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Al Deir Monastery, Built in 3Rd Century BC, Petra, Ma'An, Jordan
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The Ancient City of Petra   by Arty Blazer

Featured Petra Hotels

The old city of Petra has a long and turbulent history. While it used to be a flourishing city, natural disasters and economical changes let unforgiving time swallow the settlement as it was left by its inhabitants. It took ages until the city was rediscovered by historians, as almost an entire millennium passed without anybody remembering about it. Things changed in 1812 when a Swiss explorer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered it. BBC included Petra on its list of must see places and other distinctions were offered giving birth to profitable tourism for the area.
One particularity of Petra is the fact that the buildings are cut in stone and not made of different pieces. Because of this special feature, the place was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. An archaeological park was founded here in the '90s and many specialists have come to visit Petra ever since. Located 250 kilometers away from Amman, the city carved in rock is protected by law as the buildings are still suffering due to erosion and other natural activities. When you visit Petra you will notice how all conveniences aimed at tourists are located at the entrance and not inside.

It is believed that Petra was founded by the ancient people, Nabatei, that came to the area about two millenniums ago. The city of Petra was an important commercial node that connected routes from all Arabia with Indian caravans that were threading, carrying silk, and exotic spices as well as African goods. While trade was blooming, so did Petra; the city had known a period of economic boom and fair wealth until it was finally forgotten because of the change in trade routes. The architecture of Petra is noteworthy because of its complex of canals and dams.

Horse and Carriage in Front of the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), Petra, Unesco World Heritage Site, Jordan
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The Monastery, Petra, Unesco World Heritage Site, Wadi Musa (Mousa), Jordan, Middle East
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After being under Roman occupation for a while, Petra failed to recover its beauty and glamour. It took the passion and determination of the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt to discover Petra once again. The traveler talked to his guide and asked to be taken where rumors indicated the presence of an ancient city. This is how Petra was uncovered as a tourist destination that many people from all corners of the planet still visit each year. During our times Petra fascinates and pleases, one of its great advantages being the enthralling location in the depth of a desert gorge.

Once you set foot in Petra, you will be able to enter the siq. This is the place where the city looks like it was broken in two, which actually happened when the city was devastated by a powerful earthquake. From here, you can stroll on the high cliffs while letting your guide translate writings on the ancient walls.

At the end of the aforementioned siq, you will see the Treasury, which is the most important landmark in Petra. You may have seen it in movies, used for its exceptional mystique, but it is a totally different experience to see it in all its glory.

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Search for Hotels in Petra - Wadi Moussa
Crowne Plaza Resort Petra
Set against a breathtaking view of the Petra Mountains, Crowne Plaza Petra Hotel, is the only real choice for your visit to discover 9000 years of history. Besides the unique view provided from the hotel's patio of the dramatic Petra Mountains, the Crowne Plaza Resort Petra is only steps away from the visitor's entrance to the siq and the old city with its world famous archaeological sites. The capital Amman is a three hour drive away. Heated outdoor swimming pool and terrace bar, Jacuzzi, sauna and tennis court, 3 Restaurants, lobby bar, evening cocktail lounge with dance floor, conference room, 2000 year old "Nabatean Tomb" the Cave Bar is fronted with a large piazza. The Basin Restaurant in the old city offers lunch in a setting unmatched by its beauty.
Petra Marriott Hotel
Enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the ancient Nabatean city of Petra carved from the rock over a thousand years ago. The hotel is a haven for comfort and luxury. Almost all the spacious rooms have spectacular views of the valley. There are several culinary choices; at Dushara, start your day with an elaborate breakfast buffet or enjoy Middle Eastern specialties for lunch or dinner. Feast on homemade pizza and pasta at L'Affresco, the Italian restaurant. For relaxation, the hotel offers many amenities. Swim in the outdoor pool and enjoy the breathtaking views. Rejuvenate your body during a Turkish bath, sauna or massage.
Moevenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel Petra
Mövenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel is a 10 minute drive from the entrance to the historic site of Petra, situated in a breathtaking secluded position on a hillside at an altitude of 1,400 metres. The hotelís Al Madafa main dining room and the Al Nadeem Bar, each with its own terrace, invite you to relax and enjoy life. Featuring a large terrace with fountain, this attractive venue is the hotel's main restaurant. With exceptional breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, plus our own specialities and snacks served throughout the day, we cater to your every need. All the hotel's 90 rooms and suites are spacious and most have extraordinary views over the Great Rift Valley. Interconnecting rooms and non-smoking rooms are available on request.
Moevenpick Resort Petra
Located directly at the entrance to the historic city of Petra, the luxurious Mövenpick Resort Petra is certainly one of the most notable hotels in the Middle East. With seven different dining or entertainment venues, we certainly offer you all the choices you could wish for after a day visiting the magical site of Petra. Al Saraya is an all-day dining restaurant that features a sumptuous Breakfast Buffet and international classics for lunch and dinner, whether à la carte or buffet selections. Luxuriously decorated with a marble fountain, the award-winning Al Iwan is the ideal location for lavish Mediterranean culinary delights. Luxurious and welcoming, Al Maq'aad is inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights.  Appealingly exotic, a visit to the Al Maq'aad Bar for afternoon snacks or evening cocktails is not to be missed.
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