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Kula Bird Park - preserving Fijian wildlife one species at a time   by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

An important tourist attraction in Fiji - the Kula Bird Park is nestled in a forest within the vicinity of the Sigatoka River. It is one of Fiji's most well known tourist sites and for first timers to the country it offers the perfect opportunity to acquaint ones self with the local fauna and flora.

Today, the Kula Bird Park is better known as the Kula Eco Park which has grown into a world recognized institution. The Fiji islands where the bird park is located is a beautiful place to explore and quite close by to Sydney, Australia at over 2000km away. The scattered islands are spread across the South Pacific within an area of over a million square kilometers.

The Kula Eco Park which is located in the beautiful coastal forest area of Viti Levu is just a few hundred meters away from the beach. Also within close proximity is the town associated with the River Sigatoka. Best of all, the highway which leads to the airport goes past the park. So, curious tourists could stop by for some amazing photo opportunities at the park on their arrival to Fiji.

During the 80's the bird park that was established in its place showcased some unique species here. However, by the 90's the park was abandoned and eventually taken over by new management. Today, there isn't a place like it in the whole of the South Pacific.

The park is maintained with the support received from the Endangered Species Recovery Council in San Diego and the National Trust for Fiji among other organizations from countries such as Australia. The park was awarded the 'Excellence in Tourism' award given for Fiji's Best Attraction.

What really got the attention of those around about a beautiful park on a very small island was the fact that the park was a means of promoting wildlife conservation. Under the new management the Kula Eco Park has blossomed and centers around featuring very symbolic species such as the Fiji Ground Frog and the Crested Iguana.

The friendly reception staff will gladly take visitors around while providing an introduction to new comers on what exactly the park does. The building in which the reception is housed displays an amazing collection of butterflies and some of the most beautiful seashells. A favourite at the park is the in house pet called 'baby' who is a red musk parrot. After a quick photo session visitors explore the park along a wooden walk way that leads straight into the jungle. A walk in the forest offers some amazing sites. Trees filled with fruit and fragrant blossoms is simply great for those who walk past its ways. Plants hold a special place in the heart of the locals as the ancestors and even some of those in the present generation rely on them for their medicinal and other properties.

To truly enjoy a visit to the park, is to be able to wonder about amongst its lush greenery without having to rush past, and accommodation close by could ease that aspect. A Fiji resort such as the Shangri-La's Fijian Resort and Spa Yanuca Fiji Islands offers exceptional service, and among the many Fiji luxury resorts to be found, can be considered one of the best.


About the Author

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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