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Top 4 Attractions In Fascinating And Historic Rome

When visiting Italy, Rome is a must-see destination. The sense of history in this city is remarkable, with stunning ruins to be toured, the Vatican Museums, churches and other great attractions.
Panoramic view of the Vatican, Rome, Italy
After arriving at your Rome accommodation, head out to explore the excitement of the city, including the attractions listed below.

1. Colosseum of Rome

The Colosseum, Rome

This well known landmark is one of the most exciting sites in Rome. The Colosseum was inaugurated back AD 80 and boasted 50,000 seats. The Colosseum also went under the name Flavian Amphitheatre and was reportedly covered by a massive canvas awning when events were ongoing. The people of Rome gathered to watch the gladiators, either fighting each other or wild animals, and always to the death. The Colosseum can be visited by guided tour only, where visitors can explore the top tier of the ruins and the hypogenum. Ensure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum, Rome

Next stop on your tour of Rome is the Roman Forum, a set of impressive and sprawling ruins. The site was originally set up as an Etruscan burial ground, but over time the Forum became the political, commercial and social hub of ancient Rome. Among the sights to see are the Curia, the Arco di Settimio and the Casa delle Vestali. The Roman Forum can be accessed from the Palatino, the Largo della Salara Vecchia or an entrance close to the Arco di Tito.

3. Vatican Museums in Rome

Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy

Next stop is a visit to the Vatican Museums with their remarkable art collections. Pope Julius II first founded the museums in the 16th century and since then they have been expanded by successive pontiffs. With a total of 7 kms of corridors and halls, visitors can view anything from Etruscan bronzes to Egyptian mummies. There are also impressive classical statues to be seen in the Museo Pio-Clementino, along with beautiful frescoes by Raphael. One must see site is the Sistine Chapel with Michelangeloís famous work. As the various exhibits are not clearly labeled, it is recommended to hire an audio guide during your tour.

4. St. Peterís Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

While Rome boasts many beautiful churches, the Basilica di San Pietro stands out as its most spectacular venue. Set in St. Peter's Square, St. Peterís was placed over a former 4th century church and was consecrated in 1626, after taking some 120 years to be built. The interior is lavish and yet more spectacular art is on display, including Michelangeloís Pietà and the 29m-high baldachin by Bernini. The first church on the site was commissioned by Emperor Constantine around 349 and the site on which it was built is believed to be where St. Peter was buried, somewhere between AD 64 and 67.

There are many more attractions to visit in the city, including some rather more unusual, weird and wonderful sites. Enjoy your visit to Rome, while staying in comfort and enjoying Italyís traditional and delicious cuisine along the way.


Home  -  Italy Travel Guide  - Travel Blog