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Things to do on your Hawaiian cruise 

Looking for cruise deals? Why not consider The Alohan State of Hawaii?

Hawaii is not only a great spot for cheap cruises, it's got a well-earned reputation as a beautiful paradise full of friendly people and wonderful things to do.

Hawaii, made up of eight main islands, is the most recent addition to the 50 US states (joining the Union in 1959). Just under 1.3 million people live here in what is a wonderfully diverse cultural mix. There are large populations of Filipinos, Japanese Americans, and of course, indigenous Hawaiians, all hanging out in an unmistakably American backdrop.

The region is famous for its 'Aloha spirit' which is all about openness, welcoming visitors and living in peace. Many say the beautiful surroundings have made its people so mellow. If there's a place that wants you to come and visit, this is it.

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Read on to find out what you can get up to in Hawaii: 

Coconut Palms and the Island of Lanai at Sunset from the Seawall on Front Street, Lahaina, Maui
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Go Diving
Adventure Level: Mellow
Cost: Cheap

With this much pristine sea and marine life, it's probably no surprise that diving is so popular when visiting Hawaii. You can go to Pawai Bay, a protected marine sanctuary in which you can snorkel or scuba among over 600 varieties of tropical fish, dolphins and surprisingly energetic green sea turtles.

You can dive off of the Kona Coast, with its intricate geological formations, or somewhere near Mona Loa, an active volcano with even more complex geology. Think underwater caves, great coral reefs, subterranean canyons and other things just asking to be explored.
Throughout Hawaii, local dive shops are happy to show you the fundamentals of diving and get you started. Many also offer training towards a 'C Card'; a type of certification recognised all over the world that allows you to train for more advanced diving skills. 

A Night Flight over a Live Volcano 
Adventure Level: Intense
Cost: Expensive

Here's an exhilarating and slightly terrifying experience for anyone with a passing interest in geology or lakes of burning fire. 

When the weather allows for it, flights depart from Kona International Airport and will take you above one of the more active geological areas. There you can see liquified rock (burning at around 2100 degrees) falling into the sea, creating great plumes that burst into the sky. At the same time you can watch seething lava slowly running across the smoking landscape as a new island is being formed.

It's extremely safe of course. The provider, Big Island Air, has outfitted each of the planes with plenty of security, and although the view is fantastic, they do keep you at a safe distance. 
Waikiki Beach Fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, Honolulu, U.S.A.
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Experience the Hula 
Adventure Level: Mellow
Cost: Inexpensive 

Pretty much everybody has a vague idea of what the Hula is, so why not dig a little deeper?

There are two kinds of the chant/dance: 'Auana and Kahiko. The Kahiko is the ancient traditional form of the dance, whereas the 'Auana (which means 'to wander') is the kind we probably know better, is set to music and is more Western in nature. Traditionally, Hula tells an oral history of Hawaii's native people.

You don't really have to make much effort to see or take part in the Hula, as Hula dances are arranged on a regular basis. Those who want to learn it can decide to take a class at one of the various resorts. Or if you are the outgoing type, you could ask a dancer to show you some moves.


Home - Hawaii Travel Guide

Latest update:  November 20, 2012