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Some rather unusual activities for your holiday in Cyprus

Photo: Aphrodite's Rock Cyprus CC BY-ND 2.0 Stav

Cyprus offers so much to the holidaymaker, whether traveling as a family or group, or on a single’s jaunt. What with its gorgeous sandy beaches, attractive resorts, shopping, dining and, of course, interesting historic sites you are spoiled for choice.

However, for anyone looking for something just a little different when on holiday in Cyprus, there are several, rather more unusual, adventure activities just waiting for you.  When enjoying a luxury trip to Cyprus with Cyplon Holidays, you can experience all these and so much more, getting the adrenaline flowing and taking home the best holiday photos and videos.
Under sea walking in Paphos and Protaras

For something really different, and as a change from snorkeling or scuba diving, try literally walking under the sea.  On offer in Paphos and Protaras, this is a really fun adventure among the sea life and requires no diving training or experience.

This unique activity is offered by a British owned company, Undersea Adventures.  Wearing a special helmet, you literally stroll around on the seabed under 10ft of crystal clear turquoise water and can apparently even hand feed the fish while you are down there. 

Apparently the helmet is so comfortable, you can even scratch your nose or adjust your glasses while under the water!

Under sea walking
Fire dancing photo in the public domain Fire dancing lessons in Ayia Napa

Yes, sir, you can boogie, but have you ever tried fire dancing?  What has been a traditional feature of many cultures from all over the world is now available in modern form and the lessons on offer in Ayia Napa include stylistic and visual elements taken from many of these traditions.

On the introductory course, you will learn the basic moves and tricks.  Should you choose to further your talents, in later courses your instructor will show you the rather more special and risky tricks like fire breathing and so much more. 

This experience could really heat up your holiday trip!

Bungee Rocket, Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Anyone who is a fan of bungee jumping can have a different experience in Ayia Napa – the Bungee Rocket.  This is a real adrenalin experience where one or two riders are first harnessed into rally seats, then shoulder strapped firmly in Roller Coast style inside an aero-dynamically designed ball.  The heavy bungee cords are then stretched out to the top of the 100ft towers and bam!  Off you go, 150ft into the air, spinning and bouncing around for approximately three minutes. For the average person, this would be sheer terror, but for the adventure junkie, it’s a ride of a lifetime.

Watch an English couple’s experience on the Bungee Rocket below. It looks like you might need nerves of steel to do this!

If any of these gun options tempt your adventure and adrenaline appetite, plan a trip to sunny Cyprus this summer and have the holiday and adventure experience of a lifetime.


Cyprus Travel Guide - Home