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Unusual destinations for a family holiday

Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Spain
Photo: Courtesy Cuevas Pedro Antonio De Alarcón in Guadix 

Families looking for something different for a holiday break can find some amazing and unusual destinations all over the U.K. and Europe.  Rather than the same old beach holiday, try something a little out of the ordinary this year.

When travelling in the United Kingdom or around Europe, Baby Friendly Boltholes offers some great family friendly hotels and other options to choose from for the best family holidays. Children are always up for something new and different, and especially love to have something to brag about to their pals.  The following is a choice of some of the more unique locations to choose from around Europe.

Stay in a cave in Spain

When visiting southern Spain, the whole family will enjoy staying in a prehistoric troglodyte cave. 

While this might sound a little basic, some of the caves have been beautifully renovated to include all the necessary mod cons in the way of bathrooms and kitchens and some, like at Cuevas Pedro Antonio De Alarcón in Guadix near Granada, even have a Jacuzzi in the master bedroom. 

One of the great benefits of staying in a cave is that the temperature stays at a comfortable level all year round (those troglodytes seem to have known what they are doing) and often there is a swimming pool and restaurant on site.

Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon
Photo: Courtesy Cuevas Pedro Antonio De Alarcón in Guadix 
Controversy Tram Hotel

Sleep in a tram in the Netherlands

Around 40kms outside of Amsterdam, the Controversy Tram Hotel offers great bed & breakfast accommodation for the whole family in either old trams or train compartments. 

Comfortably fitted out, this accommodation has everything the family could need.

On top of this, the kids will love the fact that there are farm animals on site, as well as several play options including an airplane. Loads of fun is to be had by the whole family

Photo courtesy Controversy Tram Hotel

Sleep rough in a forest in Sweden

For something a little more primitive, but loads of fun for the whole family, Kolarbyn is situated around two hours away from Stockholm and offers small forest huts.

Everything at Kolarbyn bears the environment in mind and this is a great example of the best of eco-tourism.

While each hut only has two beds, covered with cosy sheep skin rugs, an additional berth can be added for a child, or older children can stay in their own hut close by.

This is rough eco-living at its best, with no electricity or running water.  Water is fetched from the nearby spring and there are primitive kitchen facilities available for guests, along with recycling bins for any waste. 

If staying at Kolarbyn in the cooler months, all huts have a wood heater. There is also access to a larger hut for family parties.

Photo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Marie & Alistair Knock

Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway

Staying in Scandinavian climes, the Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway is a place of fascination, if a little chilly.  Imagine staying in an igloo, and you have an idea what is going on here. Open between the 20th December and 20th April, you travel by ship to Hurtigruten Harbour where you are met by the hotelís guide and transported to wonderland. All the hotel rooms have different décor with beautiful snow art on the walls and the hotel has several restaurants offering the best in Norwegian fare.
Kirkenes SnowHotel, Norway
Photo: Kirkenes SnowHotel CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Martha de Jong-Lantink

These fun options for a great family holiday are, forgive the pun, just the tip of the iceberg - there are so many unusual destinations on offer in this wonderful world.  However, it is hoped that the options shown will inspire you to try something a little different this year.  Have a wonderful holiday and make loads of great memories!


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