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Madrid Spain Is The Home Of Great Art   by Leroy Calstard

If you've been to Madrid, you know the enormous selection of activities and sightseeing treasures the city has to offer you. If you haven't, make Madrid your travel destination for a touch of the art world. If you're an art lover like many tourists that travel to Spain, you won't have far to look to find some of the best art in the world. After enjoying some of the local recipes for sangria, visit The Queen Sofia Art Museum, located near the metro stations and the Atocha train. It has such an abundance of famous art works; you'll need more than one day to view everything. Some of the featured art works are by greats like Miro, Picasso or Solana.
Interior of Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, which was opened in 1992, is considered the museum for 20th century art. Many art connoisseurs consider it the most prestigious art collections in Europe. One of the highlights of the museum is the famous Pablo Picasso piece, Guernica. This 1937 painting got its inspiration from Picasso's feelings on surrealism and the Nazi bombing of the town of Guernica. If you are a fan of Picasso, and I don't know who wouldn't be, there are many pieces of his work from a young age right up to maturity.

The museum is in a building designed in the 18th that was once a hospital. It was scheduled to be demolished when they decided to turn it into a house of art. Renovations and additions were added to the original building to make it what they needed to become a museum. Some thought it odd that an old building would be used to house modern art, but the plans proved to be exactly what they wanted. It was declared a national museum in 1988.

Queen Sofia offers the art lover a variety from the late 19th century right up to the most recent contemporary and modern works of art. If Solana pieces are what you are interested in, you'll get a glimpse of The Chorus Girls, Caf Pombo, and don't forget The Meeting of the Pharmacy.

Most famous artists are represented by more than one piece of work, such as Miro whose work Man with a Pipe, Fleur, Toile and Escargot are all on display. They may have been painted in the 20s or 30s, but still manage to interest art lovers. The same can be said for Dal, whose works spans fro his 1927 Still Life by the Light of the Moon to his 1945 Galarina portrait. You will be amazed at his realistic 1951 and 1955 paintings of the Crucifixion.

Paintings are not the only objects of interest to the tourists and visitors. The 46,000 square yard exhibit space is filled with many art objects as well as pottery and porcelain. They also have a library there in case you wish to look up some of the paintings or artists. You can find interesting reading and take it to the cafeteria they also have for your dining pleasure. If you happen to be traveling during the holiday, spend the perfect holiday in Madrid.

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Things to do in Madrid  by Chris Fay

Located at the geographical centre of Spain, it is a city renowned for the passion of its people and its nightlife, which always goes on well into the early hours. It is a beautiful city with many grand old buildings, plazas and wide avenues to enjoy as you soak up the unique atmosphere of the city.
Madrid’s history is interesting in many ways, not least because it was only named the capital city of the peninsular in the 16th century. Before this time, it was considered a relatively insignificant town, but in 1561 the town underwent a massive transformation as King Felipe II decided to move his court to Madrid. However, for some time after it struggled to gain the respect and stature enjoyed by other European capital cities. In practical terms it suffered many problems as it underwent a huge population increase, for which the infrastructure was ill-equipped to cope. It is believed that King Felipe II chose Madrid as the capital for its central geographical location, despite the fact that the city had no university, no cathedral and no printing press.
18th Century Cibeles Fountain at Night, Madrid, Spain
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Madrid is an art lover’s paradise, with three major art museums to enjoy. The Prado is considered one of Europe’s greatest Museums, alongside the Louvre and National Gallery, and boasts an impressive collection of classical pieces totaling over 8,500 in number.

The Reina Sofia Museum is considered a continuation of the Prado in terms of the period from which the works derive. The Reina Sofia starts in the mid 19th century and continues to the modern day, thus providing a showcase for many modern masterpieces. The Thyssen Museum completes the triad of Art Museums in Madrid, and is also well worth a visit.

The ‘Madrileños’ like a good party, and there is no better time to see this than in May when the city holds its biggest fiesta. This is a time to enjoy the lively atmosphere that fills the streets, bars, cafes and restaurants.

The weather in Madrid is generally pleasant, although it can get very hot in the summer months. The best time to go therefore is in spring or autumn, when the skies are clear and the air is fresh, although temperatures are still pleasantly warm. Due to its geographical location, the climate is characteristically dry in Madrid.

The people of Madrid are also very passionate about their football, and this can be seen at the Bernabeu, where the Real Madrid team plays. However, it is not only in Spain that the passion for the team can be felt, as supporters from all over the globe follow the successes of the club. The Real Madrid brand has become a well known international commodity.

Madrid is a great place from which to explore some of Spain’s richest historical towns such as Toledo, Segovia and El Escorrial. The city of Toledo has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, and it is well worth a day trip to soak up the ambience of this enchanting town. Taking a walk around the historic quarter you will see many beautiful buildings dating back to Medieval times. Highlights include the towering Gothic cathedral, the Islamic mosque and the Alcazar.

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About the author: Chris Fay

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Puerta del Sol - The Heart of Spain   by Peter Mason

If you're traveling to Madrid for the first time, don't miss the opportunity to see Puerta del Sol-the Heart of Spain, and also one of the most popular tourist sites in Madrid. The name, Puerta del Sol, means "Gate of the Sun" in Spanish. At the center of Puerta del Sol, you will find yourself amidst six different main highways, each having a little bit more of Spain to offer you, should you decide to take that route.

Puerta Del Sol, Madrid, SpainTourists are not at a loss for attractions in this historical medieval town, which was once surrounded by a protective wall. In the 15th century, the gates here were also the gates that led to Madrid, the gate where visitors and traders from all over the world entered this city. Some were just tourists and others were important politicians.

