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Vineyards in Zagorte Region, Croatia
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Croatia - Croatian Nature Parks 
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Island hopping in Croatia- experience the culture
Ten Beautiful Places That You Should See In Croatia
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Island hopping in Croatia- experience the culture   by Karl Bantleman

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With over a thousand islands spread around the Adriatic Sea, there is so much to experience. The best way to see what Croatia has to offer is by island hopping across the amazing Island that you will find upon your arrival. As well as the islands, there are many exciting cities to explore and with Croatia being divided into 21 counties, you have a selection of places to choose from.
Some of the largest islands include the Brijuni Islands and Kornati archipelago which are national parks and Krk has an international airport. The largest island by area is Cres and is one of the northern islands and is a must see if you visit Croatia as it has beautiful scenery and blue waters is great for families. The Croatian Islands are great to visit and offers a different view of Croatian life; they are tranquil and are ideal for families looking for a fantastic holiday.

When visiting various countries, many people tend to only go to the large cities and the capital. When travelling to Croatia , you should aim to see as much as you can because all cities and towns vary in their offering to visitors. The capital, Zagreb, is the largest city in the country and has over a million inhabitants and has become modernised recently and most of the Croatian trade is centred in Zagreb.

If you prefer your historic cities then Dubrovnik has to be on your list of places to see. The city is one of six cities in the country that has been included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and it an extremely interesting place to visit. 

Coastal Views Towards the Walled City Beyond, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia
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Dubrovnik hosts many arts, musical and theatre events each year and is a hot-spot for tourists; the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is superb event which lasts for an entire month with many artists entertaining the public with varying concerts and plays. The city has an international airport of its own and is approximately 20km from the city centre, car hire is available from the airport as well as buses which take tourists from the airport to the centre.

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Croatia - Croatian Nature Parks   by Jitesh Arora

Hotels in Croatia

Croatia is a country situated at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Balkans.  Croatia is surrounded by ten nature parks which are popular for their historical, cultural and ecological characteristics.  In this article you will find a brief introduction about some of the famous nature parks of Croatia.
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin and Tiled Roofs, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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* Lonjsko polje is one of the beautiful parks of Croatia. This park is one of the retention basins of Sava river and it runs along the Lonja river.  Because of its flora and fauna it is one of the well known part of croatia.  Lonjsko is also famous for some rare birds species like white tailed eagle and short toed eagle.

* Medvednica is a mountain which is situated very close to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  Medvednica is a famous destination for hikers, tourists and travellers. This mountain is popular for its surroundings and skiing trips.

* Telascica is ten kilometers long bay which is situated on the south side of Dugi otok which is an island in the Adriatic Sea. Telassica is famous for its mediterranean vegetation as well as for beautiful pine trees.

* Velebit is a largest Croatian mountain bounded with the Adriatic Sea from one side and green fields from another. This mountain is famous for its beautiful vegetation.

* Zumberak is a hill station near the capital city of Croatia.  This hilly area is famous for chest nut forests and various caves.

* Papuk is a mountain situated in north eastern region of Croatia.  Papuk is also a popular destination for hikers and walkers.

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