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The right time of year to travel and enjoy a holiday will differ from person to person, this something that is generally based on their profession above all else. However, there are ways to help you choose the best places to visit and weather often comes top of people’s priorities, if this sounds like you then consider places that are always warm and always sunny.

We all look forward to escaping to warmer climes, a taste of something a little more tropical than what we are used to, but tourists often make mistakes when travelling to places that we always associate with glorious weather and fall foul of storm seasons or tropical monsoons for example. If you take the time to study potential destinations chances are you will come home tanned and relaxed after an amazing holiday.
In spring time the Caribbean is offering up daily average temperatures well over 20°C with highs regularly reaching and exceeding 30°C. With the weather a certainty all you need to do is select the best place to visit; and with the likes of Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas to choose from you cannot go wrong. Each of the tropical destinations has plenty of great resorts to enjoy, however the cost of reaching them can be high. Flights are likely to be the biggest expenditure so you’ll need to make savings in other areas. Popular Punta Cana resorts offer up ideal and affordable accommodation in most of the Caribbean Islands including the Dominican Republic.

In the summer months we are spoilt for choice; places closer to home are experiencing the best of their weather, and further afield countries in continental Europe are thriving in the sun. So those feeling a little more adventurous could explore some of the beautiful and unrivalled sights of the UK, France, Spain, Greece and Italy to name but a few. 

Cliffside Table at Pickled Parrot at Sunset, Negril, Jamaica
Cliffside Table at Pickled Parrot at Sunset, Negril, Jamaica
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Accommodation is often the hardest decision of them all; with popular resorts packed with hotels offering all you need for that perfect summer getaway, the choice of all inclusive, self-catering, bed and breakfast, then big hotels providing everything or boutique accommodation for a completely different experience. 

When to book is often a debatable issue when it comes to holiday planning, with some preferring to book well in advance where as others go for the last minute deals. It obviously depends on your particular circumstances, for example those with a family may not be able to jet off with a days notice and no preparation. One thing is for sure, although you may miss out on the cheap last minute flight deals by booking earlier, many hotels offer excellent early booking rates and this is exactly where the previously mentioned special offers are likely to be incorporated. 


Home - Caribbean Travel Guide

Latest update:  September 26, 2013