotel is well placed to explore the area; the city centre and Las Huelgas Monastery are 800 metres away, and Cañon del Rio Lobos Nature Reserve is at a 40 kilometre distance. The hotel offers complimentary wireless Internet access throughout, complimentary newspapers are available in the hotel lobby, and there is a TV room. The hotel also houses its own bar and coffee shop, and those arriving by car will find garage parking available. The 83 guestrooms are decorated in light colours with patterned fabrics and wood furnishings.
Meliá Fernán González Boutique Hotel, Burgos
The Meliá Fernán González Boutique Hotel hotel is located in the heart of the historical and monumental city centre of Burgos. 150 m from the Cathedral and just 5 minutes from Las Huelgas Monastery. The hotel has halls for meetings, events and banquets, with a maximum capacity of up to 700 people. In our restaurant, you will enjoy a kitchen that combines the Castilian tradition with new and exciting dishes. The Hotel has been renewed in 2007. There are 74 Rooms, 8 of which are junior suites. With a classic decoration, creating unique surroundings and with a special enchantment. 
NH Palacio da la Merced, Burgos
The hotel is located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the River Arlanzón, overlooking the Cathedral, the Arco de Santa María and the Paseo del Espolón. The NH Palacio de la Merced occupies a landmark building dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century, with a magnificent blazing gothic cloister in the hotel's interior. The hotel, offering an excellent restaurant services, enjoys a privileged location from where it is easy to take day trips to the Las Huelgas Monastery, the Cartuja Miraflores, and the impressive excavations in Atapuerca. Rincón de la Merced Restaurant - located in one of the magnificent corners of the palace, it has become one of the most well-known locales in the area.
Hotel Puerta de Burgos, Burgos
Hotel Puerta De Burgos is a modern hotel situated within 1.5 kilometres of cosmopolitan Plaza Mayor, the City Museum and Burgos Cathedral. The Atapuerca Archaeological site is 11 kilometres from the hotel, or guests can venture further afield to the medieval village of Covarrubias, 35 kilometres away.  Guests can sample a breakfast buffet and, afterwards, relax and browse complimentary newspapers in the hotel lobby.  The hotel's restaurant, El Porton de Burgos, offers a varied a la carte menu, as well as a set menu with 18 courses to choose from. Dishes ranges from local delicacies to more sophisticated Spanish cuisine.  This 9-floor hotel features 115 air-conditioned guestrooms, all of which include satellite televisions, direct-dial phones, internet, minibars, and bathrooms with telephones and hair dryers. 


Parador de Lerma Burgos Province
At the highest point of the town of Lerma is found the Ducal Palace. It was constructed on the site of a 15th c. The castle was built as a place of lodging, rest and general enjoyment for King Felipe III.  The palace-castle was restored and converted into a Parador with rooms that have a capacity of 133 persons. Rooms are medium in size, comfortable and decorated accordingly with this historical site.  The Parador cuisine is centered on typical regional products: sucking lamb, and quail. Other typical fare includes dishes such the traditional cocido (stew) or Olla Podrida (stew medieval-style lentis). The Parador is situated in the city of Lerma's Plaza Mayor. Lerma is 36 kms from Burgos, its main access road being the A-I motorway, and is 199 kms from Madrid.
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