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Mijas – An essential stop on your Costa del Sol tour (Photo Essay)

Nestled up on the hillside above the seaside resorts of Fuengirola and Mijas Costa, whitewashed houses gleam in the sunlight, all the while gazing down on to the Mediterranean Sea below.  Whether you are staying in one of the coastal resorts close by, or merely taking a leisurely drive down the coastal highway, Mijas Pueblo is a worthwhile inland detour.  This typical Andalusian “pueblo blanco” or “white village” is a beautiful spot to spend a few hours, or, in fact, why not make it the destination for your entire holiday stay?

Mijas Pueblo

Panoramic view of Mijas Pueblo - photo © Anne Sewell

There are several excellent hotels close by, or for those wishing to be a little more independent, there are many lovely holiday villas in both the village itself and the surrounding areas.  Choose your ideal accommodation, unpack those suitcases, and go exploring.  While there are many great attractions in Mijas Pueblo, the following are some of the highlights:

  • Enjoy strolling the quaint, narrow and winding streets between those lovely whitewashed houses, with their flower packed balconies and trilling song birds. Visit the colourful shops and coffee bars along the way. On every corner there is a photo opportunity just waiting to happen.
Mijas street
A typical Mijas Pueblo street - photo © Anne Sewell
  • Visit the Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, a chapel carved into the rock of a natural cave to which children were allegedly led by an appearance of the Virgin herself.
Virgen de la Pena
Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell
  • Take in the spectacular views from the Botanical Gardens, strolling among the lush plants, all clearly labelled, and the beautiful water features or simply relax in the shade of the trees on a hot summer day.
Botanical Gardens Mijas
Botanical Gardens, Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell
  • While in the gardens, try out your rock climbing skills on one of the sheer rock faces in the gorge.
Rock Climbing in the Mijas Botanical Gardens
Rock climbing in the Botanical Gardens, Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell
  • Take a stroll around what is possibly the best miniature museum in the world, the Miniatures Museum Carromato Max, where with the aid of a magnifying glass, you can see amazing things, like a portrait of Abraham Lincoln or the Last Supper painted on the head of a pin or grain or rice, or even stuffed and dressed fleas.
Miniature Museum in Mijas
Miniatures Museum Carromato Max, Mijas - photo CC by-SA Tyk
  • Visit the “Plaza de Toros“ or bullring.  While many people are against the sport of bullfighting these days, this tiny bullring does offer a fascinating view of the surrounding village all the way to the sea.
Plaza de Toros, Mijas
Plaza de Toros, Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell
  • Take a tour of the town using one of the famous Mijas burro or donkey taxis, or for a few euros more, enjoy the journey in rather more luxury in a carriage drawn by a beautiful Andalusian horse.
Donkeys in Mijas
Mijas donkeys - photo © Anne Sewell

Horse and carriage in Mijas
Horse and carriage in Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell

  • Everywhere you go in Mijas Pueblo, enjoy the shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, offering everything from a simple and tasty ice cream treat, to traditional Spanish tapas and meals or international specialities.  So many places to sit and relax, enjoy a coffee or cold beer and get your breath back.
Restaurant in Mijas
Restaurant in Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell

Cafe terrace in Mijas
Cafe terrace in Mijas - photo © Anne Sewell

In closing, make a plan to visit the charming Mijas Pueblo on your next holiday on the Costa del Sol.  After an enjoyable stay, it is almost guaranteed that you will return.


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Latest update:  January 13, 2015