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Have an extended holiday and great life experience by volunteering abroad

For youngsters who have completed their studies and not yet started looking for a job, or someone with a bit of time on their hands, volunteering abroad can be a worthwhile and mind-broadening experience.
Volunteering in Africa There are many opportunities available in Africa, Asia and South America to both assist the locals and their environment and also to extend knowledge and experience, possibly coming up with new ideas for a potential life career.
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Volunteering in Africa

One of the most satisfying areas to volunteer is in several African countries where not only are you doing a worthwhile job, but can also experience the beauty of this ancient and fascinating continent.

While many African countries are popular tourist attractions and destinations these days, the locals are still incredibly poor and the health and childcare facilities are lacking, especially in the rural areas.

  Photo: Volunteering in Africa CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 U.S. Department of Defense
When volunteering, you can get to travel the globe, visiting places that would normally be out of your reach. Examples of experience to be gained include teaching English to local residents, helping out in the medical sphere or getting involved in environment related issues.

Volunteers can assist in the rather humble schools and hospitals in various countries, live like a local resident in an African village and generally become immersed in the daily life of the people living there.  They can get involved in the conservation of the amazing and varied wildlife, many of which are in danger from poaching and also controversial canned hunting safaris these days.

Besides the feel-good experience of helping the locals, you can also get to meet other like-minded volunteers, head off on an exciting safari and generally have fun before tying yourself down to a desk in a normal, boring office job back home.

Volunteering in Africa
Photo: Elephant CC BY 2.0 Frontierofficial

Head off to South America

South America is another destination where many of the diverse and unique wildlife are in constant danger. A major example is Costa Rica, which again is a popular tourist destination, but could still use your help.  While the country is making sweeping and major efforts to conserve both their eco-system and the animals that live there, there are still many opportunities to get involved as a volunteer, both helping and also educating the locals about the need to conserve their surroundings.
Leatherback sea turtle One important aspect of Costa Rica is the leatherback sea turtles, whose population has declined by more than 90 percent since 1980. The female turtles regularly make holes on the beaches to lay their eggs and eventually hatch their young.

However, as many of the locals are poor and are just trying to get by, they tend to dig up the eggs to sell, thereby scraping a living together, but endangering the future of these amazing creatures at the same time. Unless something drastic is done soon, these turtles will soon be extinct.

There are several projects available in Costa Rica where volunteers can live in the remote coastal areas of the country and get involved. Along the way, there is a lot of fun on the beach and itís always good to mix with the friendly locals while educating their children to look after their rare and endangered turtles.

Photo: CC-by-SA 2.0 Steve Garvie

These are just a few examples of the great experiences available to volunteers worldwide. Get involved, have fun and feel good about it at the same time. You never know, you might also come up with an exciting lifetime career never dreamed of previously.


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