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Volunteer in India for an experience of a lifetime

When taking a break from normal life, most people take a vacation, traveling the world and seeing the sights. However, there is a more rewarding way of seeing the world and learning the cultures of other nationalities. India is no exception and can offer visitors an experience of a lifetime, helping people in so many different ways. 

Volunteers can explore the sights, smells and sounds of this fascinating and colourful country, experience the culture and cuisine, while gaining a rewarding life experience and a feeling of genuine accomplishment. The following are examples of how you can get involved, help others and gain in-depth knowledge about the culture and life of the locals, by volunteering in India.
Teaching English in India
Photo: Volunteering in India by Kim Ong CC BY-SA 2.0

Volunteer in the schools of India

English is one of the most valuable languages to learn for people in outlying areas of India. A teaching program, run by government primary schools in the rural areas of India, attracts volunteers to work with the children, organizing creative and enjoyable activities to increase their knowledge. India suffers an acute shortage of teachers in the rural areas and volunteers can genuinely help by getting involved in a wide variety of subjects and activities to choose from, including language classes, mathematics, sport and the arts, while keeping to the syllabus taught in Indian schools.
The normal minimum required time for volunteering in the English teaching program is one week and the only qualification required is the genuine motivation on the volunteer’s part to help people in need. Locations to choose from include Bangalore, Delhi, Dharamshala and Jaipur.

Female empowerment projects in India

As part of the ongoing educational aid offered by volunteers in India, a project has been launched to empower girls and turn them into confident women, able to look for employment when their school days are over.

Volunteers teach both English and computer skills to the girls in schools in the rural areas, aiding their communication skills and giving them a chance to join the work force once school days are over.

Female empowerment in India
Photo by Johan Bichel Lindegaard CC BY 2.0 

Activities would include teaching the English language, helping the girls with their reading and writing skills and teaching them how to use a computer. Along the way, volunteers also teach the students about the world, other cultures and food.

Volunteering in orphanages in India

Life can be hard for children in orphanages anywhere in the world, but is especially difficult for orphans in India. 
Volunteering in orphanages in India Attention and affection to these needy children can go a long way towards improving their lives and projects exist for volunteers to get involved, working with children of up to six years of age. 

Many children in the orphanages are physically or mentally challenged. Orphanages in India lack the manpower needed to give these special needs children all the love and attention they require and this is one area where volunteers can really become involved.

Volunteers become involved in the daily routines of the children, while helping the orphanage staff to give them the orphans the special attention they need. 

While the work can be challenging, the rewards outweigh the difficulties experienced. Basically volunteers will help to feed, bathe and dress the children, as well as organizing exercise and fun play activities for the orphans.

  Photo by Johan Bichel Lindegaard CC BY 2.0

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