One of the first attractions everyone writes home about is the large sculpture of a bear eating some fruit from a madrone tree. An interesting note is that the Spanish word for this tree is where the word "Madrid" originated. This particular bear is also an important symbol for the natives of Madrid. Anyone that has a keen interest in architecture will love to see the Regina Hotel on Alcala Street.

Plaza Puerta Del Sol, Madrid, SpainA major tourist attraction is the House of the Post Office which, built in 1768, holds a lot of importance to Madrid. It's been the perfect New Year Holiday spot for many that have watched the giant clocks with faces, which are on each tower side. Many of the locals celebrate the New Year by this clock. There is a lot of history behind this clock, and for 40 years, you could hear the clock chiming as the townsfolk celebrate the annual festival for eating the Twelve Grapes. Those that couldn't be there can watch it as it's broadcast live.

Other highlights here are the Mariblanca statue of Venus, which is a replica of the real statue in the Municipal Museum or check out the Charles III statue. Charles III was known and loved by the Madrid locals for all his great work. If you're interested in politics and politicians, you may get to witness a political debate or protest as Puerta is often the spot for many political doings such as this.

If you choose to spend the perfect holiday in Madrid, you will have many fine restaurants and shops to fill your day. The restaurants can offer you your choice of cuisine for your holiday meal away from home. Don't forget your nightlife because Madrid surely won't with their many bars that are open until the wee hours of the morning offering you food, drinks and street music. You're not very far from the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) or the Parliament, so who says your sightseeing needs to stop here?

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Travel Abroad To Museo del Prado   by Jack Blacksmith
For those booking their resort and planning to travel abroad to the beautiful country of Spain, Madrid is likely you first stop. While there, you should invest the time in visiting the Prado Museum, called Museo del Prado. It offers some 7000 paintings and other art displays. You will find three of the most well known Spanish artists represented here. This includes Goya, El Greco and Velazquez. Still, there are dozens of other artists from around the world represented in this beautiful museum.
Interior of Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
The Museum

The museum is located in Madrid centrally. It has beautiful garden surrounding it. Many enjoy spending hours here with its 19th century beauty. It was finally completed in building in 1819. Much of the work here is from the collections purchased by Spanish nobility at that time and over time.

Soon, a new wing will be completed, though there has been some disagreement about it. Many of the pieces that will be displayed here will be those that have been in storage for most of their existence. This includes Pereda and Zurbaran to name a couple that will be now able to be viewed. Even without them, you can enjoy a full day of art works when you visit the museum. You will find plenty from Spanish masters in art. You will also find works by other famous people including Italians, Flemish, Dutch and French artists. Many of these were purchased or taken during the time of Spain's conquests throughout Europe. No matter how they were collected, the fact is that they are a timeless piece of work that can not be overlooked.

Where To Go

You will want to stroll through the Goya enterance located on the ground floor. While there, stop to enjoy the work of Fra Angelico, called La Anunciacion a la Virgen Maria. You will enjoy a range of other pieces here as well. A few steps away is a masterpiece from the Italian Botticelli, Mantegna del Sarto and Corregio. You also want to enjoy the Titian's Venus located here.

You will enjoy Bosch who is considered to be one of the world's best in the genre of surrealism. You will see the Seven Deadly Sins work as well as Garden of Earthly Delights here, too. These were painted in the 16th century, though they are still one of the most amazing you will see. These were once called the artist's vivid imagination. When you move up to the second floor, you will see many 17th century Flemish pieces. This includes Rubens and van Dyck.

Perhaps the main reason to visit is the Goy and El Greco works you will see here. These are the most popular with John the Baptist, The Resurrection and Adoration of the Shepards by El Greco. Goya are here as well, with Saturn Devouring One Of His Sons as one of the most popular.

A visit to the Museo del Prado is one that is a must for anyone visiting Spain's famed Madrid. There is so much to enjoy here, plan to spend the entire day.

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Touring Madrid - Visiting the Church of San Francisco   by Ray Walberg
Are you planning a trip to Madrid, Spain? Your sightseeing itinerary wouldn't be complete without a tour to the Basilica de San Francisco El Grande (Church of San Francisco). It's not only an architectural marvel but it is filled with works of art that will be a treat for the art buff. It will be of even greater interest for those of European or religious studies.

The church was completed in the mid 18th century under Carlos III and was erected on the site of a 13th century Franciscan convent. It is located in the older part of Madrid and the neo-classical façade is really a sight to see. Inside the elaborately carved doors you are first impressed by the 108 foot dome and the vaulted ceiling. The dome is larger than that of St. Paul's Cathedral in Rome so it's truly an architectural work of art. With a wide array of frescos and stained glass, it is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe.

There are several chapels and each is filled with works of art. One of which holds the Goya painting depicting the saint San Bernardino as well as a self portrait of the artist. There are other works of art (paintings and sculptures) by such artist as Zurbaran, Bellver, and Benlliure.

Although the Church of San Francisco was completed in the mid-18th century there are many pieces of artwork and furnishings that are much older. For example, take a look at the ornate Gothic choir stall which dates from the 16th century. A guide is available so he or she will have information on more noteworthy pieces.

The basilica is not just an architectural marvel and a house for many works of art but it is still a functioning church. Make sure you show respect; keep your voice down and take off your hat. If you would like to attend a mass, check the schedule or ask your guide.

Take your time as you meander through this religious work of art. There are hidden treasures in every nook and cranny. Again, if you use a guide it will be more beneficial so find a schedule for guided tours in your language.

After a visit to this must see sight you'll have an appreciation for architecture of the 18th century and you will be able to understand the impact religion played (and continues to play) in the lives of the people of Madrid.

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