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Matterhorn Reflected in Glacial Lake Near Zermatt, Zermatt, Switzerland
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Swan Swimming in a Lake with a Castle, Lake Geneva, Chateau De Chillon, Switzerland
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Cool people vacation in Verbier   by Ted Grischuna

Switzerland Travel Guide

The snow Dorados lure the wealthy and famous to the Swiss mountains. Instead of champagne climate in St. Moritz or Caviar pistes in Gstaad, the young stars rather prefer to own their own ski lift in Verbier.

Especially young, cool stars are attracted to the Valais village of barely 2,000 inhabitants. For example, the English singer James Blunt has already relocated to the community and wants to have a chalet built. As a welcome present, the famed British pop star could baptize a chair lift in his name. Not long ago, Pierre Casiraghi (21), son of princess Caroline of Monaco spent a few hot days in the snow-covered mountain world of Verbier.
Three years ago Victoria Beckham (34) celebrated with the whole family her 30th birthday in the Valais resort. Quite often seen on the pistes of Verbier is actor Hughes Grant (48). Last year, the hot-swarmed Briton really enjoyed the good snow conditions in the Valais mountains. A huge fan of this fine resort and of Switzerland in general is actrice Juliette Binoche (44). The elegant French woman likes the largest ski resort in Europe because it is close to the Swiss Riviera and of course France, her native country. To the regular guests belong Sarah Ferguson (48), Duchess of York, alias Fergie, with her daughters Beatrice (19) and Eugenie (17).

So why is Verbier so attractive? One reason is that the community is very discreet. The guests come to spend their vacation in privacy and the locals of the village respect that. They want tranquility and restraint in one of the most beautiful ski resort of Switzerland. 

Grindelwald, Wetterhorn, Jungfrau Region, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
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And what is the wealthy doing during the day when also Heli-skiing has become boring? He is training Polo. I don't think that a more expensive sport was discovered yet. However, the tournaments played there are not as exclusive as is the case in St. Moritz. Anybody can participate if you can ride a horse, says Yves Luginbühl.

Later, usually after midnight the people visit the luxury clubs. In the "Farm Club", a beer costs about 20 Swiss francs (US$ 16). A little more freely is the Coco-Club where you see at times multi-billionaire Richard Branson. He usually orders a specially prepared cocktail served in a unusually made ice culture in the form of a Swiss chalet. The price is only 10,000 Swiss francs. A bit cheaper is a bottle of champagne of the brand "Dom Perignon" (from 1995) for about 2,000 Swiss francs.

It is somewhat incredible to see all the action in a small village with over a 100 bars and restaurants. It may not be like downtown London or New York. However, I am sure that you aren't getting bored either. Simply said: Verbier is hip and cool! While the super wealthy are walking on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, (GR) and the old stars are skiing slowly and prudently over the pistes of Gstaad (BE) the guests in Verbier are taking everything a bit more relaxing. It is the new rising stars of the Swiss ski resorts.

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About the Author  -  Ted Grischuna is a freelance writer and journalist. To find out more about where the wealthy and famous vacation and where they live in Switzerland visit