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Volunteer abroad for a great travel experience

For anyone who has had their fill of holidays at the beach, trips to Disneyworld or other popular destinations, volunteering abroad is a great alternative. While volunteering takes you away from the normal humdrum activities of life and work to all kinds of exciting destinations, it also has that “feel good” effect, realizing that one can make a difference in other people’s lives.
Volunteers in Costa Rica
Photo: Volunteers on the beach in Costa Rica CC BY 2.0 Frontier official

There are many volunteering opportunities abroad to choose from, whether in Africa, Asia or South America and it allows a traveller to travel where they would never imagine they could go. But also it is all in a worthwhile cause and is a great life experience to the volunteer themselves, whether teaching English to the locals, helping in the medical sphere or in childcare.

South America is a great option and Costa Rica one of the best destinations to choose. While the country is a popular tourist destination and boasts wonderful achievements in ecology and ecotourism, there are still many aspects that need help.
As in so many countries in the world, the wildlife is in danger and volunteer opportunities exist to educate the local people on the need to conserve their country’s wildlife and care for their immediate surroundings.

One example is the leatherback sea turtles, the population of which has decreased by around 90 percent since 1980. The females dig holes and lay their eggs in the sandy beaches as they always have, but the locals, hungry and short on cash, then dig up the eggs to sell them and make a living. Unless this practice is stopped, these amazing turtles, found mainly in Costa Rica, will soon become extinct.

As part of the many projects available in Costa Rica, volunteers can live in the wild coastal regions of Costa Rica and not only educate the locals about the importance of preserving the turtle eggs, but also actively get involved in protecting both the adult and baby turtles themselves.

Leatherback turtle in Costa Rica
Photo: CC BY 2.0 Fernando Silva
School children Africa is, of course, one of the other major regions of the world that constantly needs help in the way of volunteers. For example, lovely Tanzania, while again a popular tourist destination, still sees a lot of poverty among its people.  The same can be said of destinations like Kenya and Botswana.

There is much to be done in the hospitals, medical clinic and childcare sphere as well as schools to help educate the locals in any of the poorer African countries. 

It is also a life-changing experience, as while spending time in the country, the volunteer lives just like the locals do in an African village, becoming totally immersed in the daily life of the country.

It should be noted that volunteering can also be a whole load of fun, mixing with fellow volunteers and making friends among the locals themselves. There’s also time off, giving the opportunity to enjoy the social life or head out on a safari.

Photo: School children CC BY 2.0 Moving Mountains Trust
Smiling volunteer
Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 Dave Bezaire

There is so much opportunity in the volunteering field all over world, offering the volunteers themselves great experience and fulfilling enjoyment, which often leads to making career choices in medicine, teaching or related professions.


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