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Travel tips for Rome to save money and time

Colosseum in Rome
Photo: The Colosseum CC BY-NC-ND 2.0  Noodledudle

Travelling to world-famous cities like Rome, or Roma as it is known in Italian, can be expensive, unless you know a few insider secrets that can make your trip not only more affordable, but a lot of fun too. Time is another critical aspect of your visit. You don't want to spend hours of your days in a queue.

If you are looking for the best way to see Rome, RomaExperience Tours offer some wonderful guided tour options in this fascinating and historic city. They can offer the best tips in seeing as much as possible during your holiday and also help you avoid those never-ending queues to see popular attractions.

Eating out in Rome

If planning to save a few Euros, one great idea is to avoid the most “touristy” restaurants and literally eat like the locals do.  There is so much on offer, you will not only be spoiled for choice but will have some very enjoyable meals too.  Here are just a couple of suggestions.

If looking for a light lunch, there is nothing like a Panini and Forno dei Campo dei Fiori, situated at Vicolo del Gallo 14, offers the best.  Fillings include such tasty options as mozzarella, mortadella, tomatoes and frittata.  These are tasty, reasonably priced and filling too.

Some restaurants in Rome are much more expensive at night.  Instead of a light lunch, how about having a good, filling meal and maybe just a pizza in the evening?

Forno dei Campo dei Fiori, Rome

For example, L’Asino d’Oro is a popular spot that is always extremely busy at night and much more expensive.  If you visit the restaurant at Via del Boschetto, 73 at lunchtime, however, you can enjoy a great cash-only fixed menu at a much more affordable price. For around 16 Euros, this includes three full courses, wine and water.  Only thing is, you will need to book ahead of time, but it is really worth it. 
Colosseum, Rome

Seeing the major sights:

When in Rome, everyone, but everyone, has to visit the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill.  However, if you head straight there, you will find yourself queuing endlessly for a ticket. Yes, these are popular attractions. 

Instead of joining the queue, head to the Palatine box office at Via di S. Gregorio, 30 and buy your ticket there for around 12 Euros, then breeze past the turnstiles at the attraction itself.

Visiting the Galleria Borghese is a tricky one.  Here you really have to buy your ticket in advance as they only let in 360 visitors every two hours, at set times (9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm).

Photo: Colosseum CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Daisy R.
If you turn up without a ticket, you will probably get turned away. But if you really want to see the amazingly beautiful works in the gallery get a ticket in advance.  Either make your reservation on the spot for a day or two ahead or ahead to their website to make a booking.  Then make sure you collect your tickets in person a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled visiting time. 

If you are spending a few days in Rome and have time to get around this wonderful city, the very best option is the Roma Pass. This option gives you a three-day pass on the metro and includes entrance to the popular Colosseum and Roman Forum. 

Have a great time in the Eternal City of Rome – eat well, see the sights, but find a little time to just relax and watch the passing parade with a good cup of Italian coffee!

Italian coffee
Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 John
Roman Forum
Photo: Roman Forum CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 William Hall


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